What to Eat Post Workout – Morning vs. Night

What to Eat Post Workout – Morning vs. Night

What to Eat Post Workout – Morning vs. Night

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the science of what to eat after a workout is constantly evolving what was good to go in the 1960s and 70s is like completely the opposite of what we talked about in nowadays my point in saying that is this is constantly changing it’s constantly going to twist and turn and it’s my job to consistently do research and find out new ways that you can get the most out of your post-workout meals whether you are following a low-carb diet whether you’re intermittent fasting or whether you’re just eating a traditional standard diet I’m gonna give you the good so in this video I’m gonna break down what you should eat or some ideas on what you should eat post-workout in the evening or post-workout in the morning so this videos for everybody whether you workout in the morning or the evening we’re going to touch on all of it you are tuned into the Internet’s leading performance and fat loss channel with new videos on Tuesday Friday and Sunday at 7 a.m. Pacific time and a bunch of other videos throughout the week too please go ahead and hit that red icon to subscribe to this channel and then hit that little bell icon so you get notifications and know whenever I go live alright without further ado let’s break this down I’m going to start by talking about the evening post-workout meal and I’m not saying this because I prefer working on the evening quite honestly I prefer working out in the morning but I’m talking about this because some of the studies and some of the science and I’m going to reference pertaining to the evening post-workout meal is going to make sense when we talk about the morning meal later in this video okay this is all just practical information let me just get that on the table anything that I give you here does not have to be the gospel it just is simply what you can apply and interesting science that might get you more benefits so let’s get right to it in the evening post-workout keep it low-fat even if you are Kido okay if you are Kido if you are low-carb whatever you should still keep the post-workout meal in the evening low-fat why because our bodies store fat easier in the evening than they do in the morning okay there was a study that was published in BMC genomics that found that literally we have a higher level of muscle insulin sensitivity in the morning and insulin resistance in the morning and that changes during the course of the day now let me explain what that means it means that our fat is more receptive to absorb fat that we eat in the evening simply put if we eat more fat in the evening we have a higher chance of it’s storing as body fat in the evening then we would if we ate that same meal in the morning okay it all has to do with fat accumulation genes okay so it’s like fuel accumulation how our body actually utilizes this stuff and all just there’s a just a diurnal rhythm of our body that tells us when we store fat and when we don’t now additionally in the evening time we have an upregulation of specific carbohydrate transporters now this is all gonna make sense in a second because we have an upregulation of these glucose transporters and these glute transporters in general we can get away with carbs in the evening more than we can in the morning so I’m putting it all together in a nice package for you but here we go so keep your fats super low but then you’re gonna want to go ahead and have maybe 10 or 15 grams of carbohydrates you can have a little bit more in the way of glucose so I mean something like a starch something like a rice cake something’s gonna absorb fast you can even go online and get pure dextrose my point again I’m gonna make some sense of all this then you want to have like 10 to 15 even up to 20 it all depends fructose okay fructose is going to be coming from like a fruit so a perfect example is like one rice cake and a half of an orange okay we’re not talking a lot of carbohydrates here’s what happens the glucose from like the rice cake or something like that that uses something known as a solute one transporter okay it takes one specific bus and delivers the carbohydrates at a rate of one gram of carbs per minute to the muscle okay fructose takes in two completely different bus so fructose takes an entirely different bus which means that you have two molecules of carbohydrates in slightly different forms that are going to the same place utilizing two different vehicles rather than having to wait for the bus to come back and pick up so in essence by combining a little bit of fructose and a little bit of glucose you’re gonna absorb carbs a little bit faster which gives you less potential for those cards to get converted into fat via de novo lipid Genesis okay so this is very important here now another thing you want to make sure that you add a little bit of salt this is a negligible thing but important thing just a pinch of salt because that soda activates what’s called a sodium gated channel so in essence it’s a very simple right there okay low fat practically no fat if possible right after a workout a little bit of carbs a little bit of fructose and however much protein you really want to have as long as it’s lean now one of the reasons I want to do this videos because I’ve been hearing interesting science surrounding the world of cacao and cocoa lately so I’ve started adding cocoa or cacao to my post-workout meals whether it’s morning or evening okay it has to do with something known as an epicatechin so the epic catechins and cacao do something really interesting okay they inhibit myostatin myostatin is like a governor for our muscle growth it governs how big our muscles can get now I’m gonna give you an just an extreme example if you ever seen like Ripley’s Believe It or Not you’ve seen these things called Belgian blue cows they’re kind of a novelty cow out in Europe but basically they have a myostatin deficiency which means they don’t produce myostatin so they get ginormously jacked like super huge jack ripped cows okay it’s kind of funny but it’s a perfect example because that’s what happens in a body when you have no myostatin or very little essentially cacao inhibits myostatin in the human body to a degree so it allows our muscles to get a little bit bigger which means we can absorb more protein and utilize it more so that’s just a cool benefit so I add like