Your Immune System is a Highly Trained Military

Your Immune System is a Highly Trained Military

Your Immune System is a Highly Trained Military

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today I’m going to talk about a very
important topic and that is your own immune system you may not realize this
but your immune system is the most kick-ass military that ever was to help
you understand the immune system we’re gonna compare it to the US military and
to do that I’m actually gonna bring on a guest and his name is commander Dave
Overcash he’s been in the US Navy for 27 years he’s retired now his 27 years of
service included over 300 landings on aircraft carriers five deployments to
the Middle East overseas tours in Hawaii Japan and South
Korea and serviced at the Pentagon Dave thanks for coming on thank you dr. Berg
it’s a pleasure to be here I look forward to our discussion so what I’m
gonna do is I’m gonna try to make this as simple as possible it’s difficult
because it’s a complex subject but let me just attempt to do that
what is the immune system the immune system is your defense system
it’s your military it’s there to protect you you have various barriers you have
your skin the outside and you also have the barrier of your internal skin in
fact the internal skin of your body is quite large in fact it covers 400 square
meters that’s the size of two tennis courts so it’s a tremendous amount of
surface area and you have billions of immune cells just beneath the surface
guarding that wall waiting for an invader or a pathogen viruses bacteria
so that would be a front line of defense so Dave give me a comparison of that to
what the military has the formal military term for that would be the four
line of troops or the forward edge of the battle space there’s gonna be highly
trained but not necessarily you know very specialized troops but very large
numbers of them in mechanized units I might be a term some of your folks would
be familiar with but you’re those are your general troops that are gonna be
right up along the front that are gonna be able to detect any movement
in your adversaries and be able to be the first line of defense against
whatever comes against them so this would also compare to something you
would see at the airport you have metal detectors you have all sorts of
screening devices to weed out those bad actors or people that potentially could
carry a bomb on a plane when I was in practice that I would do seminars in
governmental agencies so I bought online these those little credit card knifes
right as a box cutter I thought they’re really cool they actually fold up the
credit card so uh you know where this is going I basically bought one put in my
wall and I forgot about it and I actually somehow took a flight and that
wasn’t even detected but then the next week it was in my wallet I went to do
one of my seminars had the governmental agency in DC and so as I went through
security I just remembered as he was going in
that I had that in my wallet and my heart started to pound and all of a
sudden but the little red light went off they opened up the wallet and found this
credit card knife and they called I don’t know what code code red or
something they call people to shut down the entire building and they pointed to
me and they put me on the wall put me in
handcuffs and I said no no no you can have it you can write so they took me to
a room to wait for the FBI to come they wanted to check me out just to make sure
so I’m like I’m just here to do a seminar what’s happening and I mean
unfortunately there’s a huge line of people and they’re like they couldn’t
leave they couldn’t get in everything was frozen so I had to wait for some
hours and so I’m sitting there handcuffs and there’s two military people guarded
to sit there just guarding me and it was apparently a room that they had some
food in it and there was a cake and they’re talking about nutrition and I I
just couldn’t help myself to speak up it just wasn’t the best time
to talk about you know car bhai so I kind of quickly so then the middle
of the FBI came and they just they said what’s your intent I said I just thought
it was cool and I got in so they go yeah this is kind of cool
and so they escorted me to the car and everyone was watching and I had to
secure this weapon in the car so I can go back and do my seminar presentation
so this is another example how the immune system would work it’s constantly
scanning for pathogens things that are not itself and a very important part of
immune system is to differentiate between the good guys and the bad guys
so the main players on the front line of defense are the phagocytes okay these
are cells that eat bacteria and viruses and the top professional phagocyte is
called a macrophage macrophage means big cell that eats it’s pretty much acts as
a garbage disposal it eats up debris but if there’s an invader that macrophage
will go in there and take it down and if there’s a lot of invaders it will hold
the fort while it recruits back up so this part of the immune system is called
the innate which is part of the immune system that doesn’t need to Train any
specialists you’re pretty much born with this these are general soldiers that
have a nonspecific defense mechanism so they can handle little stuff but when
things get too crazy your body recruits more specialists from this system right
here this is called the adaptive immune system or the acquired so then we have
the neutrophil now when you get an infection and you have mucus and pus 70%
of that is made out of neutrophils okay so neutrophils have three weapons
they can eat microbes but they also control chemicals as well as a net over
the microbes and so the chemicals of the use are hydrogen peroxide the active
ingredient in Bleach so they use bleach to kill these microbes as after they
pulled them in what’s interesting in the military is there are certain types of
chemical warfare that they use so Dave why don’t you give us a comparison on
yeah there sure is there’s chemical and biological weapons that they’re very
effective and neutralizing an adversary everything related to a chemical kind of
attack slows you down and has a an inordinate impact on you compared to
normal conventional weapons I remember when I went to basic training that was
