Women! How to Lose Excess Arm Fat – 7 Simple Steps

Women! How to Lose Excess Arm Fat – 7 Simple Steps

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so before you waste another minute slaving away training your arms in the gym because you’re trying to get rid of arm fat hear me out in this video cuz I’m gonna give you metabolic ways to fix your arm fat okay here’s the thing women a lot of times deal with upper arm fat a lot of times it’s just genetically where it gets stored but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take measures to fix it if you understand the thyroid if you understand when to train if you understand just specific hormonal balances we can fix this issue or at least make it a little less impactful so you can feel a little better about yourself so we’re gonna dive into seven ways to at least reduce the appearance of arm fat and hopefully get you to burn some body fat in the process throughout your entire body so you just feel good about yourself hey we have new videos almost every single day these days it’s literally at like 7:30 a.m. Pacific time almost every day there’s a new piece of content coming out so please hit that red subscribe button and then if you don’t mind hit that little bell icon so you can turn on notifications so you get a little push notification whenever we go live okay without further ado let’s go ahead and jump right in so the first thing I want to talk about is one that’s a little obvious and one that I’ve talked about on my channel before and that’s making sure the cardio that you do is in a fasted state or any kind of weight training for that matter doing a fasted state so I’ve got two really cool studies that are on a reference here the first one was published in the British Journal of nutrition so this study took a look at twelve individuals these twelve individuals were broken down into two groups both groups trained at 10:00 a.m. but one group trained in a fasted State and one group trained in a fed state so they had a meal before their workout and they wanted to measure a few things they wanted to measure lipid levels they wanted to measure who ate more throughout the course of the day they wanted to measure all kinds of things well two things occurred they found those that trained in a fasted State ended up munching less throughout the day it ended up eating less but additionally during the workout they burned 20% more fat the group that trained fasted recruited 20 percent more fat for their workout than those that ate before their workout now this doesn’t directly have to do with arm fat but who doesn’t want to lose a little bit of fat over all right so that’s the point here the next one was published in the Journal of applied physiology and this one’s a little bit more interesting this one takes a look at intra Maya cellular lipids now if you’ve watched my other videos you know that I about intra Maya cellular lipids intra Maya cellular triglycerides and I’ve referenced one study quite a few times but this is a new study so this study takes a look at how the muscle was actually recruiting intra Maya cellular lipids or using them turning that fats into that form basically what it means is when we work out we have fat that goes into the muscle skeletal muscle fat and it’s that fat that ends up getting used for fuel so essentially what happens is your body will pulls fat from another area of your body and it will put it into the muscle of an area that you’re actively using so that I can burn it now they found this study is that when they look at 20 individuals and broke them into two groups over the course of six weeks the group that trained in a fasted State ended up having a significantly higher level of fat recruited into the muscle than the group that ate so this was 20 individuals against six weeks and they had them just do a one-hour bike ride so it was like 70 percent of their vo2 max so a pretty good clip just good rate of cardio so it was pretty intriguing that they found that both groups have the same amount of performance they both perform the same but one group ended up using way more fat they went from 30% I MTG recruitment all the way up to 60% so a 30% increase in body fat that was ultimately used for fuel so basically fat gets pulled from other areas and gets put into the muscle that’s being used there for burning that fat when you’re in a fasted State your body has no choice but to burn fat that is in its body okay you’re not breaking down muscle the next one is going to be upper body high-intensity interval training ok high-intensity interval training as is is great ok we’re talking about doing like one minute on 30 seconds off one minute on 30 seconds off but when you do it in the upper body you get even more powerful results and contrary to what a lot of people will say and what a lot of people like to pick on me about is you can spot reduce fat in one specific area of your body it’s not this magical thing where you’re just gonna burn all your fat in one area but you certainly can improve the efficiency of how your body burns fat in one specific area especially if you’re fast and especially if you’re doing high-intensity interval training so this study was published the American Journal of physiology and it found that body fat was reduced more so in areas adjacent to muscles that were move when in a fasted State okay so in other words if you were doing some kind of battle rope movement and moving your arms a lot there is a good likelihood if you’re in a fasted state that you’re gonna burn the fat from the arms a bit more simply because there’s more of a thermic effect okay those muscles moving are creating heat and that is burning a little bit of fat again it’s not huge it’s not like all the fats gonna come from there so don’t paint on me for this but it does mean that a little bit more of the fat is gonna come from the area that’s moving okay then to make matters even better there’s a study that was published in the Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy that found upper body movements get the heart rate up quite a bit higher so you burn more calories moving your upper body because the heart has to work a little bit harder to push through the peripheral resistance of your tightly compacted muscles in your upper body also there’s more capillary density which means when your body is pushing blood your heart’s pushing blood through your upper body it has to work harder to get that blood to seep into the muscles whereas in the legs it’s more designed for that already so the heart just has to work harder it just literally works harder gets your heart rate up higher if you’re already in a fasted state and you’re doing that and you’re doing hinds is the interval training you’re in a great position to have some good spot reduction in your upper arm number three is going to be a training tip okay if you’re going to train your arms train your triceps and train your triceps with a big movement that goes through a full range of motion women dips are probably one of the best movements you can do honestly okay the upper arm two-thirds of it is your tricep okay so we gotta train the triceps don’t bother training the biceps like a maniac everyone wants to have nicely carved out arms and women I know you want to have the perfect awesome arms