Why Does My Urine Have a Strong Stinky Odor?

Why Does My Urine Have a Strong Stinky Odor?

Why Does My Urine Have a Strong Stinky Odor?

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hi guys I have another question why does my urine have a strong stinky odor okay we’re going to talk about that now if you are not on a ketogenic program and you’re not doing intermittent fasting and you have that odor it could be a urinary tract infection it could be liver damage it could be you’re eating the wrong foods you’re not having enough vegetables okay but if you are on a keto intermittent fasting program it could either be the ketones that are not being burned coming out initially when you’re adapting to ketosis there’s this transitional period of a key to adaptation and in that process you’re going to have more ketones coming out of your urine and sometimes is a bit stronger than it should be but when you do it a little longer you’ll be burning those ketones because your system is more efficient and chances are you’re not going to be eating as much fat because your body is more efficient so what’s going to happen is you’re going to have burn up more ketones and less odor over time okay now if it’s ammonia like that would be the smell of you ever have one of those CDs that that you would stick in your car or some type of CD player and you take the plastic off to smell that plastic kind of ammonia type smells like a chemically type smell now this usually is too much protein okay so what are you going to do to kind of counter this kind of nasty smell there’s a couple things number one you want to support the liver with certain types of vegetables for example you want to do more beet tops in your salad a real good one would be dandelion greens okay you get them out to help restore you give them in your backyard but just make sure if you have a dog you know they’re it’s claim because sometimes they urinate on those little weeds but this weed the dandelion greens is amazing for liver rejuvenation okay so you want to have some of those bitter greens for the liver and that will actually clean up a lot of the odor especially if it’s ammonia or it actually even ketones you want to start to make sure you have enough fluid so don’t go the whole day just with like a half a cup of fluid make sure you consume you could put electrolytes but dis drink a little bit more fluid because especially when you’re doing keto it’s almost it acts as a diuretic and you get rid of excess waste that way so it’s kind of cleaning but you need to replace some liquids as well and then if you exercising on top of that you probably need more fluids but my whole point is don’t drink more than you’re thirsty for but make sure you’re having enough the other thing is you want to adjust your proteins I don’t recommend doing the Atkins diet which is heavier on the proteins or a high protein diet it’s called moderate protein three to six ounces if you have too much protein you’re definitely definitely going to have more ammonia type smell all right and lastly chlorophyll is a great deodorizer it’s a detoxifier you can get liquid chlorophyll you can use my wheatgrass this stuff right here one teaspoon is a whole tray of wheatgrass and it just helps to purify clean the system so it’s high in chlorophyll and it’ll actually counter that bad odor alright thanks for watching hey if you haven’t already subscribed press this little button down below okay thanks

This Post Was All About Why Does My Urine Have a Strong Stinky Odor?.
Why Does My Urine Have a Strong Stinky Odor?

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Dr. Eric Berg answers another question: Why does my urine have a strong stinky odor?

It could be UTI, liver damage or simply eating the wrong foods or not enough vegetables. However if you are on a keto diet, this can come about when your body is switching over to burning ketones and will have more ketones coming out of your system. Over time this will decrease as the body uses more ketones.

If it’s the smell of ammonia or chemicals, it would be from too much protein. To counter-act this you want to support the liver with certain vegetables such beet tops or dandelion greens. Also be sure you have enough fluids throughout the day. Adjust your protein to make a moderate amount each day. Lastly chlorophyll will help to counter-act the smell and can be found in things such as wheat grass.

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