in 1983 I was in the military the army reserved for five years I was a medic we
had to go through this gas chamber and of course they did not give us really
toxic chemicals but they exposed us to tear gas and that was a major thing for
a lot of people including myself I can’t even imagine being exposed to something
even stronger than that because that was pretty strong so the neutrophil will
also throw a net like spider-man on the pathogen with chemicals to dissolve it
you know your your example they’re kind of like wrapping up and then adding
chemicals what it reminds me of is is indirect fires that are used in the
military where a let’s say some troops are on the ground and they need to call
in artillery support or close air support what they might do is term that
that’s used as maybe is bracketing you know they’ll call in a fire and they’ll
see where that bomb lands they’ll see where that show lands and then they’ll
adjust that fire and then when they get it on to exactly where they want it
they’re gonna ask for maximum effect of the available indirect fires and and
then yeah they’ll be able to take out the adversary that way so we have the
macrophage the neutrophil these are both phagocytes then we have something over
here called the natural killer cell so one of the things that this cell does is
it releases something called interferon interferon comes from the word interfere
because the function of interferon interferes with viral reproduction so it
stops the production of viruses which is the virus weapon so it slows down the
production of the enemy the leadership of the
and military realized we have to destroy their means of replicating their
capabilities and so the United States ate their force in World War two based
in England went after the entire German industrial military-industrial complex
they bombed every factory you could possibly imagine
destroying plants that produce tanks plants have produced artillery pieces
the plants have produced ball bearings anything that would produce a mechanized
piece of equipment so the idea was wow we can’t get rid of these folks fast
enough for this equipment fast enough so if we can prevent them from producing
any more at least there’s a finite number of things that we have to destroy
instead of an infinite all right we just talked about the innate immune system
now let’s talk about the adaptive immune system now the adaptive immune system is
acquired in other words it learns from experience in order for that part of the
immune system to work correctly you need to expose it to a pathogen or a germ so
if someone lives in a sterilized environment they never develop their
immune system so it’s very very important understand that your immune
system grows and becomes stronger through training going through an
infection overcoming it and now having that memory of it so it’s ready for the
next time Dave give me an example how important training is in the military
you know our operations manuals people say are written in blood right so all
the mistakes that previous folks used and either died or or crashed aircraft
the lessons learned from those things are then written in your operations
manual so you don’t make that same mistake twice
there’s a lot of potential for problems there and they came to pass in the
Vietnam War there were three major aircraft carrier fires hundreds of men
were killed in fires that start that on those aircraft carriers they had a very
difficult and stopping the fires once they began
because of all those things that are on the flight deck not everyone on the
aircraft carrier was trained at the time to fight fires and so they instituted a
program where every single person that goes on to a ship any ship has to go
through significant firefighting experience because they found that the
initial wave of firefighters were killed in trying to fight these fires and then
there wasn’t anybody trained to really take out those fires once they began so
yeah if you don’t train you are damned to continue having similar accidents
over time so this part of the museum are more specialists they’re like the
Special Forces they actually have very specific actions that they are assigned
to these guys are more general these guys are more targeted give us some examples of the different
units or special forces that you have in the military a lot of times we can’t
match the pure numbers that maybe the adversary that we go against has but we
need to have better training and so we have a lot of Special Forces or Special
Operations Forces in the military the Navy SEALs Delta Force you know what we
found is that like I think I can think of a couple examples we what we found
that even if our adversary say purchases a very excellent piece of equipment we
could beat that adversary with a lesser capability if we have trained harder mmm
and and that’s why maybe we might not be so afraid of a North Korean pilot with a
great piece of equipment because he doesn’t train very much
because their economy so poor they don’t have the resources to be able to train a
lot and so he may be up there and a great piece of equipment but he really
doesn’t know how to operate it he’s not proficient at ador or even say the
Iranian Navy purchases a Russian submarine that’s not the same as a
Russian submarine crew highly trained operating a Russian piece of equipment
the Iranians are gonna be as good at it so we found that that training that
exposure the more realistic the training the better one one more example I give
you is that in the Marines when they have target practice they don’t use
automated targets they actually have their the Marines will go behind a dirt
berm and I believe they still do this and pull the targets up and down so that
they can hear the bullets going overhead while the other Marines are conducting
target practice that acclimates them were to an environment where they might
be in battle which makes them more likely to be able to succeed when they
are in that kind of environment so these specialized immune cells they’re called
t-cells stands for thymus basically get their
training in the thymus gland which is not the thyroid sounds similar and it’s
actually located lower than the thyroid so the thyroids here thymus is right
