Why Olive Oil is CRUCIAL for Me to Stay Lean Year Round (High Fat Superfood Series)

Why Olive Oil is CRUCIAL for Me to Stay Lean Year Round (High Fat Superfood Series)

Why Olive Oil is CRUCIAL for Me to Stay Lean Year Round (High Fat Superfood Series)

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it’s not all that fun to talk about fats but when you’re compiling high fat super foods it gets a little bit more interesting so this is another video in the compilation of seven high fat super foods so by the end of this whole series you’re gonna know the seven high fat super foods that you probably should be adding into your diet and I don’t care whether your keto fasting or whatever these are going to be powerful so whole reason that we’re doing this is to teach that different fats have a huge huge not only micronutrient properties but they have additional antioxidant properties and different genetic properties meaning they can have an effect in terms of gene transcription with really interesting things so we’ll talk about all of that but today we’re focusing on olive oil and the simplicity of olive oil is that it’s not just a healthy oil because of the antioxidants and it’s heart-healthy and all that kind of boring stuff no it actually has an effect when it comes down to specific gene transcription okay so really cool transcription factor stuff we’re going to talk about a little bit nerdy but it’s going to interest you hey I do want to make sure you hit that red subscribe button and then please do hit that Bell icon that way you turn on notifications and you select all notifications you never miss a beat whenever we’re doing a daily video and before I start all the nerdy stuff I want to give a huge shout out a huge thank you to natural heaven so these guys are hearts of palm pasta company super super cool stuff huge shout out to them they’re a big supporter big sponsor of this channel but you do want to check them out there’s a special link in a code down below for you to try them out it’s pasta that’s literally made only from hearts of palm so it’s low carb it’s definitely keto friendly definitely high in fiber in quite frankly a great pasta alternative so check them out after you watch this video and again thank you natural heaven okay so there’s two big things I want to focus on with extra-virgin olive oil one being something known as oay or coeliac acid okay oleic acid converts into oh yay we’ll talk about that in a second and then we’re going to talk about specific polyphenols because it’s a very unique fat they eat fat kind of has its own different plethora of benefits but olive oil takes the cake is probably the most healthy if you want to call it that now it is a monounsaturated fat okay which means it’s a relatively stable fat let me just give you kind of a comparison here polyunsaturated fats although they can be very very healthy in the case of like fish oil they are very unstable okay so if you were to leave fish oil out on the table at room temperature it would go rancid and it would smell bad right okay it’s because it’s unstable that means if you consume a lot of polyunsaturated fats and you run the risk of them being oxidized they’re going through what’s called the lipid peroxidation so although they can be good fats they are quite unstable so when you look at a monounsaturated fat it’s a much more stable fat which means it’s less likely to oxidize and less likely to cause potential damage that way so that’s the big thing yeah seventy percent monounsaturated fatty acids but what we want to focus on mainly with olive oil is the fact that it has something known as oleic acid in it now avocado oil also has a lahic acid you may see on the labels of some things like sunflower or high oleic sunflower oil of things like that not quite the same say oleic acid converts into something known as au e a allele in ethanol Emine now I’ll explain more about that but here’s what happens when you consume oleic acid or olive oil there’s a two-step enzymatic process the first set of enzymes comes in and it breaks down oleic acid into another set okay then another group of enzymes comes in and it breaks it down even further into this Oh a now when you look at the research you see that there’s a direct correlation with the amount of oleic acid that’s coming in the body and the amount of Oh a a in the blood well there’s not a transporter for this oh yeah it just turns out that it actually spills over when it’s giving enzymatically converted it spills over into the peripheral tissues kind of fascinating from a nerdy science way but it might not be that interesting to you but why is oh yay so cool well it’s because it binds to a transcription factor known as PPA our alpha now again nerdy stuff but let me put this into perspective for you when you do some intermittent fasting one of the things that elevates the most is PPA our alpha okay it is a transcription factor that allows a lot of lipid mobilization okay it’s heavily involved in lipid transportation so whenever we are fasting we want PBR alpha to be elevated and generally is well it turns out that oleic acid which you’ll find olive oil does bind to that transcription factor of PPA our alpha which ends up causing PPA