Why You Can Not Kill a Virus

Why You Can Not Kill a Virus

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so here’s the question we want to answer today why can’t we kill a virus okay well it’s because viruses are not alive in the first place they’re a piece of genetic material very mysterious wrapped in a sack and they invade our body they go into our cells and they latch on to the machinery of our cells usually the DNA and they start to use our own body’s energy to replicate so you really can’t kill a virus because it doesn’t really have a life force but you can definitely acquire a virus get sick and then once your body deals with that virus it doesn’t necessarily kill it again because it’s no live it goes into remission it goes in a dormant stage and that’s called a latent virus and that’s what I want to talk about so many of you watching probably had a virus infection in the past that virus is still in your body it might come out as herpes like in a canker sore in your mouth or a cold sore in your mouth type one herpes is in the mouth of the tongue type twos and the genitals and it really tends to hang out and the nerves so here you have this infection your immune system deals with it it goes into remission and it’s a cyst there and it waits and it waits and it waits until you’re rundown you’re stressed out and you’re tired and you’re sick and you’re nutritionally deficient and then it comes out and gets reactivated you have epstein-barr virus a lot of people have that as a teenager that can be reactivated later in life from stress and you may not necessarily even pull on the full infection it could just make you chronically fatigued because you’re going through a stress event what not chemotherapy can activate epstein-barr virus radiation can activate epstein-barr virus then you have human papilloma virus 90% of the population has this virus in their body and that can be reactivated through stress and when I talk about stress it could be mental stress it can be a loss it could be physical stress then you have another virus called the cytomegalovirus which can be reactivated if it’s in a dormant stage from inflammation this is why if you have colitis or inflammation of your colon that can reactivate this virus now the problem with this virus it can lead to cervical cancer chicken pox virus can be reactivated and as herpes zoster or shingles so you can see a lot of viruses just sitting there as a potential problem but you’re gonna be fine as long as you don’t ever experience stress anymore or nutritional deficiencies then you’re gonna be good to go I just want to talk about three really important nutrients that help suppress viruses these are the three nutrients that are probably the most antiviral of any of the nutrients out there and vitamin D is the top of the list now the microbes in TB which is a bacteria and this is a virus epstein-barr virus and the HIV virus what they do they have a strategy they decrease the receptor for your vitamin D called the vitamin D receptor in other words if this is the receptor right here for vitamin D they will somehow block this so you don’t get vitamin D so you’re gonna be vitamin D deficient and then these things will survive this is kind of a survival mechanism by these pathogens right here so if you have these infections okay it’s very important to have enough vitamin D and I’ve done tons of videos on this I put some links down below it’s very difficult to get vitamin D from the diet and it’s very difficult to get vitamin D from the Sun if it’s the wintertime so it’s important to make sure you get enough also vitamin D decreases the risk of cervical cancer okay I talked about that right here and the reason for that is that vitamin D helps suppress the virus that can trigger the cancer you go back here vitamin D can also decrease the risk of influenza the flu virus okay and also respiratory infections it can help protect you in almost bulletproof yourself against respiratory infections zinc is the next most important mineral to talk about in relationship to viruses because it can decrease the frequency of that virus getting reactivated the duration of the time that it is in activation and it can also decrease the severity of the symptoms especially with herpes and shingles which is along the nerve roots and if you have shingles it’s very important to also take a sink oxide topically you can put it right of lesions and really decrease the pain and the third one is selenium very very important if you’re deficient you you get a lot more viral reactivation than if you had enough alright thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About Why You Can Not Kill a Virus.
Why You Can Not Kill a Virus

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Today I want to answer the question, “why can’t we kill a virus?”

Are viruses alive?
No. You can’t kill a virus because viruses are not alive. 

What is a virus?
A virus is a piece of genetic material wrapped in a sack that invades the body. They go into the cells and latch onto the machinery of the cells (usually the DNA), and they use our own body’s energy to replicate. 

You can’t kill a virus, but you can put a virus in remission. When a virus is in remission it’s in a dormant state which is called a latent virus. 

For example, if you’ve had a viral infection in the past, the virus is still in your body. It will stay dormant until you’re stressed, sick, tired, and nutritionally deficient, and then it comes out and is reactivated. But, this time, it may show up as something like type 1 herpes, EBV, HPV, CMV, or shingles. 

3 important nutrients that help suppress viruses:

• Vitamin D (Decreases the risk of cervical cancer, influenza virus, and respiratory infections)

• Zinc (Decreases the frequency, duration, and severity of viruses especially with herpes and shingles)

• Selenium (If you’re deficient in selenium you get a lot more viral reactivation)

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