but triceps are what are gonna burn the fat a little bit more and shape your arm dips move the arm through a pretty dramatic range of motion so if we boost our metabolism by increasing the size of that muscle not only is it going to reduce the appearance of the fat more than likely it’s going to help your overall metabolism of the entire body next up number four is going to be estrogen dominance and switching up that whole process you see estrogen tends to deposit fat in the hips and the thighs in the butt and in the abdomen but a lot of times we see it apply in the chest as well okay so if you have a high degree of estrogen a lot of times you store a lot of fat in the breast tissue and just in the chest well that leaks up into the upper arm if you have a lot of fat up here more than likely your very upper arm almost in the shoulder region ends up gaining a little bit of fat so it’s usually an estrogen imbalance so you have to watch out for so how do you control that well you’re eating foods that modulate estrogen okay so we’re gonna be talking about things like broccoli things like cauliflower things that are high in what’s called indole-3 carbinol things that are high in D and dole methane I can go into a lot of detail of foods that are going to combat estrogen but most importantly you’re gonna want to limit some of the soy you’re gonna want to limit the beer if you are drinking the beer and if you understand why and it makes a little bit of sense we have these things called anti lip oolitic adrenogenital receptors okay these ala is for lack of a better term anti level etiquette generation receptors they are in the fat tissue predominantly in the visceral fat so normally if we have a high degree of estrogen and then we overeat it has a high likelihood of going to the abdomen but this can spread again to the thighs to the hips and again into the chest so although most of it’s in the abdomen we can at least hypothesize that a good majority is going to leak out into other areas of the upper body so if we eat foods that don’t heighten the sensitivity to the estrogen by already mimicking estrogen for example soy is very much like estrogen beer contains a lot of estrogen it properties that are gonna signal this kind of almost feedback system where the body thinks there’s estrogen so it heightened sensitivity to it so we just have to be careful there now some of the ways that you can combat that is just eating foods that help optimize your hormones in general and just in case you are curious I do have a thrive market link down below in the description thrive markets made it so that I can create kind of a grocery box so thrive market in case you don’t know is an online grocery store so it makes it so you can go online get your groceries and have them delivered right to your doorstep so it’s super cool convenient thing but I’ve worked with them a lot so I’ve created different boxes like I created a keto box a fasting box and created a thyroid box a hormone optimization box so you can check those out down in the description and actually get foods that I would recommend for balancing out your hormones or balancing out your thyroid and stuff like that so all you have to do after this video is just check out the link that’s down in the description to check out thrive market okay the next thing I want to talk about is a simple lifestyle tip that you can implement Close Grip push-ups are awesome that you recruit the triceps tremendously and they recruit a lot of the core that really is going to boost your metabolism quite a bit so although this is kind of generic if you do Close Grip push-ups just like five to twenty reps every hour just find a place to do them it makes a big difference because the heart rate has to get up quite a bit just to move blood to the upper body but it also gets the lymphatic system moving so all that fat can get mobilized a little bit more and therefore you can potentially oxidize it and go through lipolysis a bit easier and burn that fat so it’s simple you know five to 20 Close Grip push ups like Diamond push-ups every hour or so just keep it moving in the upper body people tell you to stand up and walk around but no one’s telling you to drop and give them five or ten get the upper body moving next up is going to be the thyroid if we can take care of the thyroid we can reduce fat throughout the entirety of the body so on the opposite end of the spectrum from estrogen where as estrogen tends to allow you to build fat kind of in the core area and the hips and thighs thyroid issues tend to have you build fat deposits throughout the rest of the body because thyroid affects every single cell in your body essentially so you can have a lot more sensitivity to building fat down in your lower extremities or your even your upper extremities at the distal end of versus the core end so if you have a thyroid issue it’s a lot easier to kind of build fat down here in the lower part of your arm so whereas an estrogen issue might build fat up in the upper arm well we’re looking a little bit more in that lower portion of the upper arm kind of down by the elbow which you definitely if you don’t have it you’ve probably seen people that do have that okay it’s a pretty obvious thing and that’s usually more of a thyroid thing so how do we control the thyroid well getting iodine in okay so good sources of seaweed good sources of kelp good sources of selenium okay selenium is required for the activation for that proper conversion of t4 to t3 we need that to ultimately need that iodide to create the t1 to t2 the t3 and t4 all those hormones that ultimately allow us to rev up our thyroid function the thyroid is responsible for getting our core body temperature up and if it’s not getting up then we’re storing fat all kinds of places this is very common in women like over age of 35 or so so take care of your thyroid and by the way in my thrive box there are some thyroid options as well and I do have a specific thyroid box okay the last tip I’m going to give you is train your lats why simply because the lats are a big muscle group and they tie into the tricep a lot of people miss out on that okay the upper part of your lat like when you do a lat pulldown ties into your tricep okay so that tricep and the lat come together and a point kind of behind your rear delt sort of thing like the back upper part of your arm so when we can fix this we can train the last a little bit more not only do we get more of a metabolic effect as we’re training a big muscle but we can effect some of that tie in with the tricep it’s a lot easier to get a good look to your tricep by training the upper part of your lat then just to directly train the triceps so don’t neglect the lat pull downs okay those are gonna be a big part for what you do but also try to get some pull ups in even if you have to UM band assist it like use a band and make it a little bit easier to do a pull-up it will make your life a little bit better and it is a little bit of a training tip to at least shortcut your way to slightly better sculpted arms hey as always make sure you’re keeping it locked in here in my channel and if you like this video and you want more of this style of content specifically for women and make sure you let me know down the comments section below see you soon [Music]

