What’s in MY Pantry Right NOW During the Quarantine

What’s in MY Pantry Right NOW During the Quarantine

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it’s like an episode of cribs except we’re looking at my pantry pantry pantry here’s what’s going on okay we’re obviously in the quarantine isolation phase and everything that I have in my pantry some of the things that you could live off of so I’m doing this video because people have been asking what are you stocked up on them what do you have so let’s just take a look and I’ll just go through everything that’s in my pantry and talk about what I stocked up on and what you might want to consider stocking up on and the reasoning behind certain things my pantry people always ask I want to see what’s in Thomas’s fridge what’s in Thomas’s pantry so let’s take a little look-see okay first hit that little red subscribe button and also hit that Bell icon that way you never ever miss the daily videos alright let’s rock and roll let’s see what’s in crypts work okay so there’s no real rhyme or reason to a lot of the way that I have things set up here but let’s see first and foremost I’ve got lots lots of chomp sticks alright so these are the little chomping ones so these are smaller ones that my kiddo likes to have tons of macadamia nuts effective to open bags stock up on these guys okay if you’re going to be stuck in quarantine if you’re gonna be stuck in isolation of all the nuts that are out there macadamia nuts and pecans macadamia nuts because they have the higher basically better omega-3 omega-6 ratio but also high in palmitoleic acid so a really unique fat that has some pretty cool protein properties within the body in terms of different receptor proteins pecans are a second favorite for me at least right now because they’re the highest antioxidant rich nuts so if you’re looking for just more bang for the buck in terms of immunity then you want to go with the pecans if you watched my Costco pain free haul 1389 that’s kind of a cool nut blend I think for the sake of this pantry haul I might actually go ahead and tie this they make the cut they make the Thomas de Lauer approved list that’s how that ended up in there not something I would normally really have in there but didn’t want it to go to waste got some LeConte or granola that they just sent me Oh guys these are quick get these on thrive market these are really cool these are sprouted organic mix the seeds let me show you this real quick alright so when you’re looking at any kind of seed or nut sprouted is always better it’s simple all it means is that they took the nut or seed and they soaked it for usually 24 36 sometimes 48 hours and basically what it does is it breaks down what’s called phytic acid so it makes it so you can actually get the nutrients out of the nut so you can get the zinc now check this out sprout the pumpkin seeds sprouts sunflower seeds spread watermelon seeds when you’re talking about a major just mineral boom here right look at this okay if you look at just one serving of this look at all the minerals in there it doesn’t seem like much but 135 9 milligrams of magnesium he’s huge you’re not gonna find that nice thing is because it’s sprouted you’re actually gonna utilize that so I love that stuff I got the epic barn you got to talk about those let’s see what else is in some of the other drawers here they said no real rhyme or reason let’s go take a look at this drawer let’s go here first all right this is my protein drawer now in this case kind of interesting stuff okay so I’ve got wild pink salmon normally I’d have wild sockeye index I still have some of that left so the cool thing about the wild sockeye is it’s actually going to have a better and make a three profile but the reason that I like the sockeye is because it’s high in a really cool antioxidant the reason that salmon is pink to begin with is because of the astaxanthin but acid xanthine it’s kind of a unique antioxidant okay you think about it like this salmon swim upstream right so they’re really creating a lot of oxidative stress within their body because they’re working out a lot that creates stress so they have a natural built-in antioxidant within them that literally is assless anthem so the pink stuff the stuff that makes salmon pink is actually what protects the fats and makes them usable within the body so in this case I like sockeye visits a deeper red meaning it’s higher in acid xanthine usually like Alaskan sockeye because they’re the ones that are really swimming upstream a lot so that high red pigment is actually making the fats more usable in the body so I totally stock up on that stuff check out what else I’ve gotten that little kind of weird protein fish drawer okay I’ve got sardines which I’m always talking about okay in this case they’re in olive oil usually I like them in water but I had to take what I could get now on the contrary I have wild white anchovies which are going to be equally high in omega-3s to be completely honest smaller fish so even more sustainable but this one I was able to score I was able to get a little case in water with sea salt okay I could live off with one or two of these and have a pretty good amount of protein to be completely honest and a good amount of omega-3 then here I have a wild pink salmon I had to settle for the bag in this case because I didn’t want to get it in oil so this is a little bit different because this is a little Alaskan salmon but it’s not the same as the sockeye so it’s a little bit different fat content a little bit different mineral profile a little bit different antioxidant but as you can see I get a nice little variety so I can switch it up now let me show you something that I’m really proud of okay