Why Red Spots on My Skin?

Why Red Spots on My Skin?

Why Red Spots on My Skin?

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so we’re going to talk about red spots on the skin i had someone ask the question and there’s basically about three or four different underlying causes to this and it can be any type of shape or size but usually it’s this red little area in the skin and there’s various medical terms for it which i don’t want to get into i just want to talk about what it could be as an underlying root cause now when you’re deficient in vitamin k1 you’re not going to be able to clot that well so you’re going to get bruising and and whether it’s red or purple you’re going to have these little bruises on your body and that could be the reason you can also be deficient in vitamin c because vitamin c controls capillary strength so if you have a deficiency of vitamin c you’re going to get the red spots are going to look a little bit different they might look like spider veins or little pockets of this red or purple color because you need vitamin c to strengthen the capillaries which are the vascular system just underneath the skin so it could be either vitamin k1 or vitamin c but in nature vitamin k1 and vitamin c usually come together as a complex so if you’re consuming vegetables you’re going to get a mixture of both of them also your gut makes k1 so if you have a history of antibiotics then it could be the reason why you’re deficient your body just is not making it so we have vitamin k1 as a possibility vitamin k1 deficiency vitamin c deficiency but you could also have low amounts of calcium low calcium will also cause the red spots on the skin it’s very rare to have this happen but it could happen so low calcium could be one cause another cause would be a viral infection okay now there’s other causes as well like if you have diabetes or some type of chronic metabolic problem you’re going to see red spots on the lower extremity right behind your lower legs like almost like a large blisters or bruising purple or red that’s just poor circulation but typically most people have these red spots because they’re either not consuming enough of these right here to get these nutrients or they have some type of malabsorption they’re not able to absorb it because their gut has inflammation or it’s damaged from antibiotics or they had gastric bypass or they have a fatty liver which will inhibit the function of vitamin k1 because a lot of the fat soluble vitamins are stored in the liver so if you have gallbladder problems lack a bile you had your gallbladder out you’re not going to have the bile to absorb this fat soluble vitamin and that could be the reason why you have these red spots a gastric bypass could also create a deficiency of both of these because it alters the stomach and the gut now in some circumstances if you add some bile salts to the diet you can find that you get a lot more absorption of all the fat soluble vitamins including k1 so it can help your clotting factors now the foods that are high in k1 kale would be at the top of the list spinach collard greens just dark leafy greens in general and by the way all of these are loaded with vitamin c sauerkraut has the most vitamin c like 700 milligrams per cup bell peppers are loaded with vitamin c other peppers have a lot of vitamin c berries have vitamin c lemons have vitamin c unless it’s pasteurized in a container if you get raw lemons and you take the lemon juice then you have vitamin c if you get it in a glass jar it’s pasteurized and you have very low levels of vitamin c all right so that’s my summary on red spots on your skin before you go if you have a question about a product or you’re new to keto and you want to know how to begin keto or you’re on keto and you need a debug because it’s not going as smooth i have a keto consultant standing by to help you this is just for the people in the us hopefully in the future we’ll be able to answer everyone’s call but i put the number down below so you can call and get some help

This Post Was All About Why Red Spots on My Skin?.
Why Red Spots on My Skin?

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Have red spots? These could be the reasons!

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In this video, we’re going to talk about why you may have red spots on your skin.

Low levels of vitamin K1 can cause poor blood clotting. In turn, you may have red, pink, or purple spots. If you have low vitamin C, then you may have impaired capillary strength, which can cause red or purple spots.

In nature, vitamin K1 and vitamin C tend to come from the same sources. You want to consume plenty of vegetables to get both of these powerful nutrients.

Your gut makes vitamin K1. So if you have poor gut health, this could be a reason why your K1 levels are low.

Though it’s very rare, low calcium can cause red spots on your skin. Another cause of red spots is a viral infection.

There are two primary underlying causes of having red spots on your skin:

1. Diet – You need to consume healthy nutrients to get all of your vitamins. It is especially important that you have 7-10 cups of vegetables per day.

2. Malabsorption – If you can’t absorb your nutrients, you can develop deficiencies even if you consume the right foods. Probiotics and bile salts may help improve digestion and absorption.

The best sources of vitamin K1 are:
• Kale
• Spinach
• Collard greens
• Dark leafy greens

The best sources of vitamin C are:
• Sauerkraut
• Bell pepper
• Berries
• Lemon

See if these tips help improve red spots on your skin.

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