You Need Potassium to Make Stomach Acid (HCL)

You Need Potassium to Make Stomach Acid (HCL)

You Need Potassium to Make Stomach Acid (HCL)

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hey guys today I’m going to talk about the relationship between potassium and stomach acid okay like that’s hydrochloric acid another videos I’m always recommending taking apple cider vinegar for digestion to help increase the acidity of the stomach and sometimes batain how to chloride sea salt to help the build-up the chlorides to make hydrochloric acid but there’s another nutrient that is critical in making stomach acid okay and that is potassium if you don’t have enough potassium it’s gonna be very difficult to make hydrochloric acid but let’s talk about the symptoms if you’re low in stomach acid okay you’re not going to be able to digest red meat you’re not gonna like it’s gonna make you feel bad you’re just not going to want it okay and it’s going to create bloating gas belching burping constipation and then acid reflux eventually these are some of the symptoms so in addition to taking hydrochloric acid you want to make sure you have enough of potassium as well where do you get that vegetables very key source I mean potassium there’s also in red meat and other meats and even chicken but not as much avocados beet leaves so when you’re eating your salad realize you’re helping your digestion big-time okay eventually but potassium is critical in the stomach’s ability to just make hydrochloric acid the last point I want to make is that people don’t usually realize the amount of potassium they need they need a lot they need 4700 milligrams every single day 47 hundred milligrams that’s for a healthy person if the person has rheumatoid arthritis and they’re stressed out they might need 5 to 6,000 milligrams they just need more if they have insulin resistance or they’re diabetic they need a lot of potassium it’s kind of like a the gap that I see between people getting healthy and what they’re doing they don’t consume enough vegetables they just don’t do it and so you may want to take an electrolyte powder with more potassium or just force yourself to eat more vegetables because this is critical the amount of vegetables that you need and a given date to reach this would be about seven to ten cups that’s high quality greens not iceberg lettuce but also you’ll get potassium from the other things that you’re eating as well even nuts even some in eggs so it’s not just all coming from the vegetable but I want to just make a note that stomach acid is very very important in breaking down protein absorbing minerals and killing pathogens and you want to make sure you have enough potassium to fortify this to make sure that this is supported all right so I’m doing a survey for future videos on topics that you are interested in this one is going to be on your biggest keto difficulty if you wouldn’t mind filling out the survey down below I put a link in the description please fill it out thank you so much

This Post Was All About You Need Potassium to Make Stomach Acid (HCL).
You Need Potassium to Make Stomach Acid (HCL)

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the relationship between Potassium and Stomach Acid. Not having enough potassium could have difficulty making hydrochloric acid. He also talks about how Potassium is critical in the stomach’s abililty to make acid (HCL). 4,700mg / day of Potassium is needed for a healthy person.

Symtoms of Low Stomach Acid
1. Can’t Digest Red Meat
2. Gas
3. Bloating, Burping, Belching, Constipation
4. Acid Reflux

Some Food Sources of Potassium:
Vegetables, Red Meat, Chicken, Avocadoes, Beet Leafs

Remedy for Digestion
1. ACV – Increase digestions

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