my smoked oysters these guys are my go-to when you are fighting illness or when you are concerned with illness you should load up on placers if you like them if you don’t like them don’t choke them down but they are one of the if not the most rich zinc they are they are one of the if not the most rich in zinc foods that’s out there when you are sick what’s going on is you have the activation of what’s called a zip a transporter it’s a specific kind of protein that transports zinc into immune cells and into sort of the inflammatory cytokine storm what that means is the zinc is actually going to modulate inflammation in some ways so really really important when you’re sick now sometimes the last thing you want to think about when you’re sick is eating oysters I understand you can always take a Zeke tab but bioavailable is always better so that’s why I stocked up the best that I could now when it comes to oysters you usually can’t get them in water so these are all in olive oil okay hand packed and olive oil naturally smoked in olive oil and smoked with red chillies okay then I have one other thing in this drawer kalamata olives you don’t have to get kalamata olives but I just love these because they’re good source of vitamin d2 which could at least get converted in d3 if I had the right mechanisms within the body if I was actually had the right nutrients in point is just a good healthy snack it’s kind of in a random drawer and then lastly I have this canned chicken in this drawer also wild planet so this canned chicken is the only to see if I have another one I can show you really quick hang on if I flash forward to my canned drawer oh here we go check this out look at the ingredients in that organic chicken breast I cannot believe that exists literally and look at no sodium no salt added or sorry 25 milligrams but no salt added that is so cool so it’s from wild planet who also makes like the canned sardines and stuff FYI you can get this stuff on the rive market so it’s super super cool I will say almost all the things I’m talking about here you can get on thrive market they might be different brands but you can get these things on thrive market I highly highly highly recommend that you check them out right now in the grocery stores you might feel a little bit more difficult it might be harder to get some things I highly highly recommend that you check them out and get your groceries through there and you can use my link down below to get yourself a little bit better access but also we’ve gone ahead and we’ve created a specific list of pantry essentials that I’ve created so Thomas tell our pantry essentials for the given situations so you can stock up your home with the right kind of caloric lean and stuff to make sure you check that out but let’s continue to check out my pantry I just want you to be able to get that special discount vo check out thrive market right now because it really is worth it okay so now that we’ve finished up basically the protein fish drawer let’s go ahead and let’s take a look actually this is more of the snack drawer this is more of just kind of the fun stuff so it’s been just a little bit of time here okay I always talk about dark chocolate dark chocolate is one of the highest antioxidant content foods that’s out there in fact literally it might be the highest okay very very good stuff you just want to get unsweetened regular chocolate okay see 100% cacao unsweetened baking chocolates it’s bitter okay but you can melt it down you can add some stevia okay then coconut butter highly recommend that you guys check this stuff out I don’t care what brand you get but look at this profile here okay we’ve got 105 calories per tablespoon 11 grams of fat 4 grams of carbs 3 of which are fiber for what it’s worth that is a tremendous fatty acid profile but it’s also a very good fat to fibre profile which I like to see I like to see you good amount of fat good amount of fiber why again immune health okay we’re looking at gut health we’re looking at short chain fatty-acids of butyric acid which can feed epithelial cells helps support that gut wall that we need to be taken care of right now when we’re looking at developing the right immunoglobulin a the right kind of things that are gonna help defend us from any kind of illness Plus that stuff tastes absolutely insanely good okay then we tried this just Maranatha dark that was a mistake sorry um it was horrible bitter nasty maranatha omen then why isn’t that there that honestly shouldn’t be there any point is is if you’re going to go with peanut butter at least go with the one that isn’t hydrogenated I guess we’re all human too this is like a vice it’s not supposed to be here for obvious reasons because it’s way too dangerous anyhow that’s why it’s in a treat door and then fat snacks cookies but you guys know I talk about all the time they’re kind of my little treat then you guys are looking at this sand what yes cereal what’s going on here no this stuff’s cool I don’t know if you’ve seen ads for them before it’s called magic spoon so this is like a keto cereal so it’s a whey protein isolate coconut oil tapioca flour ally Louis monk fruit and stevia chicory root fiber natural flavors and salt yeah so it’s literally like a keto healthy cereal so that way if kiddo wants a little snack we can do something a lot better than just giving them regular cereal but also I’ve been known to dive into that stuff now and then at least when I’m being a little bit more relaxed on my diet so that’s something that’s kind of in there no matter what it’s not something we particularly stocked up on but the next thing I’m going to show you is something that people ask about all the time yes this shouldn’t have been the one