Will This Break or Not Break My Fast: DEEP DIVE

Will This Break or Not Break My Fast: DEEP DIVE

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so today we’re gonna do a deep dive on things that will potentially break your fast and things that may not break your fast so the topic of breaking your fast seems to come up over and over and over as far as a major confusion for a lot of people so I’m gonna take each little part of this in attempt to try to help you understand it in a very simple way well see if I could pull it off a true fast and we’re talking about a water fast involves not eating and only drinking water nothing else okay so if you were to consume vitamins or coffee or anything you are breaking the fast okay dry fast you’re not consuming any water you’re not eating anything okay that’s the dry fastest now what I want to get into is the degrees of breaking a fast because there’s a lot of things that will on a very minor way possibly break your fast but only in a temporary way maybe for only 20 minutes to a half-hour so I am gonna recommend consuming certain things during your fast because it’s a real minor point it’s nothing to put attention on and but I want you to understand the relative degrees of things that will break your fast versus those things that are very very tiny that will only break your fast a little bit and for a short period of time but we also have to differentiate between bumping you out of ketosis that seems to be a confusion as well ketosis is the state of producing ketones from fat now if you’re consuming MCT oil or exogenous ketones as a supplement okay you’re gonna be in ketosis regardless of what you eat in regardless of what’s happening with your own fat so let’s differentiate your body making ketones like your liver actually producing ketones from your own fat versus you taking ketones externally and your body’s not actually making your own ketones now the reason I’m bringing that up is this right here things that bump you out of fat-burning now if you’re taking eggs agendas ketones okay as a supplement or MCT oil or coconut oil or consuming butter you’ll be in ketosis but you’re not necessarily going to be bringing fat because your body is using the dietary fat or the dietary ketones instead of your own reserve okay so we have the degree of fat burning that you’re in and then we have the level of ketosis and then we have fasting now the main benefit of being in a fast are these four things right here ketosis etaf EG decreasing insulin and evaporating each one of these is a huge benefit just being ketosis will help you lose weight help your brain regenerate give you energy I mean think about it ketones are antioxidants it’s going to reduce oxidation in your body so it’s gonna actually counter a lot of disease processes also ketones will feed a damaged heart better than glucose ketones will feed a damaged brain better than glucose so there’s a lot of benefits of being in ketosis and also even taking ketones in general at otha G okay the benefits of tapa G from going on a fast are huge you get to recycle old damaged proteins you’re actually cleaning up microbes Candida viruses from the body this is very anti aging and you’re also recycling other nutrients as well and I’ll probably do a separate video just on this one topic but as soon as you start consuming carbs to any degree you’re gonna slow down a toughie G eating protein will also slow down a toughie G so it true fast is the ultimate way but if you’re taking supplements for example it’s going to be a very minor fact on this right here it’s going to inhibit the top of G only a tiny bit because there’s barely any calories so we have to look at the quantity of calories are those calories more carbohydrate are they protein are they’re fat I’m going to do a separate video just on that but the point is that etapa G is a huge benefit of what’s going on fast also the benefit of lowering insulin is huge – and helps to reverse a fatty liver and helps to improve your cholesterol and lipid profile it helps the brain in general it helps diabetes insulin resistance and the list goes on and on and on including also acne as well alright then we have the benefit of fat burning well weight loss is a great benefit of burning fat also your hunger goes down I forgot to mention that with all of these right here so basically you’re not hunger anymore so your cravings go away now when we’re talking about breaking a fast we really just need to know what will create the the most smallest effect on insulin the more insulin you have in your body the greater this is gonna knock you out of being in a fast and the less benefits you’re gonna have so the more refined the carbohydrate is the higher that food is on that glycemic index the worse the effect the worst food that you can consume is something called multi dextran which it’s surprising that is in a lot of so called keto friendly foods or snacks that they sell and then we have protein protein also has the effect of breaking it fast because it increases insulin not to agree that a carbohydrate will but to a large degree especially if you’re consuming a larger quantities of protein then calories in general despite what those calories are because the calories that you consume trigger something in your small intestine that triggers insulin to go up okay so we really have calories and protein in carbs now there are things that have a zero effect on insulin like fiber and fat but if you’re consuming large amounts of fiber or fat with calories it could influence insulin a small amount okay but if we compare this to this these are these are higher also realize when you consume fiber you can’t digest fiber so the microbes digest it and the effect of your microbes consuming fiber you can’t digest it your microbes digest it they consume it and then they release this thing called butyrate which is ketone like and indirectly it’ll help your blood sugars and reduce insulin so fiber is actually very very good to help with blood sugar problems in reducing insulin but of course if you consume a tremendous amount of fat it’s going to raise insulin a small amount just for the fact of these calories right here okay so hope you have that so far let’s go to the next page right