Will Metformin (for Diabetes Type 2) Stop My Ketosis

Will Metformin (for Diabetes Type 2) Stop My Ketosis

Will Metformin (for Diabetes Type 2) Stop My Ketosis

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so I had a question from someone that was on metformin because they were a diabetic and they wanted to know is that gonna bump me out of ketosis is it gonna prevent me getting into ketosis well metformin is used for type 2 diabetes is also used for polycystic ovarian syndrome and it doesn’t increase insulin like other diabetic medications do it basically focuses on the insulin receptor okay so it targets insulin resistance it allows the insulin to be more efficient and to work better in the body okay so that sounds good it sounds like a great strategy doctors say it’s safe you know it’s all the medications it’s at least damaging then why do they put a black box warning on this medication okay I mean in order to put a black box warning there has to be some serious side effects there is small but fatal lactic acidosis risk okay so there’s a small risk that you may develop lactic acidosis and there’s a complication that you may die but it’s a small risk so they have to put this black box warning so what is lactic acidosis well it’s a condition where you become hypoxic you you decrease your oxygen absorption to the cells your pH becomes more acidic in the blood you get tired electrical problems with the heart like an electrolytes you can have heart arrhythmias abdominal pain and this side effect of death if you’re a diabetic and you’re taking metformin or you know someone that’s taking metformin this is what you need to know right here severe lactic acidosis can be reversed by thiamine that’s vitamin b1 within 24 hours I’ll put the data down below you can check it out it’s a very simple solution to a very major problem okay b1 you also need to know this metformin inhibits be warned transportation so basically it blocks b1 the more you take metformin the more you depleted with b1 the more you’re deficient the more you’re gonna have lactic acidosis it’s kind of crazy so you need to know that like if you’re taking that form and you want to take it you better be taking b1 the ideal scene is to just do healthy keto and then I’m gonna fasting to the point where you don’t need this anymore now the other interesting thing is this there’s certain contraindications for taking that form in the first place if you have kidney damage or liver damage or cardiovascular damage they don’t want you to take that form in because it will increase the risk of eating a lot again so dosis now if someone’s taking that form in there probably a diabetic right as a diabetic they probably have some kidney liver and heart problems don’t they so I guess you have to be pretty healthy to take neck Foreman nowadays to prevent this risk again it’s very very simple take vitamin b1 and you can actually greatly reduce the risk of lactic acidosis thanks for watching so if you’re enjoying this content go ahead and share it with someone that could really benefit from it

This Post Was All About Will Metformin (for Diabetes Type 2) Stop My Ketosis.
Will Metformin (for Diabetes Type 2) Stop My Ketosis

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about metformin and ketosis. Metformin is used for type 2 diabetes and PCOS. It doesn’t increase the insulin unlike other diabetic medications do and it is mainly focused on the insulin receptor. It allows the insulin to be more efficient and to work better in the body. But there is a black box warning which means this medication has serious side effects.

Metformin Side Effects: *Small but fatal lactic acidosis risk.

Lactic Acidosis Symptoms:
• Hypoxia
• Low pH – Blood
• Electrical Problems – Heart
• Abdominal Pain
• Death

Metformin inhibits B1 transformation. For people who are diabetic and is taking metformin, severe lactic acidosis can be reversed by vitamin B1 (Thiamine) in just 24 hours.

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