Why Are French Fries So Addictive?

Why Are French Fries So Addictive?

Why Are French Fries So Addictive?

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today we’re going to talk about why french fries are so darn addictive especially if you’re consuming them at a fast-food restaurant so what’s in a french fry well we have the potato and we’re not talking about a robber tater we’re talking about a cooked potato and when you cook a potato a starch those carbohydrates break down into sugar and so they’re gonna create a huge spike in your insulin so if we have the potato we have the vegetable oil now vegetable oil sounds very very healthy right well it’s actually coming from either corn or canola maybe cottonseed not peanut oil anymore mainly corn or canola and of course both of these are GMO which means they have traces of glyphosate which is an herbicide and when you go into a restaurant you don’t know how often that oil is used over and over and over next thing natural beef flavoring which contains wheat and milk derivatives then we have dextrose which is a synthetic sugar made from more corn corn is GMO as Tracy’s that glyphosate then we have salt and we’re not talking about sea salt we’re talking about sodium chloride two minerals instead of eighty-four minerals citric acid TBHQ as a preservative and then another chemical to preserve the color now there’s an interesting book about relieving depression called potatoes not prozac because the effect of potatoes on your mood now potatoes may affect your mood but they also come with a package they will raise insulin because they are pretty high on the glycemic index and the form of the table that most people consume is not very very healthy if you were to consume a raw potato I don’t think that would be a problem but of course try to consume a raw potato not very appetizing here’s the big problem when you consume a french fry with all these different things in it you are going to stimulate your neurotransmitters in your brain specifically a center in your brain called the nucleus accumbens this little nerve bundle is the center of the brain involved in addictions so when someone is taking in crack or cocaine or any of those drugs the effect that that’s created is through the nucleus accumbens so the nucleus accumbens that little Center will increase dopamine in serotonin both of these are pleasure neurotransmitters so it’s not really the drug that’s creating the direct pleasure effect it’s really your body is creating the pleasure through the drug triggering it well when you consume sugar or refined carbohydrates especially french fries you are definitely going to trigger this nucleus accumbens and raise dopamine and that is why it’s so addictive that’s why it’s so pleasurable and of course when you consume french fries you need to add ketchup right so then we’re adding another four grams of sugar per tablespoon but it’s not just regular sugar its high fructose corn syrup and with additional corn syrup again GMO more glyphosate so what this will do is just exaggerate the effects of what this is doing on your blood Sugar’s and what I’m talking about is this when you take a starch and you combine it with a fat and sugar and heat you’re going to create what’s called glycation and glycation is basically the binding of a sugar molecule with a fat or a sugar molecule with a protein and that decreases elasticity within your arteries within your veins and your tendons it clogs up certain connections in the brain it creates sticky proteins in the body which accelerates the aging process you’re also going to experience a lot of bloating because when you consume this and of course most people don’t just have french fries they’re having a hamburger meat right when you combine this with protein of course the bun not to mention the coke and the ketchup you’re going to create a tremendous amount of bloating within your that’s around the gallbladder and the Ducks between the pancreas and the small intestine so you’re gonna get a lot of pressure in that area and over time if you continue to do this you’re gonna get scar tissue and lead to gall stones and problems for your bile and problems with digestion and not to mention a spike in insulin so you’re gonna get a lot of inflammation not just in the digestive system and your joints and it’s gonna create a lot of inflammation in your colon all right that being said so I know that most people are not going to be perfect with your diet this video is mainly increasing the awareness on the combinations of these different things that are either french fry and the effects that it can create on the body so maybe in the future you might not have the quantities of a french fry or maybe you might not consume these as often or when you do consume a french fry maybe you’re not going to add the ketchup because now you know the effects that it can create anyway thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video hey if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About Why Are French Fries So Addictive?.
Why Are French Fries So Addictive?

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In this video, we’re going to talk about why french fries are addictive—especially from fast-food restaurants.

What’s in french fries?
• Fried potatoes
• Vegetable oil (corn, canola)
• Natural beef flavoring (wheat, milk)
• Dextrose
• Salt 
• Citric acid
• TBHQ – preservative
• Sodium acid (pyrophosphate – color)

The big problem is that when you consume a french fry, you stimulate neurotransmitters in your brain. You actually stimulate the part of the brain that is involved in addictions. This part of the brain will increase the pleasure neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin. 

When you add ketchup, you’re also adding high fructose corn syrup with additional corn syrup, which will exaggerate the effects of french fries on your blood sugars.

Glycation is the binding of a sugar molecule with a fat or a sugar molecule with a protein.

• Decreases elasticity within your arteries, veins, and tendons
• Clogs up certain connections in the brain
• Creates sticky proteins in the body which accelerates aging 
• Creates bloating
• Spikes insulin

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