here okay so I kind of created a list here of looking at insulin ketones and actual weight loss and I already covered the benefit so you know the benefit of this lowering insulin the benefit of this and fat burning and of course at Apogee but that one’s going to be for a separate video so let’s take a look at coffee coffee really is going to have a insignificant effect on insulin okay it’s a small amount of calories there’s hardly any carbs in there hardly any protein so it’s going to have a zero effect on ketones and a zero effect on weight loss or weak weight gain now if you consume a tremendous amount of coffee with all the caffeine it could increase cortisol potentially that could actually activate insulin so stress can make you fat because stress mobilizes your own protein which then will be converted into sugar which then could raise insulin too so I just want to bring that up and then we have tea tea pretty much has a zero effect on insulin it’s much less in caffeine zero effect on ketones zero effect on weight loss so even though the true definition of a water fast is just drinking water nothing else none of these I’m still going to recommend some of these because it’s going to create just this a very very small effect which is basically insignificant okay because we’re looking at the effect on insulin in fact on ketones and is it going to stop your weight loss okay gum well that really depends on what kind of gum you’re chewing okay if you’re doing a sugar-free gum it’s gonna have a very small effect on insulin ketones and weight loss unless it has something called aspartame or NutraSweet the problem with this is that it affects your microbes in a way that can lead to insulin resistance I’m gonna put a link down below for more data on this if you want to have a deep dive and exactly what it does but it studies show of course in mice not in humans but just as a side note from working with tens of thousands of people over the years I have noticed that those people who consume this chronically nearly always have a way problem so this chemical does affect our gut which can lead to insulin resistance which can increase insulin especially if it’s done chronically so this depends what type of gum if it’s sweetened with xylitol you’re just talking about a very very small amount even though Azana tall is a sugar alcohol and it’s not zero on the glycemic index it’s like thirty it’s such a small amount it’s really going to be an insignificant effect of insulin ketones and weight loss so I wouldn’t even worry about this right here of course if you’re chewing regular gum with sugar that is a problem because there’s a lot of sugar in gum vitamins near zero effect on insulin ketones and weight loss either up or down okay so vitamins are totally fine and I recommend them when you’re doing fasting because you may be deficient and you want to avoid any possible problem with having some deficiency and then fasting and then ending up feeling faint or dizzy or whatever because you didn’t have that reserve okay then we have the green powder okay you have the green powder with the fiber and you have green powder without the fiber as in wheatgrass juice powder both of those products really will create a significant effect on insulin ketones and weight loss I mean even one scoop of the wheatgrass juice powder is less than one carbohydrate so it’s such a small amount you don’t have to worry about it bone broth okay it really depends how much bone broth you’re consuming but bone broth has protein in it and that protein can increase insulin but it all depends on the quantity of course it’s not gonna be the same as eating a steak but there is still protein in there because remember carbohydrates protein and calories getting increased insulin which can then lower ketones now as far as weight loss it really depends on the quantity that you consume and how much insulin is being spiked now if we go to college and collagen has a bit more protein okay and of course this depends on how much you’re consuming it’s going to increase insulin so it’s not a good thing to consume when you’re fasting in fact both of these are not a good thing to consume when you’re fasting because they’re going to lower ketones why even consume them and depending on how much you consume it may or may not affect your weight loss then you have branched chain amino acids now the problem with this is there’s only three amino acids you don’t have all the essential amino acids so when you consume only three you cannot build proteins it’s impossible with three amino acids so this is going to be used primarily as fuel depending on what type of protein you have whether it’s egg meat dairy soy whey protein you’re gonna have between 16 to 49 percent of that protein actually turning into body tissue turning into muscle or other proteins that are in your body okay that’s at the very most and this is basically I think it’s 48 percent that’s an egg breast milk I think it’s 49 percent that has the highest amount of that protein turning into body tissues I’m not talking about absorption I’m talking about actually ending up in your muscles in repair or rebuilding certain proteins 60 percent to 48 percent because we’re not gonna talk about breast milk because chances are you’re not consuming breast milk unless you’re a baby watching my video okay so 16 to 40 percent of that okay turns into body tissue that means that 52 to 84 percent of that product is not turning in the body tissue where is it going it’s either going on as waste as urea nitrogen waste or it’s being used as fuel okay so it turns into glucose so a lot of the protein that people consume is not creating an anabolic effect which is a building effect it’s creating a catabolic fact it’s breaking down into a carbohydrate an anabolic effect would be the turning of protein into body tissue but there is a group of amino acid in a certain ratio that will absorb at 99 percent so only 1 percent of it is wasted okay so that means 99% of it is anabolic this is something that you could do during a fast especially around your workout because you’re not getting the insulin spike in fact a lot of it is not even ending up as calories because it’s being converted anabolic ly2 body tissue especially if