a tablespoon of cacao to whatever I’m doing for post worked out even if it’s cooking with it okay another thing is it up regulates what is called uncoupling protein to now hear me out on this again I know I’m going sciency here but uncoupling protein to just helps increase fatty acid synthesis within the liver this is very cool for people that are doing a low carb high fat diet because what this means to us is that the fat that is coming into the liver will get synthesized into fatty acids and therefore into ketones better and it’s up regulated because of the cacao so it’s actually by default in a wrap-around way helping us create more ketones but then there’s one other cool thing that I add to the mix and honestly you can add this to the mix by utilizing for sig Matic who’s a big sponsor of this channel I’ll explain that in a second adding cordyceps into the mix so cordyceps help replenish ATP ATP is the energy that you use all the time but specifically when you’re working out you’re using a lot of it cordyceps through some weird wrap around ways in a neurological way replenish ATP they give us more ATP so that means that one more in for the next workout it just so happens that for sig Matic has a cocoa cordyceps blend so they had like a little packet of cacao that has cordyceps in it so it’s perfect you can mix in your protein shake you can make a little drink out of it it just works out perfect that way so honestly you can add that to your post-workout morning or evening if you want it to and just for kicks and giggles there is a link down in the description below if you wanted to get it at a discount they also have a coffee version which would work well too so go ahead and check them out down in the description special discount for anyone that watches my videos it’s just our way of saying thank you for supporting this channel alright now let’s move into the morning post-workout meals the morning post-workout meals well it gets a little bit different here’s the thing you can still apply the carbohydrate strategy in the morning everything I’ve talked about with a little bit of fructose a little bit of glucose and a little bit of protein will still apply in the morning okay if you want it to I can’t just I can’t explain enough how I’m just giving you ideas here this isn’t everything you should do you can still take what I said to do in the evening and do it in the morning but what I recommend in the morning is take advantage of the fact that your body isn’t going to store dietary fat as easily we should capitalize on this in the morning the fat that we eat doesn’t store as easily so it’s a golden opportunity to eat fat post-workout when you normally would not okay so normally I would say stay away from fat altogether at the end of a workout but in the morning we have a little bit more flexibility with these recent science considering the BMC genomic study but additionally if we get these fats from good omega threes okay what I mean by that is getting a good quality meat that’s high in omega threes or a good quality fish that’s high in omega-3s if we get our fat and protein from those kinds of sources we get to capitalize on a really cool thing there was a study that was published in the Journal of Clinical science that found that if you consumed omega-3s in a high quality form even as little as four grams immediately post-workout or close to a workout window it ended up up regulating protein synthesis by 50% protein synthesis is everything after a workout that’s how we absorb our protein so if we up regulate that by 50% that’s a huge thing we only get that up Reggie if we’re consuming these omega-3s along with our protein so it’s a perfect opportunity since we don’t want to consume these fats in the evening because they can store easy don’t get me wrong you can still consume fats if you’re on keto in the evening okay so don’t hold that against me the point is that it’s a golden opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity to get the protein synthesis upregulation and because it doesn’t store as easy we just we have less risk so after a workout you can have the steak or after a workout you can have the steak in eggs of course keep the carbs out of the equation because we don’t want to combine those fats with the carbs but it’s a perfect keto post-workout so for me I work out in the morning I will have a high-fat high-protein meal after my workout if I’m not fasting that day it just works out great okay additionally post-workout in the morning you take advantage of having caffeine with your post-workout studies have shown that caffeine takes extra glucose glycogen from the liver and pours it into the bloodstream which means you can have glucose come from the liver and replenish the muscle cells without ever ingesting a single carb carbohydrates will actually flow into your bloodstream from other sources because you consume caffeine not something you’d want to do in the evening because you wouldn’t be able to sleep so you can take advantage of that in the morning okay so pretty cool stuff additionally caffeine is also going to make it so the fats you do consume are more likely to be mobilized and used as ketones versus stored really cool stuff so I’m going to recap here for you just so that you’ve got it just plain and simple because I know I’ve talked about a lot you workout in the evening have your post-workout meal be something like this pea protein or whey protein along with any where again it varies but 1020 grams of glucose so use a rice cake then again anywhere from 10 to 20 grams of fructose have like a half of an orange not a lot of carbohydrates okay now then you can go ahead and add a little bit of salt but that’s just again negligible probably the salt that’s on the rice cake is probably gonna be enough but you can add a little bit salt okay that’s perfect then you go ahead and you add a little bit of cacao in there that’s your post-workout for the evening plain and simple then in the morning time your meal can be simple bacon and eggs with some chicken bacon and eggs with a little bit of steak have your higher fat higher protein and a cup of khat good to go this doesn’t have to be everything okay you can do all kinds of different things I don’t want you to hate on me but anyway as always keep it locked in here on my channel I’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About What to Eat Post Workout – Morning vs. Night.
What to Eat Post Workout - Morning vs. Night