our alpha to bind to its response element in the DNA what this needs is going to trigger the expression these jeans that are heavily involved in lipid transport so we’re looking at genes like uncoupling protein 2 we’re looking at genes like CD 36 okay uncoupling protein 2 makes it so that you essentially are generating more body heat it’s allowing the Browning of white fat to occur so at a genetic level we could be potentially changing our fat to become more thermogenic white fat just hangs out on your body doesn’t really do much other than insulate brown fat is metabolically active and actually generates heat so this PPAR alpha could indirectly stimulate uncoupling protein 2 which triggers our fat to create more heat that is really cool because that means it’s as incinerating calories effectively CD 36 which also gets expressed another genetic level is something that is involved in lipid transportation so CD 36 is a lip it’s a fat mover so if we elevate CD 36 or express CD 36 we move fat then of course there’s also the binding to what is called the TRP V receptor which has to do with Stacy ation so ultimately olive oil is extremely extremely satiating now what’s interesting is there was a study that was published in the journal progress in lipids that took a look at mice and with these mice they were what are called knockout mice these knockout mice didn’t have the enzyme that could convert oleic acid into oea turns out these mice suffered from inflammation they suffered from obesity and a whole range of metabolic issues so evidently this oay is actually quite critical if we don’t have the set of enzymes that would normally allow this oay to be created from oleic acid in the diet well we could fall victim to obesity right so it’s a really wild stuff now fYI this is obviously a big part of a Mediterranean keto lifestyle we do have a Mediterranean keto cookbook that is coming out this fall or winter so I just want everyone to keep it locked in and keep it tuned in because this is gonna be really cool the Mediterranean keto cookbook anyhow random plug there ok now let’s jump over to the polyphenol side of things fats are not created equal olive oil is unique because it has a bunch of different polyphenols that have different effects it has 36 of them we’re gonna focus on two oliel Kanthal and hydroxy tyrus all these are my two favorite now the reason that I focus on olio Kanthal is cuz I’m focused on inflammation right inflammation is a big part of my life when I went through my transformation when I went from 285 pounds to where I am now a lot of my focus was on well where can I remove or reduce inflamation right well anyway there’s a study that was published in the journal Nature and it demonstrated that olio can’t fall can inhibit what is called Co X enzymes cyclooxygenase enzyme activity again to put manners into just perspective so you can get a picture painted ibuprofen is supposed to block cyclooxygenase enzyme activity now I’m not saying that olive oil is a replacement for ibuprofen not at all but I am saying it works along the same mechanism so if you understand that ibuprofen modulates inflammation well then we see that polio can’t fall modulates inflammation of the in the same pathway not necessarily to the same degree but it gives you that picture there now let’s move over to hydroxy tai result okay so it’s one thing to have a fad coming in it’s another thing to have a fad that is fairly stable that isn’t gonna cause a lot of issues it’s another thing to have a fad that is not only stable but also comes with its own army of antioxidants to prevent it from becoming unstable okay so this is where hydroxy tyrus all comes in hydroxy tai result is 10 times more effective as an antioxidant than green tea is now hydroxy tyrus all of course is coupled with olive oil so you get the fat plus the antioxidants unlike with green tea you’re just getting the antioxidants right well this one’s particularly interesting to me because being 285 pounds for a while I have a lot of joint injuries so you can see when you look at the research there’s some evidence that showed the hydroxy Tyrel salt can stimulate chondrocyte regeneration chondrocytes are in the cartilage so we want to stimulate the regeneration of chondrocytes because that potentially shows that cartilage can be regenerated now I’m not saying that this has been the reason I’ve been able to become active after being sedentary but it could play a pretty big role now additionally when we look at brain inflammation we look at mood everything like that a lot of antioxidants can’t cross through the blood-brain barrier because we have that protective sheath in our brain right well again interesting enough hydroxy tyrus all has the ability to cross through the blood-brain barrier making it a pretty darn powerful antioxidant that could have some cool effects on the brain so this isn’t the saying you need to guzzle guzzle guzzle olive oil but add a little bit throughout the day and compounded with the other six high-fat superfoods that we’ll talk about in time you’re gonna have just your playbook for the healthiest fats that are out there so I appreciate you keeping it locked in here my channel I’ll see you in the next video 