you’re not taking a tremendous amount you’re just doing the right amount for your body to use to create a building anabolic effect alright so we already talked about aspartame right here sugar alcohols I’m gonna put a link of a video just on sugar alcohols because I cover this in depth but I just want to give you a summarized version with this right here so you have a wreath rotol which has a zero effect on the glycemic index so that’s not going to affect insulin for ketones or weightloss however some people have a lot of digestive issues with that and sometimes they will retain water so they may may gain weight on it but it’s water weight so you don’t want to do too much then you have xylitol which is 30 on the glycemic index so if you’re consuming a very small amount of it let’s say in your coffee it’ll have a very small effect on insulin and ketosis however it does have an effect so it really depends on your goals and how slow your metabolism is and what you’re trying to achieve then you have something called maltitol which is a type of sugar alcohol that is the absolute worst it’s like over 50 so you want to stay away from that one and then there are other things like corn fiber and inulin I have noticed that people have a lot of digestive issues with those so again it may not trigger insulin or affect ketones but it you can have some water retention with that now when we get to stevia or a monk fruit those will have a zero effect on insulin and ketosis in weight loss so you can do those without any problem at all fiber in general has a zero effect on insulin and ketosis and I’m talking about the fiber from vegetables and not talking about bran which actually has the it’s loaded with something called phytic acid which could block your zinc iron and other minerals and the other thing is if you’re taking just straight fiber as inulin or like in chicory root or something like corn fiber which could be GMO so you might gain weight on this but this is not actual fat its water retention so this usually happens after your you get this little keto dessert and you buy it from something and you consume it and then you feel bloated and you get really thirsty and you start drinking water and then your stomach gets more bloated well that’s really what’s happening so some people can get away with it some people can’t okay what about half and half and your coffee or cream well depends how much you consume I don’t have a problem with it okay especially if it’s grass-fed or organic I prefer cream to half and a half because half and a half has a little more carbs but if you’re only doing a small amount I would not worry about this because it’s going to create just the insignificant effect on insulin and ketones maybe it’s going to bump you out of ketosis possibly for 20 minutes okay but that’s not significant then we have actual butter or coconut oil which do have a zero effect on insulin okay and it can increase your ketones but you may not lose any weight because your body is using the dietary fat instead of your own fat as fuel I’ve talked about that in the last slide so just realize that you could overdo it with the fat so if you’re struggling and it’s not you’re not losing weight just cut back on the fat I think the the magic amount of grams that I would recommend if you’re struggling would be like something like 75 grams of fat per day and but you don’t want to go too low though so I think this would be a good number if you want to calculate that apple cider vinegar okay is going to create a zero effect on insulin ketones and weight loss however it can help insulin resistance it can improve your blood Sugar’s so it could actually help you eventually get into a deeper ketosis and help with weight loss but when you drink it it’s not giving you ketones right away and then we have lemon juice okay there are a small amount of carbs with lemon juice so it really depends on how much you consume if you’re doing two tablespoons I wouldn’t worry about it it’s insignificant now sometimes people do unsweetened cranberry juice that has a little more carbs so you might want to be careful with that because I have had people consume unsweetened cranberry juice and that stopped their weight loss now if you have a regular cranberry juice with the actual sugar that the add in there and other juices that would be really bad but I’m talking unsweetened even though it’s bitter there’s a quite a bit of carb in that product so I would probably avoid that but lemon juice is going to be fine now if you have a whole cup you might have seven grams of carb it’s very small it’s gonna bump you out maybe for an hour or two but it’s going to be insignificant but normally people are just doing a tablespoon or two which I would not worry about alright I covered a lot of information I hope you now understand this a little bit better and I hope you’re not even more confused but go ahead and review this and put some comments down below if you have any additional questions thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About Will This Break or Not Break My Fast: DEEP DIVE.
Will This Break or Not Break My Fast: DEEP DIVE

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In this video, we’re going to do a deep dive on things that will or will not break your fast. The topic of things that break a fast seems to come up a lot. I want to take some time to break down this topic and help you really understand it.

Types of fasting:

• Water fast — Involves not eating and only drinking water (no vitamins, coffee, etc.)

• Dry Fast — You’re not consuming any water or eating anything. 

What we’re going to cover in this video are the degrees of breaking a fast. There are a lot of things that break a fast in a very minor and temporary way. There are actually certain things that I’m going to recommend you have during your fast because it’s so minor. 

We’re also going to go over insulin and more things like being bumped out of ketosis vs. being bumped out of fat burning. I’m also going to go through a list of common things people wonder if they can or can’t have while fasting like tea and vitamins. 

Fasting benefits:

• Ketosis
• Autophagy
• Lowered insulin
• Fat burning 

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