above the heart and what’s interesting is only 30% of those t-cells make it
through this training the rest die off so they’re very selective and when
you’re born you have this huge thymus as you get older it starts shrinking and
shrinking and shrinking and stress will shrink it a vitamin D deficiency will
cause a shrinkage of the thymus gland so nutrition is very very important keeping
your thymus very strong in reality these pathogens target different weaknesses
within your immune system so if you have a very strong immune system even though
it might not be very large it could handle a huge invasion of viruses or
pathogens we have a lot of special forces or special operations forces in
the military some examples would be the Navy SEALs maybe Green Berets Delta
Force US Army Rangers the Air Force has a group called the pair rescue men or
PJs there’s a pride the most well-known that they’re the most highly trained the
the most specialized forces that we have for very specific target sets one point
I want to make is this when someone gets an infection they have a cough or runny
nose a fever some type of indicator that there’s a battle going on within your
body the worst thing to do is to stop that infection to suppress those
symptoms because what’s going to happen is you’re stopping the training of your
t-cells you’re cutting it short and when you try to suppress the immune system
the duration of infection goes longer and longer so they have to work harder
and harder so it’s very very important to enhance the immune system with diet
nutrition keeping your stress low than it is to quickly try to shut down those
symptoms all right so we talked about the three players under the innate
there’s actually four main players within the adaptive immune system first
one is the killer t-cell now what these guys do is they have a
chemical called perform which punches a hole through the cell and then they
release a chemical that causes the cell to commit suicide for the greater good
of the body so these cells that die for the greater good to kill out that virus
are are considered like hero cells Ujima where there were a lot of Marines that
would jump on grenades that that landed near them and they’re their buddies and
they wanted to protect their friends and a lot of examples also with with folks
that are in the Medal of Honor which is the highest medal of valor that’s
awarded in the military where they’re wounded they believe that but they’re
not going to make it and so they would do something that was extraordinary or
out of the ordinary where they would go off by themselves to create some kind of
a diversion that would allow the troops a left behind to exploit you know the
weakness that was made by that movement but they knew that they were gonna die
alright the next player is the T helper cell so this cell is a very important
self there’s the main coordinator for the entire battle going on so it’s going
to recruit backup it’s going to determine what players are involved what
part of your military is gonna be used at what volume what types of weapon tree
Dave give me an example of what you’d have in the military that compares to
that oh absolutely that’s that’s a commander at any level give some general
direction about how he wants it done and how often those things are going to
happen you have to have somebody at the top that’s directing the overall
movement and kind of sees the big picture now one thing I want to mention
about the tea house CEL is that viruses have strategies to
invade and take over the body and our body has strategy is to kind of go back
and forth so we have this battle back and forth and if we take the HIV virus
its strategy is to take down the T helper cell if it succeeds in doing that
because your immune system is weak the entire immune system won’t be able to
work and that’s why it’s called in immunodeficiency disease so viruses are very intelligent they’re
gonna take down like the key player involved in this battle
now they’ve give me an example of something in the military that is
somewhat similar an individual at the top is as the center of gravity the
desert storm it was Saddam Hussein or Iraqi Freedom Saddam Hussein and even
when we attacked Afghanistan Osama bin Laden so we’re constantly going after
the head and believing that if we take out the head of the organization then
the rest of the body or the rest of the country will fall into disarray and it
will there will be a better use of our resources and make it easier for us to
go in and the key to all of it is being undetected because once an adversary
knows what you’re trying to do they can build up their defenses and they can
counter whatever it is that you’re trying to do I have a couple examples of
some really damaging spies that we’ve had over our time one her name was Ana
Montes she was a spy for Cuba and the Defense Intelligence Agency we we found
that she did some amazing damage by her time you know right in the middle of all
the greatest intelligence that we had about Cuba during the Cold War and then
another one being Aldrich Ames who was a KGB spy in the CIA for longest time we
had no idea and he was he did some extremely the damage from his passing of
information that he was able to get undetected was was really significant
now one strategy that these viruses have is they have the ability to go inside
the cell and turn off your vitamin D receptor this means that you can’t
absorb any more vitamin D apparently they know the vitamin D is crucial for
your immune system it is involved in every single level and if you don’t have
enough vitamin D then you can’t turn off these huge
what’s called cytokine storms which is an inflammatory condition that’s out of
control it’s an overactive immune system and
that’s really what’s killing people in this Cove in 1917 system and the enemy
the virus and what their strategies are so you can actually overcome it so since
we’re talking a little bit about strategy there has been a person in
history sunsoo that was a military strategist and he wrote a book called
the art of war and I happened to find a book that was translated from original
Mandarin Chinese this guy who was in the Vietnam War got very interested in this
book he spent six years learning Mandarin Chinese and then translated