that we got because this one has a couple grams of added sugar but you know how when I talk about breaking a fast sometimes I say to spike your insulin really fast well usually what I’ll have when I break my fast it’s usually an unsweetened rice cake and maybe a couple rice cakes and a protein shake in this case we have the chocolate ones but sometimes you like a little treat so that’s kind of a cool thing there so we break your fast have something high glycemic like a rice cake corn tortilla something like that anyhow story for a different day and then lastly we have some gluten-free beef jerky this one’s got a couple grams of sugar and it’s not exactly Kido think Amber’s eating some of this ones that’s not necessarily Kido but still at least the clean jerky like I said there’s no real rhyme or reason to a lot of the stuff I have in my pantry I just want you to be able to see what I stock up on generally and what I had a lot of right now during this time and what I’m leaning on because I’m not really going to the store because I’m getting my meat really like through either put your box or thrive and then I’m getting most of my groceries from thrive and I’m not really going to the store much like we really shouldn’t be right now so anyhow let me continue to show you a little bit more but just remember well the stuff that I’m showing you you can get via the link down below at thrive market you know it’s to buy a big bundle of it you can just check stuff out at the right okay this drawer is kind of random this is like the can / condiment drawer but I think you’ll get a kick out of this okay cilantro lime ranch dressing I wanted to show you one particular thing on this high oleic sunflower oil people have questions about high oleic all the time what does that really mean you know sirens they’re coming for me okay high oleic means that a essentially concentrated more of the oleic acid out of a given oil so you’ll find high oleic soybean high oleic sunflower high oleic safflower oil it really doesn’t mean much basically what they’ve done is they’ve made it a more stable monounsaturated fat to make it shelf stable it’s a heck of a lot better than making it hydrogenated normally you’d see like a trans fat in that so testaments did a good job cilantro lime ranch just something we might use as a salad rice and usually we look for olive oil but it’s not always found even when you see olive oil dressings are usually canola soy and then a little bit of olive oil okay let’s see what else we got in here always stock up on pumpkin okay if you’re ever going to be in a situation where you have to live off shelf stable food this is probably one of the most nutrient-dense things that you can get plus the digestive enzymes in pumpkin are really really really good so if you get a little bit constipated when you’re stuck at home not a bad thing there this stuff’s cool this is evaporated coconut milk so for baking where you normally would use like regular milk or evaporated milk you can use this stuff let’s see what else we got in the cans section you wanted to get a bigger jug of this but organics sauerkraut again gut health everything we have to do to focus on the immune system right now is going to be gut health-related take care of the gut take care of your immune system 70 to 80 percent of your immune system is in your gut probiotic rich sauerkraut you just need a tablespoon or two of that and you’re in good shape try to stock up on marinara but I figured this would last for a couple weeks with between the couple that I’ve gotten this Victoria one I really like because look at this ingredients tomatoes onions avocado oil salt garlic basil and spices only six grams of carbs mainly coming from of course the tomatoes that’s some really good clean stuff then I stock up a ton on coconut milk I’ve got some coconut cream yeah coconut cream which is basically just high fat coconut milk so I can use that for baking I can use that for cooking I can use it for making curries I can use it to put in my hot chocolate that I make with unsweetened cocoa all kinds of stuff secret listen up yeah I’m sure we got more pumpkin okay and it’s not pumpkin pie seasoning for mix it’s actually pumpkin okay so again we’re getting a good enzymatic effects they’re really good for the digestion you know what do you know more can’t chicken so this is the canned chicken that we had a stock of before we went out and got more sorted okay let’s see what else we got what’s in this next report okay so this is more just regular pantry staples okay we’ve got poppy seeds and burgers using for baking it stocked up on a little bit more mayo this is pesto Mayo primal kitchen again the stuff you can get on thrive – I’ve gotten this in fact I literally got this on thrive avocado oil organic eggs organic a oaks super-clean Mayo I’m all about stocking up on the high calorie stuff if you’re going into a situation right you want to make sure you’re stocked up on the right stuff okay then I’ve got beef tallow again calories calories calories common theme here I’m getting calorically dense foods and nutrient dense foods you don’t see a whole lot of empty calories here you see dense calories that aren’t getting fuel help ketone production help keep me sated if I went into a mode where I couldn’t go to the store for a long time but I could still keep you know at least nutrient-rich chilies this shouldn’t be in this one this is more primal kitchen this is vodka sauce for non-dairy though so instead of having cream it uses like cashews I’m not the biggest man of Kashi news but in this case it’s kind of okay it’s minimal always talking about kettle and fire bone broth usually I have like a whole dedicated drawer to this stuff I generally