Your Fatty Pancreas Caused Your Diabetes

Your Fatty Pancreas Caused Your Diabetes

Your Fatty Pancreas Caused Your Diabetes

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This Post Was All About Your Fatty Pancreas Caused Your Diabetes.
Your Fatty Pancreas Caused Your Diabetes

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Could a fatty pancreas be what caused your diabetes? Find out more.

0:00 What caused your diabetes?
0:13 Normal blood sugar
0:54 Insulin
3:00 A fatty pancreas and diabetes
4:10 What you could do about it

What could have caused your diabetes? Is a fatty pancreas to blame? If you have diabetes, this video is for you.

A person who is healthy should have a blood sugar on average of about 80. This means that you have about 1 tsp. of sugar in your blood.

Insulin takes extra sugar out of the blood and hides it in other places in the body. Insulin levels are rarely tested. However, if an average American did have their insulin tested, it would probably be very high because of the amount of sugar they consume. In order to deal with the excess sugar, insulin has to work overtime.

Insulin converts sugar into the fat cell. Then, it starts putting it into the subcutaneous fat (superficial layer of fat just beneath your skin). Later, you could start developing ectopic fat, which is the fat outside of the fat cell and outside of the subcutaneous fat. At this point, the fat is being stored in the liver, muscles, and heart. Eventually, this fat will spill over into the pancreas. When this happens, you’re also developing insulin resistance as a protective mechanism.

You won’t really develop diabetes until the pancreas starts filling up with fat. The pancreas is being clogged up with fat. This is what’s creating the dysfunction, which can cause diabetes.

Diabetes is a state where the blood sugars start to go too high. This happens because you lose the insulin function, which happens because the pancreas is clogged up.

What you could do about it:
• Healthy keto
• Intermittent fasting

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you better understand how a fatty pancreas could be what caused your diabetes.

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