Why Do You Sleep Better in a Cold Room

Why Do You Sleep Better in a Cold Room

Why Do You Sleep Better in a Cold Room

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This Post Was All About Why Do You Sleep Better in a Cold Room.
Why Do You Sleep Better in a Cold Room

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Have you found that you sleep better in a cold room? Here’s why. 

0:00 Temperature and sleep 
0:10 How temperature affects sleep 
0:48 What temperature can help promote sleep? 
1:11 A few things that can affect sleep 
1:45 Melatonin benefits 
2:17 A few things that affect melatonin 
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Today we’re going to cover why people typically sleep better in a cold room. The temperature in your environment affects the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is a sleep hormone. Cool temperatures can increase melatonin, and melatonin can cause your body to run cooler at night. Melatonin is also affected by light. When it’s dark out, melatonin increases and helps you fall asleep. 

If you have sleep problems or you want to help improve your sleep quality, you may want to try adjusting your room temperature to 60-68 degrees Fahrenheit (15-20 degrees Celsius) at night. 

A few things that can affect sleep:
• Memory foam mattresses can contain heat. You may want to get a different mattress or get a gel topper to help keep it cool. 
• Fans can help keep it cool. 
• Keeping your feet out of the covers may also help keep you cool. 

Potential benefits of melatonin:
1. It can help you fall asleep quicker
2. Enhanced mood 
3. Better blood sugars
4. Enhanced cognitive function 
5. Enhanced immunity 
6. Quality sleep 
7. It may help you feel more rested 

A few things that could affect melatonin:
• Darkness stimulates melatonin 
• EMFs could negatively affect your sleep 
• Cooler temperatures can increase melatonin 
• Too much stress can inhibit melatonin
• A vitamin D deficiency can suppress melatonin production

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