Why Pregnant Women Develop Insulin Resistance

Why Pregnant Women Develop Insulin Resistance

Why Pregnant Women Develop Insulin Resistance

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so today I want to talk about why it’s considered normal for women to have insulin resistance when they’re pregnant especially in the third trimester it’s a real common problem and people consider it normal well here’s what you need to know the reason this is occurring is because there’s an adaptation process happening to give the fetus the lion’s share of fuel and nutrients so if that mother has a subclinical problem with insulin resistance or a vitamin deficiency everything will be magnified when she’s pregnant and this is another reason why some women get gestational diabetes during the pregnancy and as soon as they deliver the baby start breastfeeding that goes away but the problem is that if a woman has gestational diabetes the risk to the child for getting diabetes goes up by 3 times so what a mother consumes during the pregnancy and before the pregnancy is crucial to determine and predict what kind of health problems that child is going to have so a lot of times I’ll get this question is it okay to do keto and intermittent fasting during pregnancy ok or while you’re breastfeeding well keto is a must okay but not in a minute fasting I wouldn’t worry about intimate fasting I would focus on keto why because it targets and improves insulin resistance it’s a precursor to diabetes and getting on keto can prevent insulin resistance through the entire pregnancy including the third trimester a couple things you need to know trace minerals especially chromium are vital to take during a pregnancy especially like zinc and iodine as well the chromium really helps the blood Sugar’s okay but these trace minerals are crucial in the development of human body so if you’re deficient in any of these trace minerals it can have huge consequences not just in growing but even that human beings intelligence could be affected by a deficiency in iodine for exam B vitamins are also crucial to prevent a lot of problems the B vitamins and other vitamins act as cofactors in the chemistry and in the formation of proteins also when you breastfeed if you take nutritional yeast or even brewers yeast you can fortify that milk also you need minerals potassium magnesium I recommend getting those from a lot of vegetables and that way you can also get the vitamin C that you need also vitamin D is very difficult to get from the diet and so you really want to make sure that you substitute vitamin D and this also includes when you’re breastfeeding as well and lastly make sure you do organic foods you don’t want to be exposed to pesticides insecticides herbicides glyphosate because these chemicals can greatly affect the formation of healthy tissues so if you are pregnant or you know someone who’s pregnant get them on a healthy version of keto immediately thanks for watching hey before you go would you mind putting a comment down below to tell me what you think about this video

This Post Was All About Why Pregnant Women Develop Insulin Resistance.
Why Pregnant Women Develop Insulin Resistance

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about why it is considered normal for pregnant women to have insulin resistance, especially in the 3rd trimester. The reason this is occurring is that there is an adaptation directing fuel and nutrients to the fetus. It is also the reason why some women get gestational diabetes during their pregnancy and go away when they delivered the baby. But the problem is if the women have gestational diabetes the risk to the child for getting diabetes goes by 3x. What the mother consumes before and during the pregnancy is crucial to determine and predict what problems the child could have.

Is it okay to do a ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?
– Doing Ketogenic Diet is a MUST but not intermittent fasting. Ketogenic Diet improves insulin resistance and it is a precursor to diabetes.

Important nutrients to consume during pregnancy and breastfeeding
1. Chromium (trace minerals) – vital to take during pregnancy because it is crucial to the development of the human body. Including zinc and iodine.
2. B-Vitamins – it acts as cofactors in the chemistry and formation of proteins.
3. Minerals (vegetables) – Potassium and magnesium, vitamin C.
4. Vitamin D3
5. Organic Foods

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