What’s Behind Thyroid Nodules?

What’s Behind Thyroid Nodules?

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I had a question regarding thyroid nodules okay let’s talk about that that really is a selenium deficiency most of the selenium in the body is stored in the thyroid and most of the iodine trace mineral is also stored in the thyroid so the thyroid needs both of these trace minerals in the right ratios if you’re deficient in selenium and you have too much of iodine that could be very damaging to the thyroid and vice-versa so you need the balance of both of these trace minerals one thing about selenium is that it acts as an antioxidant okay the base of that antioxidant is called glutathione and glutathione helps to reduce hydrogen peroxide that’s generated from the different biochemical reactions that happen in the thyroid now if you have an autoimmune disease of the thyroid called Hashimoto’s which by the way the great majority of hypothyroid type problems is Hashimoto’s it’s an autoimmune situation but it generates a lot of hydrogen peroxide as a byproduct now when hydrogen peroxide builds up in the tissues it creates damage to the thyroid cells themselves and then that can actually create this fibrosis of the thyroid and that can be part of the nodules as well so selenium has the ability to not just get rid of the free radical damage and the oxidation that occurs from autoimmune but it can also reduce the antibodies that are involved in this condition Hashimoto’s selenium also is involved in converting t4 to t3 so basically selenium is just as important as iodine in the thyroid function so the next question is what type of selenium should someone take to help this condition you need an organic selenium and I’m not talking about the definition of organic being without pesticide I’m actually talking about a different definition involving a different type of bond of the selenium molecule you have Organic minerals which are usually plant-based and bound to a protein and then you have minerals that are elemental the type of that I’m gonna recommend for either a thyroid nodule or Hashimoto’s would be Celino methionine or Celino cysteine not both one of the other but you would want to take one of these if you have nodules or Hashimoto’s now there’s two of the things I’m gonna recommend to enhance your results okay one is vitamin E but don’t get this synthetic version get a version that has not just all the took off roles but all the tocotrienols okay in a complex and also take cod liver oil with that you can get it in a little pearls or actually in a liquid but the combination is very very very important because now you’re getting vitamin A vitamin D vitamin E and selenium and the perfect combination alright thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos 

This Post Was All About What’s Behind Thyroid Nodules?.
What's Behind Thyroid Nodules?

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Someone recently had a question about thyroid nodules. What’s behind thyroid nodules, and what can you do about them?

What causes thyroid nodules? 
• A selenium deficiency

Most of the selenium and iodine in the body are stored in the thyroid. The thyroid needs both of these trace minerals in the right ratios. Selenium is just as important as iodine in thyroid function.

Selenium has the ability to:
• Get rid of free radical damage
• Get rid of oxidation
• Reduce antibodies

What type of selenium should you take? 
• You need an organic selenium 
• Either take selenomethionine or selenocysteine (not both)

Two more things to help enhance your results:

• Take vitamin E (not the synthetic version)
• Take cod liver oil 

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