Why  Would Triglycerides Elevate on Keto?

Why Would Triglycerides Elevate on Keto?

Why Would Triglycerides Elevate on Keto?

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so this is a question that came up recently whyxa0 are my triglycerides high when i’m doing keto now normally they should be low so if they’re highxa0 there’s several reasons for this now a couple things you need to know your fat is a storagexa0 place for triglycerides and when you do keto guess what happens they’re mobilized they comexa0 out of the fat cell they’re they’re there to be used as energy and by the way you also havexa0 cholesterol stored in the fat cell as well and that has to come out too so before i kind of getxa0 into the nitty gritty of this video there’s some real basic things you need to know unfortunatelyxa0 certain doctors are no longer recommending fasting before you get your cholesterolxa0 tested or your triglyceride levels tested so if you just consume a bunch of fat and you go getxa0 a test i mean you may have high triglycerides just from that so i would recommend fasting 12xa0 to 14 hours before you get a test very very important and i’m talking about when you fastxa0 not eating anything except just drinking water that includes not drinking coffee becausexa0 sometimes when you drink too much coffee it can stimulate the release of triglycerides andxa0 create higher triglycerides temporarily especially if you’re drinking bulletproof coffee as well withxa0 the mct oil so these are just things that you need to look at now the other thing i want to point outxa0 is that if you consume alcohol two days before the test or you went off keto and you consumed a lotxa0 of carbs two days before the test that can also show up as higher triglycerides so i just want toxa0 bring that up now a hypothyroid condition could also cause you to have high triglyceridesxa0 because it’s slowing down your metabolism having a problem with your gallbladder could alsoxa0 give you high triglycerides there’s a condition called xanthomas which are those little fattyxa0 accumulations in the top part of your eyelids that comes from a liver issue because thexa0 bile is not being produced to break down these fats now the bile receptor calledxa0 the fxr receptor has everything to do with controlling triglycerides in your body andxa0 i’m talking about the production of triglycerides the control of excess triglycerides as well as thexa0 burning of triglycerides for energy so if there is a bile deficiency either because there’s a problemxa0 with the liver in the production of bile or some blockage in the gallbladder or youxa0 don’t have sufficient microbes to make bile because your microbes do make bio it’s anotherxa0 reason why you might have high triglycerides now transitional keto when you first startxa0 keto your triglycerides usually are going to go up for a very short period of time and thenxa0 they’re going to come down so that could be your situation another reason is that you may havexa0 hidden carbohydrates so there’s some carbohydrates that you’re consuming that you’re not aware ofxa0 that can actually spike the triglycerides and also fats in general so if you’re doing a lot of liquidxa0 fats like the bulletproof coffee where you’re adding butter or mct oil and you’re wondering whyxa0 your triglyceride’s a little bit higher especially if you’re not very active because it’s all aboutxa0 fuel and using that fuel that could be another reason so i’m just kind of giving you a lot ofxa0 different reasons you can look at i wouldn’t be concerned i would just isolate what your problemxa0 is and address it before you go if you have a question about a product or you’re new to ketoxa0 and you want to know how to begin keto or you’re on keto and you need a debug because it’s notxa0 going as smooth i have a keto consultant standing by to help you this is just for the people inxa0 the us hopefully in the future we’ll be able to answer everyone’s call but i put the numberxa0 down below so you can call and get some help

This Post Was All About Why Would Triglycerides Elevate on Keto?.
Why  Would Triglycerides Elevate on Keto?

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. . Are your triglycerides high, but you’re already on the keto diet? Here’s what could be behind this situation. 


0:00 Triglycerides on keto
0:10 What you need to know about triglycerides 
1:53 Causes of high triglycerides 

Why would your triglycerides be high while doing keto? Normally, your triglycerides should be low, but if they’re high, there could be several reasons why. 

Your fat is a storage place for triglycerides. When you do keto, the triglycerides are mobilized, and they come out of the fat cell. They’re there to be used as energy. 

I believe fasting 12-14 hours before you get your triglycerides tested is very important. This way, the test isn’t affected by what you just ate or drank that may have temporarily caused your triglycerides to be higher. Consuming alcohol or carbs two days before the test can also cause your triglycerides to be temporarily high. 

A few potential causes of high triglycerides: 
• A hypothyroid condition 
• A problem with the gallbladder 
• The transitional phase of keto 
• Hidden carbohydrates 
• Hidden fats 

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