break my fast with a couple ounces of bone broth just because it’s good for the gut mucosal layer when you do fast if you’re practicing intermittent fasting it breaks down the gut mucosal layer a little bit so you just need to try to take care of it by getting some of the gelatin that’s in bone broth fun fact you really only need like two ounces you don’t need much drive has a version a little bit less expensive if you’re a thrive member so again you can use that link down below but same kind of thing fact it’s probably white label Kevin fire also has a keto soup usually have a couple of those then I have some Trader Joe’s low-sodium chicken broth we got a bunch of that actually we stocked up on that because you never have enough broth and then it wouldn’t be a Thomas de Lauer video if I didn’t have some apple cider vinegar right so I got that by like I like the geography that and then let’s see what else we got all right of course we got some olive oil got my Cholula got some balsamic got some regular peanut sauce nothing really crazy here some curry all right here’s the baking section that’s good to talk about tapioca flour you can tell we do a lot of keto baking amber is like the queen of pita baking coconut flour we got some xanthan gum Oh looks like Tommy’s out of the back I can hear him hold on a teen night hemp seeds this is kind of an extra one I do like to use hemp protein and have season ever possible amber makes a really good called an oatmeal no oatmeal so it’s like oatmeal made with hemp and stuff like that so hemp is a complete protein but exceptionally high in methionine which can help some different conversion processes in the body help you get a little bit healthier okay let’s see what we got here okay flax meal so what we do is we’ll take flax meal take a little bit of almond flour take a little bit of psyllium you mix that with some water and you have bread you have a flatbread it’s literally all you need to do to make a flatbread it is really cool you can ask me nutritional use to it in your misshape now something very important to tell you about nutritional yeast which is something that I think it should be on everybody’s pantry staple lists we share this with you I’m gonna flip the camera around okay one of the most b12 rich foods that you’re gonna find okay nutritional use is super underrated okay the vegan community uses a lot of it therefore the keto community the carnivore community all the other communities tend to kind of poopoo it a little bit because they’re like oh it’s the vegan food no this stuff is so rich in vitamin b12 and newsflash you need b12 to help build antibodies if you don’t have vitamin B you don’t produce antibodies it is so so so important for you so make sure you’re getting nutritional yeast plus it does have a slight minute sense right it does have a slight excited toxin effect so it does kind of light your brain up so it actually makes food that cannon would be bland taste a little bit better without having to add MSG so it’s a fun fact I do recommend having that okay then we’ve got my baking cocoa lots among fruit pistachio flour was kind of a neat thing okay if you know my recipe for muumuus what I do before bed is I have baking cocoa and then I mix it with almond milk and then mix it with a little bit of coconut cream and a little bit of stevia or monk fruit and or and there we go you’ve got hot chocolate it’s pretty darn epic okay let’s see what’s in this bottom door here alright ginger juice I usually have a case of this too but with everything that’s been going on it’s been a little bit crazy with shipping haven’t been able to get things so get the ginger juice and then I’ve got paleo birch spend your pancakes now these paleo one’s kind of funny here they’re technically a couple carbs in so they’re not as keto friendly but then you’ve got their birch benders keto version well ingredients wise I actually prefer the paleo ones now technically this one’s more keto friendly but I’d rather have a little bit less pancakes and have the paleo when the keto one okay look at the ingredients on the paleo one cassava starch just very good coconut flour very good almond flour eggs leavening basically just baking soda salt monk fruit and spice whereas this one has almond flour eggs tiger nut flour coconut flour cassava starch buttermilk lemon or sorry butter no leavening the reason is is I’m not the biggest fan of Tiger nut flour because I seem to have a sensitivity to it and a lot of people that I know do as well it doesn’t mean that you can’t have it I just like the profile the Paleo one better anyhow these are just a pancake mix so super healthy pancake mix and again you can get those at sprouts Whole Foods whatever I think actually they literally hung that thrive market too so you can still use that link if you wanted to get them online keto by the way dogs are not out of water okay maybe out perfect keto these are some keto Institute coffee that I’ll use now and then it’s kind of like a just a keto coffee this is LeConte Oh liquid monk fruit so I like this because there’s no erythritol I’m sorry we’re just water monk fruit extract and natural flavors and then they have a lemon one and I’ll use that when you have to be careful with natural flavors a lot of times so with natural flavors they can add what are called incidental additives 150 different non-regulated compounds that go into natural flavors unless you trust the brand look out for natural flavors I trust the canto I use them a lot I know their natural flavors are did an ethically sourced so I’m not worried about it but just word to the wise and yes we have way too many of those we stocked up on that because we know the inventory issues could come into play there