Which FORM of Magnesium Should YOU Take?

Which FORM of Magnesium Should YOU Take?

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in today’s video we’re gonna cover the best kinds of magnesium that you can get and the worst kinds of magnesium that you can get we’re gonna talk about things like magnesium three and eight we’re gonna talk about things like magnesium glycinate we’re gonna talk about these forms of magnesium that are really easy to digest and good for you and then we’re gonna go through some of the ones like magnesium a sport a and magnesium oxide now quite frankly are a little bit of a waste of money so we’re gonna list them out and we’re gonna talk all the details okay I ask you do hit that subscribe button and hit that Bell icon new videos every single day let’s jump right okay so magnesium three and eight is top on my list for my favorite magnesium’s okay magnesium three and eight is unique because it gets in your brain okay you can’t just eat a bunch of magnesium or eat a bunch of magnesium rich foods and how’d it go to your brain it’s not quite that simple when magnesium is bound to certain compounds it makes it so that I can cross through the blood-brain barrier okay magnesium three and eight is just that form of magnesium now it increases what’s called synaptic density so what that means is it increases the how much your neurons and how much the synapses are close together meaning they’re much more efficient at passing a message if I were to throw you a ball from you know thirty yards away the likelihood of me actually hitting your glove or hitting your hand is gonna be a little bit less than if you were six inches away right well it’s the same idea with messages within your brain and magnesium is going to help that process out however magnesium doesn’t always get into the brain so magnesium three and eight does make sure that it crosses the blood-brain barrier which is why it’s a little bit more expensive but probably one of the better ones if you’re looking for more cognitive function now jumping right into my next favorite one magnesium glycinate okay magnesium glycinate is magnesium that has been bound to the amino acid known as glycine and this is the relaxing magnesium this is the magnesium that helps you calm down it’s one you might want to take when it’s time to go to sleep or time to just relax a little bit okay glycine alone has a very powerful properties within the body okay glycine does help you relax via the activation of what is called GABA gamma-aminobutyric acid basically it just turns your brain into calm mode now what the cool thing is is that magnesium glycinate is what is called a chelated form of magnesium this means that you’re absorbing the magnesium in its form it doesn’t get broken down and go through this ion exchange within your gut for those of you that are science nerds you know what that means but the simplest way to describe it is it absorbs in its whole form which means you’re getting a full bioactive magnesium that’s actually going to help you out a lot more now glycine is one of my favorite amino acids and the reason is is because it does calm you down but one cool little nerd fact about it is that glycine increases the blood flow to the extremities and what that means is that it causes your body to cool down a little bit if you ever taken a hot bath before bed you know that well yeah kind of cool down after you get out of the bath and it’s easy to fall asleep well glycine has that sort of effect just naturally because it increases the blood flow so let’s move on to the next one magnesium Tour 8 okay again you’re gonna spend a little bit more money on my museum tour eight but if you’re someone that’s active or someone that deals with potential like muscle issues or muscle pain this might be the one for you I like to work out so magnesium Tory it’s high on my list because it’s bound to taurine now if you look at energy drinks and things like that you always see they have taurine in it why is that well because taurine is supposed to help with clearing out some of the wastes in the muscle therefore helping you out with energy production so that’s why magnesium Tory it makes my list for the active person it can in some wrap-around ways help you have more energy but most importantly it kind of helps you with that recovery process and because it’s bound to the taurine what it’s gonna do is it’s going to calm down the nervous system specifically at the musculoskeletal level this is again good for people that are active there have been studies that have shown that people that are low in taurine end up having an overactive nervous system and they’re over reactive to stress so it could be also good for someone who is feeling like they’re a little bit edgier than normal maybe you’re just I don’t know things are bothering you more than they normally would and I don’t know so you end up saying well maybe I’m just my nervous systems overstimulate and it’s already pushed to the max magnesium Tory is for you but it’s definitely just what I would consider and these are my own words nothing else kind of almost a detoxing magnesium simply because it does help clear out the waste from your muscles well let’s not waste any more time let’s go on to a good overall magnesium there’s gonna be magnesium chloride if you’re just looking in general to elevate your magnesium levels most doctors are going to recommend magnesium chloride because once again it’s chelated and has an extra chloride what that means is that it’s going to help with the production of gastric juices hydrochloric