What’s Worse: White Sugar or White Flour?

What’s Worse: White Sugar or White Flour?

What’s Worse: White Sugar or White Flour?

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so today we’re going to talk about what is worse white sugar or white flour now when I’m talking about sugar I’m not talking about beet sugar I’m talking about cane sugar okay and just regular white wheat flour now beet sugar is GMO and so is high-fructose corn syrup but cane sugar is not now on the glycemic index we have a sixty-three compared to a 71 so white flour is worse than sugar however both of them are gonna create similar effects with the spike in insulin we’re gonna get weight gain especially belly fat we’re gonna get eventually in fatty liver if we do too much the complications of a pre-diabetic insulin resistance and eventually diabetes high cholesterol and the list goes on and on and on the thing with white sugar is they don’t use bleach okay but they do use bleach in the flour so what they’re gonna do with the sugars are going to take sugar cane and they’re gonna take out the vitamins and the minerals they’re going to take that in a separate thing and that’s called molasses and what’s left is the white sugar so the white sugar is pure carbohydrate without the nutrients the problem is when you consume this concentrated white sugar without the nutrients it will deplete you of nutrients because in order to metabolize that sugar you need these vitamins and minerals okay so if you don’t have them the body has to reach within its reserve pull them out to use that in the burning of that sugar so you end up with a potassium deficiency magnesium deficiency b1 deficiency and a calcium deficiency now with the flour when they refine it they also take out the vitamins the minerals so you’re left with a pure carbohydrate without the minerals and vitamins but most flour is fortified okay so they’re gonna add back in some synthetic vitamins and iron okay but not the type of iron that you want those so-called nutrients they put in create a problem especially if you have a problem with iron which a lot of people do it’s very difficult to get rid of iron our bodies tend to accumulate but we have a hard time getting rid of so if you’re consuming food with extra iron in the wrong source it can build up and create a lot of problems now with the flour they use dough conditioners to make the dough really easy to turn into bread and pastries and things like that then they use a bleaching agent called benzoyl peroxide okay which by the way will combine with certain proteins in the wheat like gluten and make this thing called alloxan now alloxan is what they used in experiments with rats when you feed these rodents alloxan it kills off the cells of the pancreas that make insulin and they become a diabetic type one okay now I’m not saying this creates the same effect in humans only in mice and probably hamsters now if you have a pet hamster or a gerbil make sure you do not feed them this flour with benzoyl peroxide okay because we don’t want to give them a Locsin and make them a diabetic type one because then you’re gonna have to do the insulin thing it’s gonna be a problem all right so here’s the big negative about flour okay potassium bromate this is banned in Europe China Brazil and Canada but not in the US because it’s been known to cause cancer in animals so they put this in the flour to make the texture of the dough just perfect when you make those muffins or those pastries or the croissants okay but it comes with the package and let’s not forget the gluten okay so many people have a problem with gluten it can actually trigger an autoimmune disease and create a lot of inflammation in your gut so as you can see if we compare these two there’s a lot more problems with this than that thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About What’s Worse: White Sugar or White Flour?.
What's Worse: White Sugar or White Flour?

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Today, we’re going to talk about white sugar and white flour. Which one is worse?

I want to note that when I’m talking about sugar, I’m talking about cane sugar. When I’m talking about flour, I’m talking about regular white wheat flour.

Sugar vs. Flour


• Glycemic Index – 63
• Sugar becomes a pure carbohydrate without nutrients
• Depletes essential nutrients


• Glycemic index – 71
• When flour is refined, it becomes a pure carbohydrate without nutrients
• Most flour is fortified, but not with the nutrients you really want
• Depletes essential vitamins and minerals
• To make flour, they use dough conditioners
• To make flour, they use benzoyl peroxide
• Contains potassium bromate
• Contains gluten

When comparing the effects of sugar to the effects of flour, it does appear that overall, there are more problems with white flour than with white sugar. With that said, the negative effects of sugar still make it worth cutting out of your diet. Both white flour and white sugar are going to create similar effects with a spike in insulin, such as:

• Weight gain (belly fat)
• Fatty liver
• Complications of a prediabetic
• Insulin resistance
• Diabetes
• High cholesterol

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