Whats Healthier?… Chicken or Pork

Whats Healthier?… Chicken or Pork

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hi guys dr. Burke here in this video we’re going to talk about what is healthier a chicken or pork what do you think well here’s the thing it’s kind of a trick question because when you go buy chicken commercially from the grocery store it’s highly processed and I never ever recommend consuming that type of meat even even you know cow me even any any of the meats I wouldn’t consume that big why because it’s factory farmed factory farmed is literally disgusting what occurs in these factories I mean it’s terrible first of all there’s GMO grains soy and corn which you’re getting a lot of pesticides from that that’s one thing right there which leads to all sorts of health problems there’s antibiotics there is drugs that they give these animals to grow them that are arsenic based so you’re getting arsenic it’s crazy you’re getting formaldehyde they use formaldehyde to prevent Salmonella on pork and chicken in the feed so formaldehyde is an embalming agent you know when you die they stick it through your veins so consuming that isn’t crazy in fact there’s even an article recently that found that like 22 different drugs in these animals commercially like like antihistamines and medications and you know anti like stress drugs all this stuff that’s in this meat it’s terrible so I would never consume anything like this okay now let’s differentiate over here what you want to do is you want to get pasture-raised products preferably from an online thing or maybe the farmers market okay sometimes you can find them in the health of store now that’s becoming more like pasture-raised that that means that the pig or the chicken goes out into the grass it actually consumes grass that’s what we want free-range doesn’t really mean anything means that they could you know walk around the barn but you need to get past raise the same same thing with chicken eggs from a small farmer okay that’s the ideal scene that’s what you need to do because if you saw what happens to this it’ll just make you you know vomit it’s so terrible they used you want to get non-gmo now how do you know it’s non-gmo well it’s going to have is going to say organic so if it’s organic it’s non-gmo that way you don’t get the the grains that are genetically modified you want no antibiotics no hormones so when you go to the store and you at the grocery store and it says no antibiotics it’s natural that’s not what we’re doing and that’s not the same that’s just one of the things you’re looking for okay no nitrates if you’re buying bacon like no nitrates nitrates are like a chem oppressor vut if you want to get no nitrates you want to get the Paleo bacon that has like no sugar added so those are some of the things but this is the most important pasture raised right here I’m going to put some links down below where you can research and find some of this is it more expensive yes is it healthier absolutely it’s so healthy but this stuff here you have to start phasing out of this because this is very unhealthy right here so it was a little bit of a trick question but both of these are bad unless you’re doing this now personally I prefer more pork now why because it’s fattier it’s a fattier meat it’s not as lean now if you have chicken there’s skin on it right I don’t think you’re going to do the skin on the pork unless it’s a these pork rinds but the chicken actually provides some fat the skin so that would be fine but the pork is fattier and if you’re doing trying to actually lose weight and do a ketogenic diet you want more fat in the diet because the lean meats actually stimulate insulin more than the fattier meats so pork would be better on your insulin levels if you’re either pre-diabetic or insulin resistance than a chicken but I know people think oh yeah chicken is really healthy yeah not quite but if you actually have it pasture raised it’s actually pretty healthy alright I hope that cleared up some confusion I’m sure I stir up some controversy but it’s below thanks for watching 

This Post Was All About Whats Healthier?… Chicken or Pork.
Whats Healthier?... Chicken or Pork

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