Wholefoods, Organic and China

Wholefoods, Organic and China

Wholefoods, Organic and China

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so I’m not sure if you know this or not but
some of the organic foods that you buy at WholeFoods actually come from China
so number one the U.S. does not inspect imported foods and if you actually read
some of the labels of the organic products that you would buy at WholeFoods and very small print on the back you will see that it says product of
China and I don’t know about you but my trust in China has somewhat gone
downhill in the recent months so the main brand that I’m talking about and
there could be others is the 365 Whole Foods Market brand now not all other
foods are product of China because I checked some of the foods that I have at
my house 365 are not from China but I just suggest that you start reading the
labels very carefully to make sure that they don’t say product of China because
even the California organic blend vegetables said it was a product of
China and lastly organic means without pesticides insecticides even antibiotics
if you can do it try to go organic as much as possible
thanks for watching There’s no suffering on keto absolutely not and it’s an immune system builder absolutely you have to
check this out I think you should hurry up watch the recipe and make it yourself
it’s so easy to be keto it’s super easy it’s super easy we hope you
enjoy making it as much as we are enjoying eating it 

This Post Was All About Wholefoods, Organic and China.
Wholefoods, Organic and China

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The organic foods you buy from Wholefoods could actually be from China. Check this out.

0:08 Truth about Wholefoods 
0:38 Read your food labels
1:03 What is organic? 

Some of the organic foods that you buy from Wholefoods are actually from China. 

The United States does not inspect imported foods. In very small print on certain organic products from Wholefoods, you’ll see that it says “product of China.” Not all of the foods are from China, but it’s important to check the labels to make sure they aren’t products of China. Even the “California Blend Vegetables” said “product of China” on the label. 

Organic means “without pesticides, insecticides, and antibiotics.” If you’re able to, I believe it’s best to go organic as much as possible. 

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