This Post Was All About Why Olive Oil is CRUCIAL for Me to Stay Lean Year Round (High Fat Superfood Series).
Why Olive Oil is CRUCIAL for Me to Stay Lean Year Round (High Fat Superfood Series)

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MUFA, Oleic Acid, OEA

The MUFA, oleic acid, is the main fatty acid in olive oil. The name, “oleic acid” comes from the Latin, “oleum” meaning “oil.” Basically, I’m saying that EVOO is the original gangster (OG) of oils.

Oleoylethanolamine (OEA) synthesis: Dietary oleic acid is converted into OAE through the two-step “transacylation-phosphodiesterase pathway.” First, oleic acid is converted into N-oleoyl-phosphatidylethanolamine (NOPE) by the enzyme NAT, then NOPE is converted into OAE by the enzyme NAPE-PLD. The synthesis of OEA occurs in the small intestine, liver, and within most peripheral tissues. In fact, it’s been suggested that the reason plasma OEA correlates with oleic acid consumption is not because OEA is being produced in the intestines/liver and being transported, but rather than OEA can spill over into the bloodstream after being synthesized from oleic acid by peripheral tissues.

OEA signaling: OEA binds the transcription factor PPARα, which causes PPARα to form a heterodimer with RXR that binds to PPARα response elements on DNA and increases the expression of several genes, including those involved in lipid transport, β-oxidation, lipoprotein uptake, etc. Specifically, PPARα increases the expression of the fat transporter protein CD36 and uncoupling (fat-browning) protein UCP-2 to increase fat burning. OEA also binds the TRPV1 receptor the stimulation of which sends a satiety signal from the gut to the brain via the Vagus nerve. Interestingly, it appears that the cuddle hormone, oxytocin, is important in this mechanism. The Vagus nerve talks to the nucleus of the solitary tract in the hypothalamus, stimulating oxytocin release and inducing satiety.

OEA knockout rats: Rats lacking the enzyme, NAPE-LD, that makes OEA from oleic acid exhibit obesity, insulin resistance, increased cholesterol and triglycerides, increased inflammation, and an impaired fat browning in response to cold.
Progress in Lipid Research 2017, Review

(For more on OEA, see oleoylethanolamine document, or ask Nick to resend.)

Polyphenols (Oleocanthal & Hydroxytyrosol)
EVOO contains at least 36 different antioxidant polyphenols. It’s impossible to concisely characterize the benefits of all 36, so we will discuss just two examples: oleocanthal and hydroxytyrosol.

Inflammation. Oleocanthal inhibits the pro-inflammatory COX enzymes that contribute to a wide manner of inflammatory diseases Nature 2005



Hydorxytyrosol is another phenolic compound found at high levels in EVOO. It is among the strongest antioxidants found in nature, with 10-times the antioxidant power of green tea.

Refined olive oils and fake EVOOS contain only about 10% the hydroxytyrosol as found in true EVOO.

Hydroxytyrosol concentrations in olives vary by variety. Greek black olives contain 100-340 mg/kg, whereas Greek kalamata olives contain 250-750 mg/kg.

Heart. The European Food & Safety Authority has stated that hydroxytyrosol protects the cardiovascular system and prevents atherosclerosis.

Brain. Hydroxytyrosol protects against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease by crossing the blood-brain barrier and protecting the brain’s precious fats from oxidation.

Cancer. Consumption of 50 µM–100 µM hydroxytyrosol, from EVOO or olives, has been shown to inhibit the growth of leukemia, adenocarcinoma, colon cancer, and breast cancer cells.

Medicines 2018

Nicholas Norwitz – Oxford PhD Researcher and Harvard Med Student:

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