Why I Put Nutritional Yeast on my Food

Why I Put Nutritional Yeast on my Food

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I wasn’t always healthy if you’ve watched my channel you know I was close to 300 pounds before but I like to think that I’m pretty healthy now and a big part of my life is using nutritional yeast maybe you saw that video of mine where I was dumping a bunch of nutritional yeast on asparagus and then mixing it up and eating it and talking about how good it tastes but nutritionally used on asparagus well I don’t put nutritional yeast on asparagus like you did straight up from the carton sometimes and I’d put on all kinds of things the point is it’s a superfood it’s a superfood whether you’re keto whether you’re paleo whether you’re vegan whether you’re intermittent fasting it is a superfood so we’re gonna break down first of all quickly what it is but then my five favorite benefits of nutritional yeast and honestly there’s dozens but these are the five ones and the five reasons that I consume nutritional yeast pretty much every single day hey I wanna make sure you hit that red subscribe button and then hit that little bell icon so you never ever miss a video and then after this video I want you to check out thrive market thrive market is an online membership based grocery store and I’ve been able to put together my own types of boxes they’re my own types of grocery boxes so keto boxes fastening boxes hormone optimization boxes so that you don’t have to do a bunch of legwork you know what Tomas would recommend at thrive it’s pretty darn cool so their membership base so they have one month options three month options etc etc but anyway it’s cheaper than the grocery store and you won’t regret it so check them out after this video now let’s get to the science of nutritional yeast first of all nutritional yeast is simply made but it’s pretty unique okay it’s made from a single-cell organism but ultimately is grown on molasses which sounds weird so it’s harvested off of the molasses and then it’s dried so it literally is a yeast almost like a fungus but not really a fungus different category it’s a yeast that’s then dried and exposed to heat so it’s deactivated so it’s not really alive so vegans consume it so it’s not really an animal product although it is kind of alive because it’s the yeast anyway that’s kind of a gray area the point is because it has so much just bioavailability and because it was at one point sort of this living yeast in a way it has a lot of power so let’s talk about some of the things that it does the first one okay it is powerful for your thyroid when it comes down to selenium extremely high in selenium and selenium is hard to get unless you’re eating Brazil nuts or you’re eating a bunch of cane fish now I like to get my selenium from canned fish generally but I also get it from nutritional yeast so here’s the cool thing about selenium with the thyroid okay your thyroid produces something known as t4 right well we need this t4 hormone to turn into t3 well in order for it to turn into t3 it requires selenium in the liver so if we don’t have selenium we don’t actually elevate our metabolism with our thyroid so very very important stuff but selenium does one other thing with your metabolism that’s critical it neutralizes hydrogen peroxide now you think hydrogen peroxide you’re probably thinking is that brown bottle that you have hanging out under your bathroom sink and that’s true but we actually create hydrogen peroxide in our body and it inhibits thyroid from really being able to do its job it stopped thyroid in its tracks well guess what selenium stops the hydrogen peroxide from really ever growing it neutralizes it powerful powerful stuff that continously is greatly discredited it’s not talked about a lot people just kind of poopoo it anyhow let’s move on to the next one which is zinc let’s first talk about men and then talk about women with zinc zinc is imperative for testosterone function if you want to create testosterone in your body you need zinc essentially as a cofactor now study was published in the journal nutrition back in 1996 found that when they took older men and they supplemented the magazine they gave them zinc they found over the course of six months their testosterone levels their serum testosterone levels double 2x okay now in that same vein they took a look at men that had deficiencies in zinc they started decreasing their zinc intake well guess what they had a subsequent decrease in testosterone levels zinc is required for testosterone and for you ladies zinc is required when it comes down to releasing an egg so if you’re having an issue with maybe irregular periods you don’t know why it could be a zinc deficiency why because zinc is being shown to be responsible for releasing the egg to some degree so really really powerful stuff but now let’s talk about men and women with the metabolism and why I still take nutritional yeast in all the time okay it has to do with the hypothalamus and the receptors for your thyroid yep the thyroid once again okay because the hypothalamus has receptors for the thyroid so when the thyroid sends it signal out if we don’t have zinc the hypothalamus can’t receive that signal and can never trigger the thyroid to release thyroid hormone there we go we’re left with a slow metabolism now let’s talk about this next one this one is wild just total biohacker nerd stuff so if you’re here just for weight loss that’s great but I think you’re gonna find this thing really really interesting beta glucans beta glucans are specific polysaccharide but the cool thing is nutritional yeast is loaded with them so what is a beta glucan a blade of glucan is something that activates our entire immune system every immune cell now for those of you that are science nerds you might be thinking for a second well isn’t activating our immune system a terrible thing why would we want to do that why would we want to make ourselves sick or doesn’t that sound just like chronic inflammation and you’re right it kind of does but when we have an acute spark of all the immune cells to small degree in our body it gives us sort of a quick flash of being