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What to Eat Post Workout – Morning vs. Night – Thomas DeLauer


Fat Storing Genes – Study

Study from BMC Medical Genomics found that you start your day with insulin sensitive muscles and insulin resistant adipose tissue, which reverses its trend towards the night, when you end up with the opposite

Specifically, “fuel accumulation” genes, such as those involved in cholesterol biosynthesis (HMGCR, HMGSC1), LDL receptor (LDLR), and glucose transport (GLUTS 1, 3, 5 and 14) have low levels in the morning and rise in the afternoon (negatively, correlated with PER1 mRNA.)

Caffeine, Fat Burning & Glycogen

Caffeine increases adrenaline, which increases lipolysis – an increase in free fatty acids shooting around your body causes a subsequent, but necessary, drop in insulin sensitivity to allow you to actually burn the fat
it stimulates the liver to release glucose into the bloodstream in the case that we need quick energy – So as a result, our body finds a way to allow for fat burning to occur by becoming temporarily insulin resistant
In a state of impaired insulin sensitivity, insulin can’t bind to its receptor properly which prevents it from triggering its anti-fat-burning effects
caffeine may aid in facilitating glucose uptake from the blood into the muscles as caffeine intake can acutely lower insulin sensitivity and increase glucose concentrations

In addition, caffeine seems to increase the activity of several signaling enzymes, including the calcium-dependent protein kinase and protein kinase B (also called Akt), both which, when activated, trigger an uptake in muscle glucose during and after exercise

Furthermore, caffeine activates AMPK, and activation of AMPK has also been deemed necessary for contraction-stimulated glucose transport into skeletal muscle


High protein again alongside high carb to capitalize on insulin sensitivity while also keeping the meal quite lean to minimize fat storage – get fats in the way of omega 3’s to increase protein synthesis (as well as them storing in phospholipids)

Omega 3’s

A study published in the journal Clinical Science looked at 9 healthy participants, age 25-45, who led a sedentary lifestyle that supplemented with 4 grams of DHA and EPA daily for an 8-week period

Found that omega 3’s did not affect protein synthesis without the addition of insulin and amino acids

But, in a high amino acid and insulin environment, the higher omega-3 fatty acid levels enhanced mechanisms of muscle growth

With increased omega-3 fatty acids following supplementation, it was found that the muscle protein fractional synthesis rate increased

The pathways which regulate protein synthesis (mTORSer2448 and p70s6kThr389) increased by roughly 50% (50% more active in the presence of higher omega-3 fatty acid levels)

Epicatechin is known for its ability to boost muscle growth – the epicatechin contained in chocolate has the ability to inhibit a protein called myostatin.

Myostatin restricts muscle growth to prevent hypertrophy – Epicatechin decreases the myostatin production in the body and it increases the production of another protein called follistatin

This protein promotes muscle growth and helps minimize the effect of myostatin in the body

Epicatechin positively affects blood flow as it enhances the production of nitric oxide – naturally widens the blood vessels allowing blood to circulate freely around the body

Good blood circulation promotes shuttling of more nutrients to your muscles.

Cacao and Fat Storage

Shown to decrease the hepatic gene expression for tricarboxylate (ci- trate) transport protein, adenosine triphosphate citrate lyase, and fatty acid synthase – indicate that cocoa decreases gene expression of the FA synthesis system in the liver


When a carb that uses SGLT1 is ingested at a rate of 1 g/min, this transporter may saturate and ingesting more of a specific carbohydrate may not result in an increased appearance of that carbohydrate in the circulation

Fructose uses a different transport system and is transported (independent of sodium) by GLUT5

SGLT1 carries out the co-transport of one molecule of glucose/galactose together with two sodium ions – cotransport with sodium

was believed that even when “fast carbohydrates” were ingested during exercise, these could not be greater than 1 g/min (60 g/h)

But the ingestion of glucose & fructose together is ingested at high rates of up to 2.4 g/min


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