hey look who’s here okay we’re gonna start to speed it up a little bit here just to save some time but just so you see everything the pantry okay you got some waters yeah butternut squash pretzels which are a little bit deceiving I’ll show you something okay cassava squash non-gmo corn starch non-gmo expeller pressed canola oil cauliflower salt vegetable Brent blend so pretty darn clean in the way of a cracker and you know if you’re gonna give the kiddo a little cracker I would recommend something cream like this and at least its color Kreskin oil so it’s not terrible stuff you summit handlers whoops Amber’s electrolyte supreme this is magnesium I think you know we’re all magnesium people here so this is a magnesium based electrolyte paleo bars actually you might have seen me get these on my Costco haul 1249 for a box of 20 I mean that’s like less than a dollar a pop that’s really really good okay so this is really super cool the only thing that was a bummer in there was the honey which is high in fructose but again if you’re not doing keto it’s not too bad just so you know this is appropriately filmed at the right time look at my stash of vitamin C all different brands yeah I just got my hands on what I could get my hands on in fact in fact my own company pure thrive literally got back ordered like 30,000 units so I had to start stocking up from other brands literally so I started getting as much vitamin C as I could people were hoarding toilet paper I was boarding vitamin C that’s why did those videos talking about mega dosing vitamin C everything here is filmed at the right time I’m talking in real life okay this is March 2020 anyhow let me show you what else is in here oh then I’ve got more more fish more canned fish we’ve got more albacore this one’s in extra virgin olive oil okay so that’s why it’s not down where I can just grab it okay I always try to get tuna sardines whatever in water just because I don’t want the extra calories I just want the protein generally in this next style okay this is potassium chloride why the hikmaíah potassium chloride because I like to use potassium chloride every now and then just to get a few extra minerals in me you could get this stuff literally on Amazon for like eight bucks like a jug it’s gonna last you it should last you five years if it doesn’t last you five years you’re probably using too much get that other way really quick okay then I picked this stuff on the Costco haul when I was trying to identify the best proteins that were there I’m not a big whey protein person but in this case I did use often the nutrition simply because that is going to look at the ingredients here you want whey protein isolate okay you don’t necessarily want natural flavors but stevia leaves no sucralose and a little xanthan gum you want whey protein isolate because you do not want whey protein concentrate pay very close attention to that okay then I have Sunwarrior which is usually my go-to for breaking up fast so I’ll use this because look at this blend here pea protein hemp protein goji berry a really cool fatty acid profile really cool carb profile it’s just really really clean so I recommend breaking your fast with pea protein okay then I have my collagen that I’m always talking about perfect keto collagen that’s not just different flavors stocked up on that I can live off this stuff if I really need it to and we’re wrapping it up here pretty soon you know that I’m not key to all the time so I cycle in another pedo so what do I have if I’m not keto well lentil pasta bonzai chickpea pasta I’m very limited when I’m not moving keto okay when I’m not doing keto I’m very very clean very clean low glycemic carbohydrates so Trader Joe’s red lentil pasta and I also have natural heaven which is that hearts of palm pasta stock check this out really good nutrient profile there okay so here’s the thing I want to know I keep list out all these brands ok people would think that I’m a total sellout so if you are interested in knowing what brands I’m talking about all you have to do is comment ok and I can try to reply to you with any links or anything like that the only one I will link to is the dive market because a they’re a sponsor of this channel they’ve helped me out a lot they’re supporting this video but also because a lot of the stuff that I’m listed here you can get on the right market then lastly I have chlorella tabs which I stocked the heck up on I got a ton of it because the chlorella is going to be a great heavy-metal detox er so if I’m going to have a bunch of canned fish and things like that where I know I might be getting in some mercury I might be getting in some toxins I do want to take in chlorella I do want a conspiracy that chlorella is one of the only compounds algae that’s been shown in multiple studies to chelate minerals that are stress and chelate iron and chelate heavy metals that means it can get them out of your body so anyhow well that’s about that let me show you one more thing you usually have these guys in the pantry apple cider vinegar drinks easy deities are pretty awesome too that is about that nothing too crazy everything I usually talk about I’m stocked up for quite a while maybe next time I’ll do a fridge tour if you want to see me do a fridge tour comment it down below you guys are super awesome thank you so much for taking the time to watch this and see my pantry excursion and my this episode of TT cribs I mean pantry anyhow you guys are awesome thank you so much don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video you 

This Post Was All About What’s in MY Pantry Right NOW During the Quarantine.
What’s in MY Pantry Right NOW During the Quarantine

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