Why You Never Should Eat Raw Chicken

Why You Never Should Eat Raw Chicken

Why You Never Should Eat Raw Chicken

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so this video I want to talk about why
you should never consume raw chicken meat now you may have eaten sushi which
is raw fish or raw beef but not chicken why because there’s a certain bacteria
in chicken and turkey that could potentially give you food poisoning and
then it’s called Campylobacter bacteria but 75% of all the chickens tested at
the grocery store tested positive for this bacterium this is the bacteria that
loves to live inside of birds their stomachs I’m talking chickens turkeys
into some other birds as well and if you consume enough of this bacteria you
potentially could have severe diarrhea flu symptoms fever severe abdominal pain
cramping and even worse there’s a condition called guillain-barre a
syndrome it’s an autoimmune disease of the nervous system the myelin sheath
around the nerves and this disease 30% of the time is caused by this bacteria
antibiotics usually do not work they don’t kill this thing off so you’re
pretty much just managing your symptoms you don’t want to wash that chicken you
want to stick it in the oven because you could potentially get
cross-contamination you start using the hands and you’re cutting and you’re
touching different things and the cutting board now you can do that but
you just have to make sure you clean everything thoroughly with soap and
water because all it takes is for you to touch your mouth it gets in there and
now we have a problem you make sure that it’s cooked at a
hundred and sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit now that bacteria will be
destroyed at certain temperatures 48 degrees Celsius which is a hundred and
eighteen point four degrees Fahrenheit or you can kill it off by freezing it so
you go to store bonnet chicken come home stick your chicken in the freezer that
will kill it most the time though if your stomach has enough hydrochloric
acid and you consume a moderate amount of bacteria that acid hypothetically
should kill off that bacterium but the question is how many people have
stomach acids many people especially as they get older lose the stomach acids to
a certain degree so they can’t kill up those microbes if you’re on an acid we
know you’re not gonna have enough HCl and your risk for getting this infection
goes a lot higher now I know some of you probably are never gonna check in there
after watching this video I just want you to realize that these figures are
more for commercial chickens they don’t apply to chicken that you would get at
the farmers market thanks for watching and I did put another video on chicken
that I think you’ll find very interesting I put it right here check it

This Post Was All About Why You Never Should Eat Raw Chicken.
Why You Never Should Eat Raw Chicken

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Never ever eat raw chicken! This is why.

0:00 Why you should never consume raw chicken
0:10 Campylobacter bacteria infection (food poisoning) from raw chicken
1:13 How to avoid food poisoning from chicken

In this video, I want to talk about why you should never consume raw chicken. Many people consume raw fish (sushi) or raw beef, but not chicken. Why is that?

Chicken and turkey contain certain bacteria that could give you food poisoning. This bacteria is called campylobacter bacteria.

75% of all grocery store chick tested positive for this bacteria. This is a bacteria that commonly known to live in the gut of chickens, turkeys, and other birds.

If you consume enough of this bacteria, you can potentially experience:
• Severe diarrhea
• Flu symptoms
• Fever
• Abdominal pain
• Cramping
• Guillain Barre syndrome

Antibiotics usually do not work—you can only manage the symptoms and let your immune system fight the infections.

You don’t need to wash the chicken. If you do wash the chicken, make sure you clean your hands thoroughly, along with anything you touched with contaminated hands and anything the chicken came in contact with. Cross-contamination can lead to food poisoning.

Make sure you cook the chicken thoroughly. You want the center to be at least 165ºF.
Certain temperates can destroy campylobacter bacteria. 48º c or 118.4º F will kill the bacteria. Freezing chicken can also kill the bacteria.

If your stomach has enough hydrochloric acid (HCL), it should be able to kill off small amounts of campylobacter bacteria. The problem is, many people do not have good stomach acids—especially as you get older. Antacids can also lower HCL levels, which can increase your risk of infection.

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