Your Good Bacteria Are Vitamin-Making Machines

Your Good Bacteria Are Vitamin-Making Machines

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did you realize that your body cannot
make vitamins but your microbe sure can your microbes your friendly bacteria the
good flora in your gut are vitamin making machines on steroids they make a
lot of vitamins and they make vitamin K which actually has everything to do with
stopping bleeding and any vitamin that your body makes means that it is
important there’s something about bleeding
internally that is very very unhealthy so this is one of the reasons why your body
makes vitamin K to prevent that from occurring also they can make vitamin b12
which is all about supporting your nervous system if you’re deficient it
b12 you could have some permanent nerve damage it’s also about supporting your
blood if you’re deficient in b12 you can become anemic your body makes a vitamin
b1 it’s probably one of the most important water soluble vitamins because
its effect on the nervous system the brain the heart most people are
deficient simply because they’re on a high carb sugar refined carbohydrate
diet they’re consuming a lot of grains refined grains that deplete b1 and then
they start developing anxiety attention problems panic attacks and other issues
if you want to know more about b1 just take a look at all the symptoms from
berry berry which I put that video down below but even though someone might not
have the classical huge deficiency of B b1 how beriberi they could have a
subclinical version of b1 so they’re deficient but not by a large amount just
enough to create irritation to the nervous system to affect the person’s
mood to put them in a nervous state of anxiety but b1 is also important in
memory in certain parts of the brain and also in the heart okay the microbes also
make vitamin b2 which helps you break down proteins carbohydrates and fats to
turn that into energy so it’s involved in the little energy factories called
the mitochondria also it will make vitamin b3 which has
to do with helping you regulate cholesterol supporting brain function
and joint health it too is involved in the production of energy in the mitochondria your microbes make b5 which is a coenzyme and a lot of biochemical
reactions including making protein it also supports the adrenal gland and
helping you make adrenaline and noradrenaline also b6 is made by
microbes a lot of women take b6 for PMS symptoms also if they’re pregnant and
they get swelling and edema b6 will push the fluid out b6 is also good for carpal
tunnel syndrome so it’s good for the nervous system your microbes make biotin
I did a separate video on that I’ll put that link down below a biotin is about
the formation of protein and the formation of certain fatty acids in the
body so it’s important in hair nails and skin so if there’s something not right
with your gut you could be deficient in all these right here all right full late
but folate will protect your DNA it’s also involved in the formation of making
DNA but your body can’t make vitamins but your microbes can these are some of
the microbes that make these B vitamins and you can get these from consuming
fermented foods especially sauerkraut that would be a really good source so
your microbes help you in many many different ways they make vitamins they
make enzymes to help detoxify they make acids that give you energy from the food
that you give them which is fiber also they make amino acids that turn into
neurotransmitters that then help you with your mood and your brain focus and
your cognitive function also certain microbes in the small intestine have the
ability to make lactase which is an enzyme to help break down milk sugar
lactose there’s also enzymes within the small
intestine that make that enzyme but you get older that tends to go away so
this explains why probably half the population is lactose-intolerant
but anyway it’s not just about eating healthy it’s about preserving the
friendly guys that can help you make vitamins so you can be healthy thanks
for watching and check out this video on the digestive system that explains the
whole thing from A to Z 

This Post Was All About Your Good Bacteria Are Vitamin-Making Machines.
Your Good Bacteria Are Vitamin-Making Machines

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Your body can’t make vitamins, but your good bacteria can. Check this out.


Vitamin B1 Deficiency:

0:16 What vitamins do your good bacteria make?
3:37 What microbes make vitamins?
3:42 How to get good bacteria
3:49 Other benefits of microbes

Did you know that your body can’t make vitamins? But your friendly bacteria are vitamin-making machines.

Your good bacteria in the gut can make:

• Vitamin K – stops bleeding
• Vitamin B12 – supports the nervous system and blood
• Vitamin B1 – may benefit the nervous system, brain, and heart
• Vitamin B2 – helps break down carbs, protein, and fat to turn into energy
• Vitamin B3 – may help you regulate cholesterol, support brain function, and support joint health
• Vitamin B5 – a coenzyme in a lot of biochemical reactions including making protein
• Vitamin B6 – may help with PMS symptoms, edema, and carpal tunnel syndrome
• Biotin – is important for your hair, skin, and nails
• Folate – may help protect DNA and is involved in making DNA

If there is something not right with your gut flora, you could be deficient in all of these important vitamins. You can get these good microbes by consuming fermented foods—especially sauerkraut. Your microbes help you in many different ways. So, it’s not just about eating healthy. It’s about preserving the good bacteria that help you make vitamins so you can be healthy.

Your good bacteria also make:

• Enzymes
• Amino acids
• Lactase

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