Why You Should NOT Drink Alkaline Water

Why You Should NOT Drink Alkaline Water

Why You Should NOT Drink Alkaline Water

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hey guys I recently had a question about alkaline water what did I think about it so I wanted to do a quick video on that okay now normally when you buy certain types of bottled water or artesian water or well water or spring water it comes alkalyn okay but the reason why it’s alkaline is because of the alkaline minerals magnesium calcium and potassium and other minerals as well that’s what makes it alkalyn okay and also by carbonates which is alkaline so that’s a good thing but when you actually have a machine that makes your water alkaline it’s not by adding minerals it’s by splitting apart the water molecules with electricity to artificially make the water alkaline now in 29 years of practice I have had quite a few people come in that have used the alkaline water okay and I have a machine that measures the pH in the urine and I would notice that a high percentage of these people would come in with a pH of 9 in the urine now normally in the urine it should be 5 or 6 but never this high 9 9 is really alkaline okay now the problem with having your urine being that high in a pH that alkaline is that you don’t have any protection against the microbes so microbes can grow in the body a lot more it’s one of the purposes of having acidic urine so we can kill off the microbes so I do know that alkaline water does alter chemistry in not a good way there’s three fluids in the body that normally should be acid the stomach which should be extremely acid the large bowel and the urine okay and those fluids need to be acid for a reason even the stomach should be acid for a reason to help you break down protein to help you absorb minerals and also to kill microbes so when you consume alkaline water which is unnatural to the body it can neutralize the different acidic fluids in the body and that can create problems with digestion large bowel which is digestion and even your urine as well so your my Propst can actually increase also it’s going to affect the absorption of electrolytes and your heart is the key organ that needs these key electrolytes in the right balance so if you’re going to neutralize the ph and throw up the electrolytes it could create a problem with the heart so that’s a long answer to I would not recommend alkaline water make sure you if you want out the water and get it naturally alkaline not artificially thanks for watching hey you know what I just want to say something only thirty percent of the people that watching this video actually make it this far and you did so I really appreciate you thank you so much

This Post Was All About Why You Should NOT Drink Alkaline Water.
Why You Should NOT Drink Alkaline Water

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SUGGESTION: Drink filtered water, spring water from bottles BPA-free. I am recommending not using an actual machine, which artificially makes alkaline water.


Dr. Berg talks about alkaline water. The problem is, in nature water does come in an alkaline state because of the minerals. When you artificially make water alkaline, you split apart the water molecules with electricity to make it alkaline but without the minerals. Its the minerals that add the “x” factor in water, not just H2O. There are problems long term that can occur with drinking artificially make alkaline water – the neutralization of body acids (stomach, large intestines and urine). I have found that some people who drink alkaline water end up with a urine of a pH of 9, completely off the scale when it should be 5-6. This breads microbes. Making your entire body alkaline can create problems with electrolytes (affecting the heart), the muscles, and slow digestion, because you need a strong acid stomach.

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