word-for-word the entire text the original translation of the title of Sun
Tzu’s book based on the author’s research was not the art of war it was
the technology of war which is very different technology means more of an
exact science of how to do something versus art implies adding your own
creativity I want to give you just one quote says this following this reasoning
supreme skill is not 100 victories in 100 battles supreme skill is subduing
the enemy’s operations and its forces without battle so if we take a look at
that quote and compare it to the battle that’s going on between your immune
system and a virus how would we subdue the virus’s operation well with the COVID-19 we know that that virus pretty much only attacks someone with a weakened
immune system so the obvious strategy would necessarily only be to avoid the
virus forever it would be also to strengthen the immune system because
that virus really can’t do anything up against a really strong immune system
all right so let’s talk about the next player the B cells B cells make
antibodies so antibodies are created from an infection so in other words this
is where your immune system learn from being exposed to a very specific
pathogen so soon as it gets exposed and you go through the infection
can you recover the next time that specific microbe invade your body your
immune system is ready it will neutralize that infection so you have
immunity you’re not gonna have this massive reaction anymore
and one way that the antibodies do this is they lock on to a pathogen it’s like
handcuffs and they keep it from going into the cell so it dries out and it
dies another way that it does it is it tags the pathogen they assist in the
killing by identifying who are the bad guys so then the killer T cells come in
there and do the dirty work so Dave give me an example of something
in the military that’s equivalent to that couple examples working as a team
with other capabilities is really critical to your effectiveness so one
would be a sniper and the scout or the spotter that’s with him or her so you
have one individual who’s finding targets and passing the information or
where the targets are to the person who has the skill to actually shoot the
weapon so that’s a man that is a very effective team the scout and the sniper
working together another one to be I think a naval aviation in the Cold War
one aircraft might fly out that has a great sensor suite so they can soak up
electronic signals while they’re trying to find an adversary ship or something
like that but that aircraft isn’t going to have the weapons that would be needed
to take out the actual ship so one aircraft has the sensors the other one
has the weapons and once the first one finds the adversary then the other one
is tasked with eliminating that adversary all right so the last player
and the adaptive immune system is called the T regulatory cell now this cell is
also called the T suppressor cell and one of the functions of this cell is to
differentiate between the bad guys and the good guys
so this is very very very important because it’s there to prevent autoimmune
diseases and if this cell doesn’t work correctly your body will start to
develop antibodies against its own tissue and that could be to any tissue
so you can have ms lupus Hashimoto’s rheumatoid arthritis where you have
these antibodies that are attacking itself autoimmune conditions is very
similar to friendly-fire in the military Dave can you give us a little example of
what could happen in military if you have a role player or a traitor we are
very concerned about those interlopers or those rogue agents well the military
has a lot of things in place to find try to find spies that kind of rogue element
can do extreme damage to an entire country its highest its greatest secrets
on same thing even on that carrier strike group example one adversary
aircraft it’s kind of hiding in a strike force returning to the carrier could
wipe out a carrier whether its defenses are down so it’s a critical to find
who’s or to be able to identify who’s friendly and who’s not now another very
important thing about the t-regulatory cells is it has a suppressive action it
calms down the immune system it puts out the fire when you have this hyper
inflammatory response it’s called the cytokine storm so really what kills
people in certain infections is not necessarily the viral entity it’s these
killer cells over here and this cell because the regulatory cell is deficient
we don’t have this water hose to put out the fire so that pretty much completes
all the different players in the immune system Dave do you have anything else
you want to add to this there’s a saying that George General George Patton in
World War two had and he said that planning is everything and plans are
nothing hmm in other words you can come up with a plan to fight a battle but it
everything is going to change after the first shot is fired but the importance
learning about your adversary understanding yourself is absolutely
everything you can identify how to prepare you can identify your own
weaknesses you can identify your adversaries weaknesses and your own
strengths and their strengths so you know where to attack you know where to
fortify your own weaknesses that’s everything that will help you be
prepared to fight an adversary and our military is doing that all the time
against all our adversaries and I would think that you would probably say that’s
exactly what your audience needs to be doing and what we need to be doing ok I
just want to say thank you so much for your service and also for helping me in
this presentation and I also want to mention to you watching you have in your
body right now the most amazing kick-ass military immune system that ever existed
and all you have to do is feed it the right foods take care of it take the
vitamin D the vitamin C the zinc and it will return the favor by protecting
you hey we’re back with another amazing recipe no grains no sugar
totally keto there’s no suffering on keto absolutely
not Karen and it’s an immune system builder absolutely you have to check this out
I think you should hurry up watch the recipe and make it yourself it’s just so
easy to be keto but is it simple it’s super simple we hope
you enjoy making it as much as we are enjoying eating it 