acid now as we age we actually have a decline in hydrochloric acid people think that acid reflux and things like that it’s caused by too much acid a lot of times it’s the overproduction because the body isn’t seeing enough so it’s kind of a wraparound way and sort of a double-edged sword point is is that magnesium chloride absorbs very very well so if you’re just looking for overall good magnesium I would recommend that now another honorable mention within this case is going to be something called die magnesium male 8 or magnesium male eight bound to Balak acids still a very safe way and a good way to just get your overall magnesium levels up regulated without spending a whole bunch on magnesium chloride which can be quite expensive okay now we’re gonna move in to the worst ones now I will say there’s no real bad magnesium’s it’s just what are you wasting your money on because some of them aren’t just gonna absorb as well and some of them actually could have some potential negative drawbacks hey by the way if you want to know what I recommend in terms of magnesium I did go ahead and put a link down below to a company called jigsaw who is like the leader in magnesium and I’ve done some work with them I’ve done some work on their clinical studies that they’ve done on their own magnesium so if you’re interested in the best kinds of magnesium to get and you’re just shopping for magnesium I highly recommend you check them out they’re big supporters channel so thank you jigsaw but also just special pricing down below if anyone wants to check them out now let’s go ahead and let’s move in to the worst magnesium magnesium oxide now unfortunately this is when you’re gonna see all over the place magnesium oxide is everywhere like the grocery stores the typical pharmacy okay what they do is they take magnesium and they basically just burn it with pure oxygen what that means is two things one you’re largely dependent on where you get the magnesium so if the magnesium is coming from a poor source nothing’s getting changed it’s not getting cleaned up okay it’s just getting burned and that means that you could have a wide variety of good magnesium versus bad magnesium even if you’re looking at two that say magnesium oxide but the more important thing to note is that you’re looking on average like a 4% absorption rate okay that’s not worth your money so even if it looks a little bit cheaper it’s just not worth it so I highly recommend you just go away from that spend a couple extra bucks get some good quality magnesium that is maybe suited for what you’re it is and you know call it a day now we have magnesium glutamate and magnesium aspartate which I put into the same category okay these are magnesium’s that are bound to either glutamic acid or aspartic acid which are what are known as excitotoxin now the reason they bind them to these things that aren’t that good is it’s a relatively inexpensive way to still call it a chelated magnesium but there’s just a quick thing that we have to understand here one of the benefits of magnesium is that it blocks or protects what is called the NMDA receptor what that means is it sort of puts a wolf at the door from your nervous system and for your cells it protects your cells from getting overstimulated that’s why magnesium is still great for just being calm right well unfortunately when magnesium is bound to like aspartic acid or glutamic acid those are what are called excitotoxin x’ which actually excite the nervous system and excite the NMDA receptor so you’re kind of counteracting the whole process in a relatively cheap way to chelate magnesium they defeat the purpose of magnesia so I just don’t recommend it because you’re kind of wasting your money because you’re balancing out two NetZero right now the one that you really need to use caution with and again there is a practical application is going to be magnesium citrate I need citrate is an osmotic laxative it is not one that you should be using to get your levels of magnesium up as a matter of fact if you take magnesium citrate you’re going to have a bowel movement in probably thirty minutes to six hours and it’s gonna be pretty robust to the point where like you’re probably gonna lose some minerals so unless you absolutely need a laxative you shouldn’t be taking magnesium citrate because remember when you have kind of that water rushing into your intestinal tract and then kind of rushing out you might be losing magnesium sodium potassium and all your other vital minerals that you need to really sustain good kind of electrical function of your body so this is just a simple breakdown of magnesium is are there more absolutely and I’d love to talk about magnesium but I wanted to make this video quick and easy for people that are just trying to navigate the crazy world of magnesium supplements as always don’t forget to Like and subscribe and don’t forget to turn on those notifications I’ll see you soon 

This Post Was All About Which FORM of Magnesium Should YOU Take?.
Which FORM of Magnesium Should YOU Take?

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Which FORM of Magnesium Should YOU Take? – Thomas DeLauer

The BEST MAGNESIUM v The WORST MAGNESIUM! I’m going to list which types of magnesium are the best and which types are the worst for you. Warning: I’m going to be saying magnesium A LOT throughout this video. We’re going to break each type down, dive into some fun science, and see which form is best for your goals/situation. Let’s dive right in and I’ll see you in the COMMENTS!!

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