Your Menstrual Cycle, Nutrient Levels & Cravings

Your Menstrual Cycle, Nutrient Levels & Cravings

Your Menstrual Cycle, Nutrient Levels & Cravings

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More specifically, you want help with Your Menstrual Cycle, Nutrient Levels & Cravings?

hey guys in this video we’re going to talk about your menstrual cycle and cravings now the minister cycle is very complex so I’m not going to get into the complexities we’re just going to talk about generally what’s happening during certain parts of the cycle and if you crave at certain points what you would need okay so here’s day 14 when you’re ovulating okay day 28 and then you’re going to right before your actual menstruation where you’re having your period right here okay so now if you are craving during ovulation that means there’s a problem with estrogen so you would need to consume more cruciferous vegetables and/or seek help because iodine and cruciferous vegetables really help to balance estrogen all right so that’s what you do during this phase right here but most women crave right before they men straight okay so this is the kind of phase with that when they have PMS so they may have a lot of mood issues irritability depression so you have a lot going on not to mention cravings for all sorts of things chocolate you know whatever so what you want to do if you have a problem at this point is you need a lot more B vitamins okay I recommend you trishal yeast and whatever it says to take on the bottle if you’re taking tablets double the dosage okay especially vitamin b1 that’s going to really help this phase right here if you can get some Sun to get vitamin D that would be also good but mainly it’s a B vitamin deficiency in vitamin C deficiency vitamin C is really important in this phase as well and you can diminish the symptoms so you can get vitamin C from sauerkraut or you can get it from the store but make sure it’s a food based vitamin C don’t just take synthetic vitamin C like ascorbic acid a food base but sauerkraut is actually really good because that will also help your digestion as well now what about during the cycle itself you could have cravings you can have cramps I so you have a whole series of things that happen excessive bleeding so at this point the the best remedy would be a calcium magnesium in the form of an orotate it’s called or take calcium orotate sometimes you can get it combined but I like the word tape because it penetrates the cell a lot deeper but calcium magnesium will dramatically and improve your cramping and cravings if you have them right during your period okay now post menstruation right here you probably lost some blood and you’re gonna be low in iron maybe a little anemic and you might crave things as well especially if you’re like crave ice you’re chewing an ice that’s an iron deficiency so I would recommend red meats is make sure it’s grass-fed but that’s gonna actually put the iron back in pretty fast also you can get different forms of iron in the green green leafy vegetables and definitely kale like a kale shake red meat that would be really good post your cycle especially if you crave certain things now if you’re if you’ve gone through menopause it’s a little different situation because you’re no longer having your cycle but maybe you just crave in general or maybe you have like a hint of a cycle coming on but it doesn’t kind of go through so the number one deficiency that shows up in menopause is a vitamin E deficiency and a lot of vitamin E is stored in the pituitary gland to actually as a precursor to make sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone and things like that so because you’re not having your cycle you’re not needing those hormones the vitamin E really drops dramatically in the body so if you were to increase vitamin E you would see some great improvements raw sunflower seeds probably your best bet some of the other seeds would be good too but it can’t be roasted it has to be raw almonds really important and leafy greens like even snap peas or green beans are really good anything green is going to give you good amounts of vitamin E now if you’re low in estrogen and you’re having like say hot flashes boron is really really good as well that’s a mineral a trace mineral that can elevate estrogen it’s not going to bring it out of the range but it’s going to bring it to a normal level okay so there you have it that’s a little summary of what you would do for various cravings at certain points of your menstrual cycle thanks for watching so if you don’t have this book you might want to check it out it’s entitled it’s not lose weight to get healthy it’s get healthy to lose the weight healthy ketosis and in a minute fasting check it out I put a link down below 

This Post Was All About Your Menstrual Cycle, Nutrient Levels & Cravings.
Your Menstrual Cycle, Nutrient Levels & Cravings

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Dr. Berg talks about the menstrual cycle and cravings. He also talks about generally what’s happening during certain parts of the cycle and if the cravings at the certain point what you would need.
Day 14 is where estrogen is spiked. In this time, you would want to support with more cruciferous vegetables or iodine (sea kelp). Most women crave just before their period called PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) and other emotional issue like moodiness, etc. In this phase they need more B-vitamins (nutritional yeast), vitamin D and vitamin C. B1 is the most important. But make sure you get a food based vitamin C. During the cycle itself if the cramps are very strong – get calcium orotate. Just after your cycle, you need more iron, which red meat will provide. Kale and spinach will help. If you have gone through menopause, then you need more vitamin E because the pituitary gland uses this vitamin for the production of sex hormones. raw sunflower seeds, almonds, leafy greens all provide a good amount of vitamin E. If you are low in estrogen, use boron (trace mineral) to increase estrogen.

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