Your Liver is Triggering Your Right-Sided Shoulder Blade Pain

Your Liver is Triggering Your Right-Sided Shoulder Blade Pain

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I want to talk about something that’s very very common but very unknown it has to do with the connection between your liver and right side shoulder blade pain now if I’m gonna face this way this is my right side over here we have the scapula looking from behind here’s a spine here’s a muscle okay this muscle is called the rhomboid it brings the scapula inward and upward that way you have a little muscle right here it’s called the levator angle a scapula now if you have pain right in this space right here or up here or right down here chances are it’s the liver the liver is the most common source of this referred pain but people don’t connect the dots because they think the problem is right here and they’ll swear it’s from maybe just bursitis tendinitis or some injury when in fact they never really had an injury in that area possibly now this could also be the gallbladder or the bile duct because when the gallbladder has stones or it’s congested or there’s some blockage or irritation in the bowel duct that can irritate a nerve called the phrenic nerve and you have two of them and it can shoot up right here and cause a pain up on the right side and definitely up here so if it’s more up here usually it’s more gallbladder down here it’s more liver now if it’s on the opposite side it could be more pancreas but both of these problems are related to digestion and food take a look at a couple things that could cause a liver problem one is inflammation you ate something that created some inflammatory response either in your liver or the gallbladder or you have a fatty liver because you’re consuming too much of some of these foods right here and then there’s not enough space in there it just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger and a refer pain right back here now I personally had right shoulder pain and right rhomboid pain for 12 frickin years I had no idea it was related to my liver if I I went to Chiropractic College hoping that I would get it fixed and after a million treatments nothing worked until after I graduated and I eventually figured out what it was and I changed a diet and all that pain mysteriously went away I wish I would have known when I know now back then so alcohol can mess with the liver a high carb diet will do it too much iron can cause irritation inflammation in cirrhosis of the liver vegetable oils okay or medications can do it too check this out now if we compare back in the 70s to present time and we look at the amount of grain consumption we had an increase of 29% so that’s an average of a hundred and twenty two pounds of grains per person per year in the United States now I definitely don’t consume 122 pounds at all so someone must be consuming a lot more than that but this doesn’t really compare to these next two check this out in this 1970s we consumed 4.9 pounds of corn and I’m talking about corn products or corn oil or corn sweeteners as in high-fructose corn syrup now if we compare that to present time 14 pounds so we went from 4.9 pounds to 14 pounds that’s three times more that is an incredible amount of corn that people are consuming but check this out vegetable oils right which are really great oils 12 pounds in the 70s now it’s 36 pounds that is the spike three times that is a crazy amount of vegetable oils which by the way these are both GMO and they’re highly inflammatory they could potentially irritate the liver the gallbladder and create this pain if you’re new to my channel you should definitely learn about something called healthy keto and in a minute fasting it can help you I put a link down below but if you want more information about the liver and what to eat I put that video right here check it out 

This Post Was All About Your Liver is Triggering Your Right-Sided Shoulder Blade Pain.
Your Liver is Triggering Your Right-Sided Shoulder Blade Pain

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Do you have right shoulder blade pain? Watch to find out why it could be your liver.
If you have LEFT SIDE PAINS: apply this technique under the left rib cage 2 inches below your ribs and 2 inches to the left of the midline:

Overview of Healthy Keto and Intermittent Fasting:

0:00 Why your liver can cause shoulder pain
1:35 Causes of liver problems
2:48 Then vs. now: how diets have changed

In this video, I want to talk about a very common and yet not well-known issue that causes right shoulder blade pain. This has to do with your liver.

There’s a connection between your liver and your right side shoulder blade. When you get pain in your right shoulder blade, there’s a good chance it could be your liver. Your liver is a huge source of this deferred pain.

The problem can also be the gallbladder or bile duct. This can also irritate the phrenic nerve, which is connected to the neck and shoulders.

Inflammation and fatty liver are the two main causes of an irritated liver. This is often due to:
1. Alcohol
2. High carb diets
3. Too much iron
4. Vegetable oils
5. Medications

Your diet is by far the biggest factor in liver health. If we compare our diets now to back in the 70s, we can see just how bad things have gotten.
Since the 70s, we have increased…
• Grains by 29%
• Corn by 300%
• Vegetable oil by 300%

All of these foods increase inflammation, which can cause liver issues.

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Thanks for watching. I hope this video helped clear up why your liver might cause right shoulder blade pain.

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