Why Chronic Inflammation Causes Anemia

Why Chronic Inflammation Causes Anemia

Why Chronic Inflammation Causes Anemia

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so i have a very interesting video on chronicxa0 inflammation and anemia now check this out one of the first line of defense against pathogens in ourxa0 body is the withholding of nutrition or starvation from other microbes now iron and a few other tracexa0 minerals are required for microbes to grow so in other words both the good bacteria and the badxa0 pathogens need iron or they require iron to be able to grow that’s one of the foods so i wantxa0 to introduce you to a word called sequestration this word describes a condition wherexa0 your body is binding up for locking up iron and other trace minerals toxa0 prevent pathogens from getting that food so the free iron that you had in the body isxa0 rapidly being bound up by certain compounds so we have this interesting game between your bodyxa0 and pathogens your body sensing an infection and inflammation and a fever will quickly lock upxa0 that iron to prevent the pathogens from growing the pathogen has counter strategies toxa0 break open your cells and get that iron both the good and bad bacteria are trying toxa0 survive but your body if it’s healthy will be able to do its job and prevent the microbe fromxa0 growing and this is why when certain people have too much iron they have a certain condition wherexa0 they can absolutely not get rid of iron and they just have too much they’re very susceptible toxa0 getting infections that’s why as a side note the microorganism and lyme disease has developedxa0 a strategy to get its food from not iron but from manganese so it’ll it’ll just be like okay youxa0 can take your iron i’ll take manganese and it’ll survive that way now what’s normally supposed toxa0 happen is you get this infection or you have this inflammation so you have this thing going onxa0 right here and then you overcome the infection and the inflammation the fever goes away and nowxa0 this iron is available now for your cells to use to grow but what happens when you go intoxa0 a chronic inflammatory condition okay as an autoimmune problem whether it’s rheumatoidxa0 arthritis or whatever you can become very deficient in iron and become anemic and feelxa0 weak in your mind you might say well okay well i’m just going to take some iron here to feedxa0 my body and give it more trace minerals well the problem is you’re going to feed the pathogens atxa0 the same time a much better strategy would be to handle the deeper root cause of the inflammationxa0 whether it is a subclinical microbial infection or just your immune system is out of control and it’sxa0 attacking your own tissues in which case fasting is the answer to that regular intermittentxa0 fasting with periodic prolonged fasting if you’re new to my channel you definitely needxa0 to see those videos i put those down below and in addition to fasting vitamin d in larger amountsxa0 minimally 30 000 ius but probably 40 000 or more would be necessary to help reduce the inflammationxa0 and that would allow your body to make these trace minerals especially iron more availablexa0 to your own tissue so you can actually use it and i thought this was interesting especially toxa0 those who have chronic inflammatory conditions before you go if you have a questionxa0 about a product or you’re new to keto and you want to know how to begin ketoxa0 or you’re on keto and you need a debug because it’s not going as smooth i havexa0 a keto consultant standing by to help you this is just for the people in the us hopefully inxa0 the future we’ll be able to answer everyone’s call but i put the number down belowxa0 so you can call and get some help

This Post Was All About Why Chronic Inflammation Causes Anemia.
Why Chronic Inflammation Causes Anemia

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Why does chronic inflammation cause anemia? Watch this video to find out.

0:00 Why chronic inflammation causes anemia
0:18 The role of iron in bacteria growth
0:36 What is sequestration?
2:04 Chronic inflammation and infection
2:48 Remedies for chronic inflammation and anemia
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In this video, we’re going to talk about chronic inflammation and anemia.

One of the first lines of defense against pathogens is to withhold nutrients from microbes. Iron and a few other nutrients are vital to the growth of bacteria. In fact, both good and bad bacteria need iron to exist in the body.

Sequestration is a situation where your body is locking up iron and other minerals from pathogens. This prevents pathogens from obtaining food.

Pathogens have counter-strategies that allow them to break open cells to acquire the iron they need.

Those who have too much iron are very susceptible to infections. This is why—bacteria and other microbes have a lot of nutrients to help them grow and reproduce.

Other pathogens—like Lyme disease—are able to survive off of manganese instead of iron.

When you have a chronic inflammation situation, you can become very deficient in iron, which can make you feel anemic and weak. Taking more iron can actually feed the pathogens at the same time.

Instead of taking more iron, address the underlying inflammation situation.

The best way to remedy this issue is to do intermittent fasting and take vitamin D.

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