When Vitamin D Doesn’t Work…Do This!

When Vitamin D Doesn’t Work…Do This!

When Vitamin D Doesn’t Work…Do This!

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now many many times people take vitamin D without really seeing the results and this video is going to discuss the two situations why that occurs the first situation is you have damage in your digestive system you may have Crohn’s IBS irritable bowel syndrome celiac from consuming gluten which you’re sensitive to small intestinal bacterial overgrowth any damage that’s in your digestive system and you may have experienced a lot of antibiotics or eating a lot of junk food or drinking alcohol whatever the cause because the receptors for vitamin D are in your intestines and that’s where we absorb calcium for example by a factor of twenty times more and that’s one of the big purposes of vitamin D so you add vitamin D that goes in the receptor so there’s something called the vitamin D receptor so if your guts not allowing it to absorb the vitamin D what do you do well very simply you take gut friendly vitamin D that would include any one of these like sublingual vitamin D topical vitamin D we put on the skin and it absorbs through the skin you can go to the doctor and get it injected or this son now the second reason why vitamin D might not work is you have a problem with the vitamin D receptor itself and it becomes blocked for several reasons so in other words if you have a problem with this receptor the vitamin D will not connect a hundred percent maybe 30 percent or 40 percent but not a hundred percent and by the way 30 percent of the population has a problem with the vitamin d receptor and also 40 percent of people who are obese also have a problem with the vitamin d receptor now there’s a very simple and inexpensive test that you can get done to see if you have this problem and it’s only $29 and I’ll put a link down below if you want to get that test done and that test will determine if you have a genetic problem with the vitamin D receptor and the word for that is called polymorphism I don’t want to get too much into that but just so you know it’s very common 310 people have a problem with the vitamin D receptor so what do you do in this situation well you take more vitamin D so you may need to take 40 50 or even 60 thousand I use D for you to start seeing results now you want to make sure that for every 10,000 IU’s of vitamin D you also take a hundred micrograms of k2 because they both work together now there’s a couple other things you can take to enhance vitamin D absorption I just mentioned vitamin k2 but also omega-3 and that would be DHA and EPA zinc would help boron magnesium and intense exercise and lastly I don’t have any specific brands related to this you’re just gonna have to do your own research on that and thanks for watching and definitely check out some of the other videos I have in vitamin D vitamin D is the most important fat soluble vitamin 

This Post Was All About When Vitamin D Doesn’t Work…Do This!.
When Vitamin D Doesn't Work...Do This!

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Try this when vitamin D doesn’t work.

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0:09 Why vitamin D isn’t working—The first situation 
1:11 Why vitamin D isn’t working—The second situation 
2:38 A few more remedies for vitamin D absorption 

There are cases where people take vitamin D and don’t see results. So what do you do when vitamin D doesn’t work? 

Why vitamin D isn’t working:

1. You have damage in your digestive system
If your gut isn’t allowing you to absorb vitamin D because of damage, what do you do?

• Take gut-friendly vitamin D such as sublingual, topical, and injected versions
• Get vitamin D from the sun

2. A problem with the vitamin D receptor 
If you have a problem with this receptor, vitamin D won’t connect 100%. 30% of the population has a problem with the vitamin D receptor. 40% of obese people have a problem with the vitamin D receptor. There is a simple test you can take to see if you have this problem. 

What do you do in this situation?

• Take more vitamin D (40,000-60,000 IUs)
• For every 10,000 IUs of vitamin D, take 100 micrograms of vitamin K2

A few more remedies to enhance vitamin D absorption:

• Omega-3
• Zinc 
• Boron
• Magnesium 
• Intense exercise 

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