Why Does Saudi Arabia Have Such a Vitamin D Problem?

Why Does Saudi Arabia Have Such a Vitamin D Problem?

Why Does Saudi Arabia Have Such a Vitamin D Problem?

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so why is it that the country of Saudi
Arabia which has so much sun exposure have such a vitamin D problem there is a
meta-analysis between 2008 and 2015 that demonstrated a 63.5% of the population
having a vitamin D deficiency okay that is crazy high but not only that
there was a nineteen point nine percent of the population had a vitamin D
insufficiency which is not a full deficiency but they had like a
subclinical vitamin D deficiency and if we add those two numbers together we get
eighty three point four percent of the population has a big problem with
vitamin D this is epidemic their seventh in the world for the rate of getting
diabetes and I’m talking about type 2 their fourth in the world at the rate of
getting type one diabetes which is an autoimmune disease and by the way 84
percent of type one diabetes in children showed a vitamin D deficiency there’s a
huge connection now why are they deficient vitamin D well the obvious
thing is they have traditional clothing that blocks the Sun and there probably
has some other reasons too because once you get diabetes
you’re even more deficient and there’s other factors too like obesity and the
amount of fat on your body that’s gonna slow things down the amount of pigment
in your skin you have age your digestion so there’s many many factors now what
you have to realize is that only 10% of the vitamin D in your body comes from
your diet it’s almost impossible to get all of your vitamin D from your diet but
just realize that fatty fish cod liver oil have a lot of vitamin D now when
you’re deficient in vitamin D you’re gonna have fatigue you can get depressed it
increases your risk for getting diabetes as well as a lot of inflammation
especially in the lower back you get aches and
pains bone pain if you press uh near your sternum okay which is your
breastbone and you have pain or your shin which is in the front part of your
lower leg and it hurts that could be because of the vitamin D deficiency high
blood pressure is a vitamin D deficiency a weakened immune system so there are
many problems that occur when you’re deficient in vitamin D so if you live in
Saudi Arabia and you’re watching this video I highly recommend you start
taking at least 15,000 to 20,000 IU’s of vitamin d3 every single day I would also
recommend to go along with that is to take vitamin k2 and for every 10,000
IU’s of d3 you want a hundred micrograms of k2 and that’s the ratio so you can do
your own calculations on that but I think if you start taking vitamin D I
think you’re going to notice a huge improvement in these symptoms as well as
a major reduction in not only diabetes type 2 but type 1 as well alright thanks
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This Post Was All About Why Does Saudi Arabia Have Such a Vitamin D Problem?.
Why Does Saudi Arabia Have Such a Vitamin D Problem?

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Why does Saudi Arabia have such a vitamin D problem despite having a lot of sun exposure?
0:09 Vitamin D deficiency in Saudi Arabia 
1:18 Vitamin D deficiency causes in Saudi Arabia
1:45 Vitamin D and diet 
2:00 Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency 
2:40 How to get more vitamin D 

Today let’s talk about Saudi Arabia and vitamin D. 

There was a meta-analysis between 2008 and 2015 that demonstrated that 63.5% of the population had a vitamin D deficiency. On top of that, 19.9% of the population had vitamin D insufficiency (a subclinical vitamin D deficiency). Together, this is 83.4% of the population that had a problem with vitamin D. 

Saudi Arabia is also:

• 7th in the world for the rate of getting type 2 diabetes
• 4th in the world for the rate of getting type 1 diabetes

84% of the type of 1 diabetes cases in children showed a vitamin D deficiency. 

So, why is this such problem in Saudi Arabia? Well, there is traditional clothing typically worn in Saudi Arabia, that blocks the sun. But, there are other factors as well.

Only 10% of the vitamin D you get comes from your diet. It’s almost impossible to get all of the vitamin D you need from your diet. 

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms:

• Fatigue 
• Depression
• Diabetes
• Inflammation
• Aches 
• High blood pressure 
• Weak immunity 

It may be beneficial, especially for those in Saudi Arabia, to start taking vitamin D supplements. If you do take vitamin D supplements, you may also want to take vitamin K2. For every 10,000 IUs of vitamin D3, consider taking 100 mcg of vitamin K2. 

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Thanks for watching! You may want to consider taking vitamin D supplements, especially if you live in Saudi Arabia, to help avoid a vitamin D problem.

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