This Post Was All About Your Immune System is a Highly Trained Military.
Your Immune System is a Highly Trained Military

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You have the most kick-ass military: your immune system. Learn more about it in this unique video with special guest Commander Dave Overcash.

0:20 Commander Dave Overcash
0:58 What is the immune system?
5:04 Phagocytes and macrophages
5:35 The innate immune system
6:00 Neutrophils
8:23 Natural killer cells
9:50 The adaptive immune system
14:15 T cells
16:30 Killer T cells
18:00 T helper cells
19:27 Virus intelligence and strategy
23:40 B cells
25:45 T regulatory cell

Today, we’re going to talk about your amazing immune system. To help you understand the immune system, I want to compare it to the United States military. I have a really special guest, Commander Dave Overcash, joining me to help me do that.

Commander Dave Overcash is retired after having been in the United States Navy for 27 years. His 27 years of service included over 300 landings on aircraft carriers, five deployments to the Middle East, overseas tours in Hawaii, Japan, and South Korea, and service at the Pentagon.

You have the most amazing, kick-ass military immune system that ever existed. All you have to do is feed it the right foods, take care of it, and support it with things like vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc—and it will return the favor by protecting you.

Enjoy this unique and in-depth video with Commander Dave Overcash to really understand your immune system.

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Dr. Berg, age 55, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg’s Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.


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