Why Having a Weight Loss Goal is a Bad Idea

Why Having a Weight Loss Goal is a Bad Idea

Why Having a Weight Loss Goal is a Bad Idea

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hey I’m back and I wanted to do a video on a very important topic for those people that are struggling losing weight okay that are frustrated especially if you’re menopausal okay so your weight loss school is actually setting you up for failure let me explain now there’s several concepts that I’m going to cover so make notes if you want the first concept I want to talk about is the difference between muscle and fat okay if we take one pound of muscle and we compare it to one pound of fat with fat you have more volume than muscle ok so fat takes up more space in your body got it muscle takes up smaller space so that’s the first concept just remember that alright second concept overweight people have less muscle than fat all right concept number two now when you start a keto and in a minute fasting program and by the way if you don’t know what that means pause the video go down below and watch the videos that I have linked down there so you can understand what I’m talking about because this program won’t solve this issue that you’re running into this stubborn weight metabolism issue but here’s the point when you start keto in a minute fasting what’s gonna happen you’re gonna get in the fat burning okay so you’re gonna lose fat but you’re also going to increase muscle why because you’re gonna trigger certain hormones that will build the muscle okay so we got two things going on we have a loss of fat increased muscle and a loss of water weight that is because we’re switching our body to fat-burning and we’re no longer running our body on this stored glucose it’s called glycogen and glycogen is like a sponge it’s like a water-filled fluid-filled sponge so we’re not doing that anymore so you’re gonna lose a lot of water weight in fact when most people start any program they lose water weight for one to two weeks and when you see these claims that people will tell you like you can use five pounds in the first week or ten pounds in the first week that’s only for the first week in the second week but after that you’re not going to continue to do that so anyone that says that is telling you a lie because the most actual fat you can lose per week is two pounds and that’s a real healthy body okay all right so that’s another concept that you need to understand the next concept when you start this program and you’re losing fat and you’re gaining muscle you may or may not lose actual overall weight why not because you’re gaining muscle muscle has some weight okay so you might plateau for a week or so that doesn’t mean it’s not working so if you only wanted to focus on losing fat and not gaining muscle then you would end up thinner but flabby with loss of tone loss of muscle tone and weakness is that what you want no I don’t think so you want a strong body okay so when you start to do this program you’re gonna gain muscle so you may or may not lose actual pounds now you also may or may not lose inches most the time you will but there’s a point where you’re gonna plateau because you’re gaining muscle again so if your muscle is getting bigger you’re not going to continue to lose inches you’re just going to lose the fat does that make sense so what I’m basically saying is when you lose weight it’s not going to be consistent it’s not going to be one or two pounds a week one or two pounds a week one or two pounds a week simply because we’re not just talking about fat we’re talking about this muscle right here okay and that’s what you want you want to actually develop your muscles you want it to be strong you don’t want loss of muscle tone that’s called atrophy so many people have it especially if they’re going through menopause okay now the next concept the more muscle that you do develop the better the metabolism it is true that more muscles will help increase calorie burning so that’s a concept that it’s true because it’s more metabolic but here’s the confusion that people have if the muscle is burning more calories what type of calories is it burning is it burning actual fat calories or is it burning actual sugar calories and this is where people that are doing a higher carbohydrate diet are really frustrated because they’re just burning up their sugar calories they’re exercising at the gym developing more muscles and then burning more calories but they’re burning off their sugar calories but no actual fat so what we want to do is we want to switch this better metabolic machine that you’re developing more muscle to to mainly burn off fat calories okay what determines what you burn is the amount of carbohydrates in the diet that’s all explained in the keto program down below okay so if you cut your carbs down then your body will be forced to burn fat and it won’t burn sugar anymore okay so anyway the cool thing is that when you build more muscles you have a better metabolism okay now the last concept hormonal II the difference between men and women are really two different hormones women have way more estrogen than men and men have way more testosterone than women estrogen gives the fat layer around a female body that’s why women have a different composition than men okay and this is why your husband your boyfriend tends to lose weight faster because they’re not dealing with this estrogen problem right here now I know it’s frustrating but my only point is that the better you understand what you’re up against the less frustrated you will be but basically it’s really the estrogen that’s slowing things down okay so here’s what I would recommend weight loss school you can have weight loss school but don’t make that as your main goal have several goals have an inches loss goal a weight loss goal a health goal a muscle goal of making you stronger so over time you should be able to do more more and more with your body and having stronger muscles so those are the three goals that I would recommend in addition to just having more energy better sleep etc because my philosophy is not lose weight to get healthy it’s to get healthy to be able to lose to weight make sense alright thanks for watching hey guys a lot of you already have my book some of you don’t but this new edition called the new body type guide is an upgrade from my last edition called the seven principles of fat burning it has 156 images 378 pages full glossary I talked about keto in a minute fasting the body types in detail I have a new stressed chapter I’m going to show you exactly what to eat any comprehensive FAQ I put a link down below check it out

This Post Was All About Why Having a Weight Loss Goal is a Bad Idea.
Why Having a Weight Loss Goal is a Bad Idea

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Dr. Berg talks about why having a weight loss goal is not the best goal. When you are losing weight, realize it could be either water weight or fat loss. Stored sugar (glycogen) retains a lot of water – actual glycogen holds 4x more water. So when you stop running your body on fat and no longer running on glucose, you dump a quantity of water, but then you’ll stop losing, because you only have so much extra water. Then the next concept is muscle. An average person has a lot of fat, and less muscle mass. As you do keto and intermittent fasting you build muscle. This WILL increase actual weight. This combination of gaining muscle and loss of fat will cause a lessening of weight…BUT your size might shrink but only to a point, because building muscle could also make you get slightly bigger. Also as you building muscle, you also can burn off more calories – but you have to ask yourself what calories you are burning. If you are only burning stored sugar only, then you may not burn fat. To burn fat, drop your carbs and your body will then burn fat mainly. Then you also have the hormone estrogen. In a female body, this extra estrogen can keep the fat layer around the body, esp. the lower part stuck there longer and make it harder to get off. This superficial fat or subcutaneous fat layer can be lessened with a low carb diet and a lot of exercise using the leg and butt muscles over time.

Hey, I’m back and I wanted to a video about this important topic for those people that are struggling to losing weight, they are frustrated especially when they are menopausal. Your weight loss goal is actually setting you up for a failure. There are several concepts that I am going to cover, the first concept I want to talk about the difference between the muscle and fat. If we take 1lb. of muscle and we compare it to 1lb. of fat, with fat you will have more volume than muscle so fat takes up more space in your body and muscle takes up smaller space. Second concept, overweight people have less muscle than fat. By the way if you don’t know what that means, what the videos that I had because this program will solve this issue that is running into the stubborn weight metabolism issue. When you start a keto and intermittent fasting program you are going to get into fat burning, you are going to lose fat and also you are going to increase muscle.


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