You SHOULD Eat Garlic at LEAST 1x Per Day

You SHOULD Eat Garlic at LEAST 1x Per Day

You SHOULD Eat Garlic at LEAST 1x Per Day

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there’s a million videos on YouTube talking about the benefits of garlic but if you know my channel and you know my channel is different we don’t come at it from the general typical health angle we have fun and we look at peer-reviewed science so without further ado let’s look at the performance enhancement effects of garlic before we dive into anything else okay so the journal in the International Society of Sports Nutrition published a study that found that just 900 milligrams of garlic in a double-blind placebo study increase vo2 max by 2.7 percent that doesn’t sound like much but let’s put this into perspective for a second alright so 2.7 percent increase in your vo2 max means that you are getting two point seven percent more oxygen per minute that is a lot let alone a lot just by taking in 900 milligrams of garlic all right now the reason that this might be occurring simply has to do with more than likely inflammation okay if you’re modulating inflammation enough you can probably utilize more oxygen so sure you can breathe more when you’re actually utilizing it to at the cellular level so there’s a lot of different reasons as to why this could occur anyway we’re gonna dive into some more stuff regarding garlic and have a little bit of fun with this I do want to make sure you hit that red subscribe button and then hit that little Bell icon if you haven’t done so already and then also if you want to check out thrive market they’re an online membership based grocery store so you can get all the things that I talked about my videos yes you can even get garlic powder and you can get things that are related to keto to fasting to hormone optimization to thyroid all that stuff all at a greatly discounted price cheaper than the grocery store so check them out down below in the description after you watch this video so okay so let’s talk about the anti microbial piece for a second I have to tell you kind of a funny personal story surrounding garlic alright so when I was growing up we had a bunch of goats I mean like a lot we had over 40 goats my mom for whatever reason was into cashmere goats and raising and breeding them not for me but for their fur right for their hair whatever it was just a weird obsession what a point is one year we had a crazy El Nino year come through so we had a bunch of ring and a bunch of tropical storms right and a lot of our goats ended up very sick and we lost about half of them about 20 of them died okay it was terrible we could not figure out what was going on the vets couldn’t figure it out and finally we lived close to UC Davis Medical Center so we had them hauled out to the AG depart at UC Davis and the autopsy one of them found that they had something known as coccidia meiosis now the funny thing was I guess it wasn’t funny at the time he said oh this is easily treatable with garlic so we lost about half our herd of goats and all we had to do was give him garlic we gave the rest of the goats a bunch of garlic and none of them got sick point is it’s powerful so now let’s take a look at a study that’s published in the Journal of microbes and infection this is wild this found that garlic had powerful activity against multidrug-resistant ecoli okay so that means that ecoli like you hear about people getting it’s terrible disease terrible issue right terrible infection can be treated even if it’s a multi drug-resistant with just garlic and then we go down the antifungal side of things Candida garlic fights off Candida okay now people will tell you that garlic is a prebiotic fiber and it’s bad for bloating and it’s bad for this and that that is only if you have a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth if your issue is yeast related or it’s upper intestinal related garlic is going to be your best friend if you have Candida garlic is probably the best route there now the other thing garlic is powerful anti-parasitic another personal story my wife when she was growing up had about a Giardia that lasted over two years to the point where they thought she was so sick they figured she had cancer they could not figure out what’s going on well she had Giardia for two years she couldn’t put on weight she couldn’t even go to school point is is here we are today we see modern science shows that garlic is an anti-parasitic when it comes down to Giardia sorry for all the personal stories and just gives some relevance okay now is another study when it comes down to cardiac health and overall health and this was published in the journal nutrition this study was really interesting because it is a meta-analysis of meta-analysis what does that mean okay meta-analysis where they take a look at the aggregate of a bunch of studies to ultimately get a result based on the results of a lot of studies well this is a meta-analysis that looked at multiple meta-analysis so you’ve got these studies that are comprised of dozens of studies and then you’re taking multiple of these meta-analysis and compiling it to establish one result well what they found in this journal nutrition study was that garlic indeed reduces blood pressure balances out your Lester all reduces your risk of heart disease and best of all lowers c-reactive protein c-reactive protein is the main protein that is triggered when you have inflammation it is the main just marker that you are inflamed and quite frankly the root of ultimate disease right now we’re gonna go the other end of the spectrum of the morbid disease side of things and talk about cancer for a second even the National Cancer Institute recognizes garlic as an anti-cancer compound a superfood really taboo okay so what they have found is that it helps prevent the formation of nitrous that means within our body okay Nigel stamens are very carcinogenic and you’re gonna find them in all kinds of foods that you eat maybe typically the kind of thing you’re gonna find in a lot of processed foods and processed deli meats a very well known carcinogen so if we can stop the formation of these nitrous a means within our body then of course we have an anti-cancer compound now additionally the National Cancer Institute recognizes garlic as an anti-cancer compound because it promotes what is called apoptosis ok this apoptosis is a cellular death that occurs it basically causes a cell to commit suicide and it does this all because of a particular enzyme known as Alan ace okay Alan ace once it’s inside our body converts into something known as Alison not Alison but Alison okay and Alison is what’s very powerful from an antioxidant standpoint but also from an anti-cancer standpoint in an autopsy stimulating standpoint so basically it helps our cells recover it helps our bodies heal and can potentially ward off cancer so here’s kind of a fun fact with garlic if you’re going to use fresh raw garlic you want to cut it up and you want to let it sit for ten minutes first the act of cutting it and then letting it become oxygenated actually activates the a lynnae’s more so if you’re just gonna use garlic and immediately throw it in the pan right after you cut it you don’t activate nearly as much of the Alaniz you want to cut it and let it sit for a little bit so the best ways that you want to be using garlic are going to be consuming it in the evening time I don’t recommend consuming a bunch of garlic in the morning if you’re gonna use garlic in the morning use garlic powder so you get sort of the enzymatic effect or use some kind of garlic capsule garlic is best suited for you in the evening time simply because that’s when you already have food in your system and if you do get some bloating that as a result of the prebiotic fiber effect it’s not going to bother you as much so allocate your gar in take to the evening time unless a supplement or powder form so anyhow as always keep it locked in here in my channel and I’ll see you in the next video 

