Why Keto and Intermittent Fasting Really Works

Why Keto and Intermittent Fasting Really Works

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hey I’m back in this video we’re going to talk about why ketosis and intermittent fasting really works now in a lot of other videos I talked about the benefits just by avoiding junk food hi lots of sugar reducing your insulin that alone is huge but there’s some other very important reasons why you get health benefits from Quito in if’ and I want to teach you what that is so I want to introduce you to a new word whore misis and this word is in the field of toxicology okay what this word describes is a cellular process that involves an adaptive response to a low dose stress that gives favorable biological effects okay what does that mean it basically means it’s a good stress like exercise for example you add a stress of the body and then you get a positive outcome and here’s the word you stress you meaning good positive stress that’s what this term is describing so you’re exposing someone to a low dose toxin or a stress and the body adapts and it becomes stronger so with ketones you’re basically shifting the fuel source which does create a little stress on the cells because it has to adapt and that takes a little bit of time and also within a minute fasting you’re actually doing a version of starving but intermittently okay it’s creating a little bit of stress to create all sorts of interesting effects which I’m going to get into right now okay so when you adapt to ketosis usually takes 3 to 5 days but it could take even longer if you have very severe insulin resistance there’s some really interesting things that happen number one you get this massive surge of antioxidant production and defense now antioxidants are things that help to counter free radicals a free radical is an atom with an unpaired electrons now normally you have two electrons to balance this atom as it’s spinning and if you actually have only one it’s to create an unstable effect and it’s gonna create more damage in the body and the theory is that if you take an antioxidant it lends an electron to this atom and it stabilizes it now when we’re talking about antioxidants we’re talking about vitamin A vitamin C vitamin E and these antioxidants come in networks okay so when one vitamin donates an electron it becomes unstable and it has to get electron from another antioxidant so that’s why they come in networks they actually share electrons back and forth so you get antioxidants from the environment and you also make any accidents so your body has the ability to generate antioxidants and one of the triggers for this is called beta hydroxy butyrate which basically is a ketone okay so ketones trigger this effect what happens when you’re generating all these antioxidants is you’re creating an enhanced resistance to oxidative stress now oxidation from all the glucose and the high levels of insulin basically corrode out your kidneys your eyes the inside of your arteries your nervous system your brain so generating ketones and doing an amine fasting basically resists chronic disease because most chronic disease stems from oxidative stress and a lot of the damage takes place in your cellular factories are called mitochondria which is the energy factor of the cell so doing quito and if’ enhance the mitochondrial function now ketones don’t just act as an alternative fuel source one function is they help the mitochondria generate energy and maintain energy during the nutrient deprivation fasting or starving and that function explains why your energy goes up when you do ketosis in them in the fasting you would think it would go down because you’re not supplying any glucose to the cell but you’re providing a different fuel source but it’s causing the mitochondria to become more efficient with its fuel and you’re actually more efficient with oxygen you’re also getting less waste products you have a lot less hydrogen peroxide waste when that with this system and lastly you have enhanced nutrient absorption and this is why the requirements for nutrients are much less when you do internment of fasting in ketosis you don’t need exactly to follow the RDAs you can get by with less nutrients especially because you’re eating less symptoms of adaptation so when you actually adapting to ketosis a lot of times people have beautifu tigue Kyoto rash whatever they have all these different symptoms okay so why is that well there’s certain nutrients that are needed for fat oxidation or fat burning because now you’re switching your entire metabolism to burning fat no longer glucose and you’re gonna need certain nutrients that you probably didn’t need when you’re burning glucose so the requirement does go up with certain nutrients but you also need more potassium and magnesium and one of the reasons is to counter the acid effect that is generated with ketones ketones generally are acidic so there’s an interesting study I’ll put a link down below of children with epilepsy and generating an acidosis effect and adding in alkaline mineral rich greens to counter that and there’s some really interesting positive effects that happen I’m gonna put a link down below you can check it out when you do ketosis you’re really just cutting your carbs down right and a lot of times people cut their vegetable carbs out I don’t think you should do that first of all it’s not going to affect insulin hardly at all secondly you’re going to get the benefit of these minerals in the large quantities of vegetables that I recommend and that’s definitely going to not only counter the pH issues to allow things to work a little bit better but you’re going to provide the fiber for the microbes so they can make more B vitamins and I have noticed when people start adding the vegetables they have hardly any symptoms of adaptation at all compared with other people that might have a lot of issues but it’s really just a matter of adding in the B vitamins and the minerals and sea salt to prevent any problems with that dictation so as you can see the benefits of going on keto and I F go far beyond just a reduction of sugar and reduction of thanks for watching so if you want to get notified with all my content click the notification bell next to subscribed

This Post Was All About Why Keto and Intermittent Fasting Really Works.
Why Keto and Intermittent Fasting Really Works

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about why ketosis and intermittent fasting works.
HORMESIS: Adaptive response to low dose stress (Favorable biological effects). EUSTRESS – Positive Stress.
This word means good stress like for example, exercise. It is where you are exposing the body into low dose toxin or stress and the body adapts and it becomes stronger. With ketones, you are shifting the fuel-source which creates a little stress in the cells and with intermittent fasting, it also creates a little bit of stress to create all sorts of effects.
1. A massive surge of antioxidants defense – antioxidants help counter free radicals (an atom with an unpaired electron).
The body has the ability to generate antioxidants. B-hydroxybutyrate triggers this effect.
2. Enhanced Resistance to Oxidative Stress – Resist chronic diseases
3. Enhanced Mitochondrial Function
4. Enhanced Nutrient Absorption
One of the functions of ketones is it helps the mitochondria generate and maintain energy during the nutrient deprivation (fasting or starving).

Symptoms of Adaptation
• A nutrient that helps fat oxidation (fat burning)
• Potassium/magnesium (to counter the acid effect that is generated by ketones)
• Fiber-microbes increase B vitamins

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