able to kill off pathogens and bad things so imagine your white blood cells for just a short amount of time saying wait a minute we’re just gonna surge it’s like a quick ability to just fight off things that are bad in the body beta glucans are powerful things and here’s some science to back it up so there’s study that was published in medicine and science and sports and exercise took a look at 23 fire fighters and they chose fire fighters because they’re exposed to so much in the way of toxins and smoke that they have a tendency to get upper respiratory infections a lot so they were a great case study in this case well they gave them beta glucans and some they gave a placebo well it turns out those that had the beta glucans ended up having 23% less in the way of symptoms when it came down to getting upper respiratory infections meaning they basically didn’t acquire you our eyes nearly as much as those that didn’t take in beta glucans because their immune system would get those flashes of activation so a quick shot of nutritional yeast on your asparagus or a spoonful of it might just be what you want to do now let’s get back to fat loss for a second chromium chromium is cool stuff why because it’s one of those other really just really freaking cool minerals that does interesting things in yourself here’s your cell your cell needs to receive glucose well if your cells don’t have something known as glute 4 then they can never receive the glucose so basically what happens is inside the cell you have gluten and it comes to the surface of the cell to receive glucose well if that glute 4 is just hanging out it’s like never coming to the surface glucose doesn’t enter the cell and your blood sugar goes nice and high and you become insulin resistant well guess what chromium which is very prevalent nutritional yeast activates glute 4 so it comes to the surface another reason makes it so that your blood sugar drops so you have lower levels of insulin so if your keto then heck yes you want to be taking in chromium and no better way to do it then in a whole food form I recommend chromium supplements all the time but if you can get it from a whole food all the better this next one is total nerd sauce here okay this one is nicotinamide rai beside now sounds complicated big fancy word once again but it’s really cool stuff here’s what happens with nicotinamide rai beside is a precursor to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide also known as the fancy acronym that you see in a D+ okay so that nad plus is the thing that we’re talking about and this nicotinamide rai beside is a precursor to that so taking a nutritional yeast creates more this nadh or nad plus but what is it exactly well it does this when we create energy we have what’s called the electron transport chain basically electrons get transported and passed along until they’re into the mitochondria and ultimately creating energy if we don’t have the electron transport chain we don’t create energy but electrons need to be carried by something and they’re carried by NAD+ so it’s kind of like this I want you to envision this you have a string of houses that need to get packages and every single house on the street needs to receive their package in an order for energy to ultimately be created so it’s like you want to throw a block party and every single person on the block needs to receive a package for the block party to actually happen well if one person on the street doesn’t get the package that has the cheesecake then it’s not a party you don’t have the cheesecake this point is everyone needs to get their package well NAD+ is the mailman okay so NAD+ is delivering those electrons delivering those important packages so that everyone gets what they need well if you don’t have the mailman or the mailman is sick he’s gonna deliver slow and he might miss the building and the energy just doesn’t create it their thing that’s what’s happening inside yourself so it’s more like enhancing it to make it more like Amazon Prime versus UPS parcels select or something like that point is very important for energy manufacturing inside the mitochondria so studies are starting to show the high levels of nad can also trigger what are called sirtuins the activation of sirtuins end up helping with anti-aging you want to feel younger you want to look younger start to insert one certain three these are all super super important so it has a big powerful effect on our DNA and then lastly when it comes down to this also stimulates what’s called mitochondrial biogenesis now here Thomas goes with all his fancy smancy stuff again what that means is it’s the replication of our mitochondria if energy is made in the mitochondria wouldn’t it make sense that we want fresh new and clean mitochondria all the time yes we do and that’s exactly what mitochondrial biogenesis is the replication that recycling the rebirthing the daughter cells being created of mitochondria so that we can create more energy well it turns out that nicotinamide rai beside has a direct correlation with ultimately helping with that so it’s all simple sure it looks like some just vegan product that people use and just it’s kind of this hippy dippy stuff but honestly take it from me put that stuff on your food and it tastes good and you get a plethora of different benefits and i think you’re gonna be pretty darn happy with overall just how you feel so as always keep it locked in here in my channel and if you want to grab some nutritional yeast the right market does have it down below see you soon

This Post Was All About Why I Put Nutritional Yeast on my Food.
Why I Put Nutritional Yeast on my Food

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Why I Put Nutritional Yeast on my Food – Thomas DeLauer

What is nutritional yeast?! The short answer to that is: a Super Food! There are SO many benefits of nutritional yeast that if I did a video on all of them, it would probably turn into a feature film.
So to be respectful of your time, I picked my 5 favorite benefits of nutritional yeast and shared my favorite ways to use it. Enjoy, and I’ll see you in the comments!

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