This Post Was All About You SHOULD Eat Garlic at LEAST 1x Per Day.
You SHOULD Eat Garlic at LEAST 1x Per Day

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You SHOULD Eat Garlic at LEAST 1x Per Day – Thomas DeLauer

Garlic Can Improve Physical Performance

There might be something to this ancient wisdom…
Ancient Egyptians gave garlic to their slaves to build the pyramids.
Ancient Olympians took garlic supplements to help them compete.

Garlic Womack C et al. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, 2015. In this double-blind, placebo controlled, crossover study of 18 young men, 900 mg of garlic significantly improved VO2max by 2.7% when participants were forced to run on a treadmill.

Garlic is Antimicrobial

Alias “Russian penicillin”
During WWII the Russian government issued garlic to its military troops when penicillin was running low to prevent them from getting sick. Since then, the antimicrobial properties of garlic have been extremely well documented.
Also, Louis Pasteur, the man who developed the germ-theory of infectious disease, himself observed that, “garlic kills bacteria.”

Ankri S et al. Microbes and Infection, 2001. Garlic is famous for its antimicrobioal properties. It has “antibacterial activity against a wide range of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, including (i) multidrug-resistant enterotoxicogenic strains of Escherichia coli; ii) antifungal activity, particularly against Candida albicans; iii) antiparasitic activity, including some major human intestinal protozoan parasites such as Entamoeba histolytica and Giardia lamblia; and iv) antiviral activity.”

For this reason, some people even swear by garlic as an acne treatment. They simply cut open a clove and rub it on their skin. I can’t confirm or deny whether this works, but people do it.

Garlic Lowers Heart Disease Risk

Varshney R et al. Journal of Nutrition, 2016. This meta-analysis of double-blind, randomized, controlled trials and of meta-analyses of double-blind, randomized, controlled trials (that’s right, a meta-analysis of meta-analysis!) concluded that garlic reduces blood pressure, cholesterol, coronary calcium scores, CRP inflammation scores, and overall heart disease risk.

Garlic Prevents Cancer!

The National Cancer Institute itself recognizes the anti-cancer properties of garlic! There are lots of ways garlic may be anti-carcinogenic, but I want to highlight two.

Garlic protects against the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines, which are present throughout the diet but particularly high in processed meats. So, if you’re going to have your supermarket cold cuts, at least hit them with some garlic!
** Garlic contains an enzyme called alliinase which makes a compound called allicin, which has many anti-cancer properties, perhaps the coolest if which is that it makes cancer cells commit cell suicide (apoptosis).

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