Why Gastric Bypass Reverses Diabetes and Many Diseases

Why Gastric Bypass Reverses Diabetes and Many Diseases

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today I have a very interesting topic and we’re gonna answer the question why does gastric bypass reverse not just diabetes by 83% okay in a very short period of time but many other diseases like central obesity hypertension by 63 percent high cholesterol by 61 percent kidney dysfunction fatty liver PCOS sleep apnea decreased risk of stroke certain types of cancer by 70 percent atherosclerosis cardiovascular disease pseudotumor cerebri which is basically severe headaches there’s feel like there’s a tumor in your skull it’s all this pressure but there’s no tumor gird with it which is a digestive issue joint pain and retinopathy a problem with your I now realize I’m not recommending this procedure I’m going to tell you why because it has some slight minor complications the side effects malabsorption syndrome vitamin mineral deficiencies like b1 deficiency which could then give you peripheral neuropathy it also creates mineral deficiencies like iron and calcium protein deficiencies certain amino acids don’t get absorb increase your risk of getting infection death in certain cases and kidney stones other than that you’re perfectly fine basically it handles metabolic syndrome now I’ve been talking about this for a long time well now I found the most amazing study that backs it up and you got to check it out I’ll put the link down below it’s entitled hyperinsulinemic syndrome the metabolic syndrome is broader than you think now what is it about gastric bypass that can lower insulin well when you get the surgery done they alter part of your small intestine the part that stimulates insulin when you eat so let’s say for example you eat food that is not carbohydrate okay you’re just eating some protein vegetables and a little fat the fact that you’re eating will trigger something in your small intestine and raise insulin okay and then another situation you can just eat carbs that will increase insulin but if you no longer have the mechanism that triggers insulin when you’re eating you’re gonna greatly reduce insulin you’re gonna hand these other problems but it’s much safer to do this naturally so you don’t have to surgically go through this and have to risk a lot of these side effects right here all you have to do is get on healthy keto and in a minute fasting for those of you that are new to my channel I put a link down below for those of you that already have been watching my videos you already know about this you’ve already experienced most of these right here so check out this amazing article I think you’re going to enjoy it so if you want more knowledge on how to create a healthy body subscribe now and get daily notifications

This Post Was All About Why Gastric Bypass Reverses Diabetes and Many Diseases.
Why Gastric Bypass Reverses Diabetes and Many Diseases

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In this video, we’re going to talk about gastric bypass and diabetes. I’m going to answer the question, can gastric bypass reverse diabetes and other diseases?

Gastric bypass can help reverse:

• Diabetes by 83% 
• Central obesity
• Hypertension by 63%
• High cholesterol by 61%
• Kidney dysfunction
• Fatty liver
• Sleep apnea
• Stroke (can help decrease risk)
• Certain cancers by 70%
• Cardiovascular disease
• Atherosclerosis 
• Pseudotumor cerebri
• Joint pain
• Retinopathy

Side effects of gastric bypass:

• Malabsorption syndrome 
• Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
• Protein deficiency 
• Death 
• Kidney stones
• Peripheral neuropathy 

During gastric bypass surgery, they alter a part of your small intestine—the part that stimulates insulin when you eat. Now, you can greatly reduce insulin and handle other problems. However, it’s much safer to do this naturally. All you have to do is get on healthy keto and do intermittent fasting. 

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