Why I Include Egg Yolks on My Ketogenic and Intermittent Fasting Plan

Why I Include Egg Yolks on My Ketogenic and Intermittent Fasting Plan

Why I Include Egg Yolks on My Ketogenic and Intermittent Fasting Plan

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hi guys I’m gonna talk about the amazing health benefits of egg yolks okay now if you ask the person on the street what about egg yolks they probably think it’s bad for you it’s gonna clog your arteries in fact when I’m in line buying my eggs at the grocery store I usually have seven dozen of course I’m checking out and they always look at me strange like what are you buying all these eggs is it Easter and I’ll just tell them I you know 18 kids but we go through a lot of eggs I have five people in my house so we go through a lot of eggs I did a seminar a while ago at Exxon gas in Mobile and and after do the summit I thought they liked it but they they said you can’t come back and do further seminars and I said why not they said well because you’re recommending 45 eggs a day I said what I said I recommend four to five eggs a day not 45 and they go oh okay you can come back so I did a series of seminars there and on health but egg yolks have amazing things and egg whites really lower amounts of nutrition essential fatty acids essential meaning must come from diet body can’t make okay so that will provide essential fatty acids you also get a one to one ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 if you consume eggs like this pasture-raised Organic okay these are the eggs that you need to get they’re a couple dollars more per dozen but that couple dollars is worth it okay because you’re doing in a minute fasting too so you’ll be able to save on that but if you buy commercial eggs that’s a ten to one ratio omega-6 to omega-3 so it’s just going to create inflammation and I bet you anything any study that shows any negative effects from eggs they’re using commercial eggs they’re not using you know eggs from chickens that were fed on grass and roaming in the farmland they’re not going to do that so omega-3 is really good for inflammation skin heart hormones okay egg yolks are loaded with vitamin k2 vitamin k2 make sure bones really strong they also remove calcium from the arteries and the joints so it kind of as a transporter for calcium keeps it out of the wrong place choline did you realize that egg yolks have 10 times more choline than broccoli choline is amazing for brain support for making sure you don’t get a fatty liver if you do have a fatty liver choline will strip the fat off and then people are worried about consuming eggs thinking that they’re gonna get bad or have a fabulous no it has choline choline counteracts that it’s great also for the nerves that connect to the digestive system people that are constipated actually and get improvement when they consume choline it’s also one of the rare foods that have all the fat soluble vitamins so we talked about k2 loaded with vitamin A okay D e k1 uh a for the eyes for the skin for the mucous membranes of the sinuses D for the bone and E for the heart k1 for the blood okay they’re important biotin great for the hair loss supporting proteins folic acid B vitamins especially b5 b6 which basically our helper vitamins that just put everything together allow you to metabolize better generate energy make proteins iron good source of iron if you have a vegetarian source of iron it’s not the same okay it’s not the same this is like a much better quality absorbable usable iron zinc a trace minore that a lot of people are deficient in zinc is one of those things that helps blood sugars it helps your immune system and it also is a trace mineral to help you build protein as well calcium and this thing called phospholipids now what is that phospholipids are healthy fats that help build the structure of your cells your cell has a double layer of that made those phospholipids and that cell membrane is the key to actually protecting this cell and allowing the transport of things going in and out of the cell there’s a lot of diseases that occur when the cell membrane becomes damaged phospholipids are also intimately involved with the mitochondria which is the energy factor of the cell and hormones when you consume egg yolks you increase glutathione this is a real powerful compound that protects the liver and other parts of the body also that increase good cholesterol HDL okay so you don’t have to worry about consuming high quality egg yolks I eat the whole egg I do four eggs every single day mainly for my lunch which I don’t have a breakfast so the egg yolk is I believe one of the most healthiest things you consume to provide the nutrients the protein and the healthy fats on a healthy ketogenic diet hey guys a lot of you already have my book some of you don’t but this new edition called the new body type guide is an upgrade from my last edition called the seven principles of fat burning it has a hundred fifty six images three hundred seventy eight pages full glossary I talk about keyed out in a minute fasting the body types in detail I have a new stressed chapter I’m going to show you exactly what to eat any comprehensive FAQ I put a link down below check it out

This Post Was All About Why I Include Egg Yolks on My Ketogenic and Intermittent Fasting Plan.
Why I Include Egg Yolks on My Ketogenic and Intermittent Fasting Plan

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Dr. Berg talks about the nutritional benefits of egg yolk. I highly recommend pasture-raised organic eggs. This is one of the best foods to use in your ketogenic and intermittent fasting plan.
1. Essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6)
2. Vitamin K2
3. Choline (Egg yolks have 10x more than broccoli). Helps a fatty liver.
4. Fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K)
5. Biotin
6. B-vitamins (B1, B5, B and folic acid)
7. Iron
8. Zinc
9. Calcium
10. Phospholipids (for cell membranes)
11. Increases glutathione
12. Increase HDL

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