This Post Was All About Women! How to Lose Excess Arm Fat – 7 Simple Steps.
Women! How to Lose Excess Arm Fat - 7 Simple Steps

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1) IMTG Fasted Cardio

Study #1 – British Journal of Nutrition

Researchers had twelve physically active male participants to perform a bout of treadmill exercise at 10am, either after they had eaten breakfast or in a fasted state having not eaten since the evening before.

Following the exercise all participants were given a chocolate milkshake recovery drink. Later in the day, participants were provided with a pasta lunch which they were asked to consume until they felt ‘comfortably full’

Their lunchtime consumption of energy and fat was assessed and calculated, taking into account the amount of energy and fat burned during the morning period.

The researchers discovered that those who had exercised in the morning did not consume additional calories or experience increased appetite during the day to compensate for their earlier activity.

They also found that those who had exercised in a fasted state burned almost 20% more fat compared to those who had consumed breakfast before their workout

Study #2 – Journal of Applied Physiology

Study on Spot Lipolysis

Study from the American Journal of Physiology found that spot lipolysis is real – looked at exercise in 10 healthy, fasted males

Found that aerobic exercise increases whole body adipose tissue lipolysis, but that lipolysis was higher in subcutaneous adipose tissue (SCAT) adjacent to contracting muscles than in SCAT adjacent to resting muscles

Concluded that: you acutely burn more fat in fat regions near active muscles than in fat regions distant from active muscles

Could be explained because the local fat oxidation appears to be the result of the increased temperature and blood flow near the exercised tissue

This may increase the delivery of fat burning hormones like epinephrine and norepinephrine

Myokines released by the active muscle, like IL-6, may also increase fat oxidation rates in nearby fat tissue

Upper Body HIIT

Study – Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy

Looked at the cardiac autonomic responses during upper versus lower limb resistance exercise in healthy elderly men


Ten volunteers underwent the one-repetition maximum (1RM) test to determine the maximum load for the bench press and the leg press

Discontinuous RE was initiated at a load of 10% 1RM with subsequent increases of 10% until 30% 1RM, followed by increases of 5% 1RM until exhaustion


Parasympathetic indices decreased significantly in both exercises from 30% 1RM compared to rest and HR increased (69 to 90 bpm for upper and 66 to 89 bpm for lower)

Cardiac autonomic change occurred from 30% of 1RM regardless of RE limb – however, there was more pronounced sympathetic increase and vagal decrease for upper limb exercise than for lower limb exercise

3) Triceps make up 2/3 of the arm, more LBM (Dips are a solid way to train them)

4) Close Stance Push Ups 5-20 reps multiple times per day

By planting your hands close together beneath your chest, you are shifting greater emphasis to your triceps and deltoids

5) Estrogen Dominant

Estrogen dominance results in the aromatization of testosterone to estrogen – so instead of creating lean muscle mass and developing sexually mature reproductive organs, testosterone gives up the fight to convert to estrogen instead

Estradiol directly increases the number of antilipolytic α2A-adrenergic receptors in subcutaneous adipocytes

Visceral adipocytes exhibit a high α2A/β ratio, and these cells are stimulated by epinephrine and can increase LPL expression

From what I could find, estrogen deposition/storage is mainly around the stomach/hips/thighs, and doesn’t directly correlate with arm fat – but being estrogen dominant would increase fat storage overall, and, therefore, increase arm fat

6) Train the lats because they tie into the triceps

7) Thyroid Related – Intermittent Fasting

Because the thyroid hormones T3 and T4 control cellular metabolism throughout the body, when there is not enough of them for any reason, this metabolic function slows and becomes impaired


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