What to Buy (& Avoid) for CLEAN Keto at Target

What to Buy (& Avoid) for CLEAN Keto at Target

What to Buy (& Avoid) for CLEAN Keto at Target

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holy cow my truck is filthy but i guess when you live where it’s foggy you can’t really ever keep them clean anyway we are going into target today and what we’re going to try to find is the top keto finds as of right now now the cool thing is target always rotates the kinds of keto items that they have they’re very big on promotional items they’re very big on what is working so we’re gonna hop on in there we’re gonna see if we can find some new things new keto treats or maybe even things that aren’t marketed as keto but will work as such so let’s head on in we’ll make this quick and make it dirty actually make it clean and we’ll rock i just realized that i made the biggest mistake that you can possibly make at target which is wearing red because when you wear red when you’re in target everybody stops you thinks that you work there or you just kind of blend in good news is means that i camouflage and it means that maybe i won’t get asked to leave when i’m grocery shopping so let’s go see if we can hunt down some keto items nice quiet day at target which is always a plus usually it’s a bit of a mad house in here but i’ve kind of figured out the exact time to go to avoid the people that might kick you out area that people often overlook okay this is going to be like the pharmaceutical area that tends to have some halfway decent keto items so we’re going to take a look and see if there’s anything that you should get or anything that you should avoid honestly this would be a six hour video if i went over the things that you should avoid so let’s go highlight some of the positive things and things that you might want to consider getting okay so there’s a couple keto collagen items here okay the first one is organe keto now let’s take a look at what’s on this okay i’ll flip this around so you can see we have collagen peptides coconut medium chain triglycerides organic alkalized cocoa acacia gum sea salt and organic stevia all is good but the acacia gum doesn’t need to be there the idea behind the acacia gum is just to give it a little bit more body and give it a little bit more thickness so it seems like you’re getting more in the volume of a scoop but it causes gastric distress in some people but if we look at this one that’s right next to it i’ll show you the price in a second this is this ancient nutrition keto collagen take a look at the ingredients in this one okay it’s got hydrolyzed bovine hyde collagen peptides and medium chain triglycerides from coconut two ingredients super clean and then check out the price difference okay so orgain you’re paying 29.99 here you’re paying 20.99 but it’s also on clearance but i’ve noticed some clearance at a lot of different targets so this one much cleaner less garbage in it and at least it notes the source of the collagen which is very important we’ll take a quick look at protein powders here now target just started carrying iso pure i used to really like isoprene but let me explain something here okay so isopure is nice because it’s a whey protein isolate which means it’s isolating the protein from the actual whey now let me explain why this isn’t exactly the best whey protein isolate natural flavor citric acid stevia leek and turmeric extract okay natural flavors right there is the second ingredient natural flavors are loaded okay there’s a lot of natural flavors when it comes down to protein powders so usually you can be okay with natural flavors a little bit but in protein powders they’re super loaded with them so this really inexpensive one which is 21 right now is actually even better let me explain why okay whey protein isolate produced from microfiltration technology crystalline fructose which is not always the best if you have a ton of it but this isn’t much dutch cocoa okay now dutch cocoa is better than regular cocoa because dutch cocoa actually uses a process that adds potassium into it so that’s a much better mix and then you have non-gmo lecithin which isn’t a big deal inulin fiber not the best thing but better than having the natural flavors in there so there’s no natural flavors in this one which makes this one a winner especially considering when you look at the overall price point 21 bucks versus 25 bucks and a heck of a lot more in terms of volume so behind me we have a million different protein bars obviously big business here i will go ahead and save you a lot of time and effort and let you know that right now target does not have the best selection of protein bars okay so i’ll show you really quickly but i don’t want to spend a whole lot of time always joke that quest bars send you on a quest to the toilet because they go right through you let’s see uh we have a protein blend milk protein isolate right out the gate okay not even whey protein isolate they start with milk protein isolate soluble corn fiber which isn’t the end of the world but you’re going to have gastric distress combine that with erythritol then you have a problem okay so obviously a lot of different weird things in there but the big one sucralose okay studies have demonstrated that sucralose can kill up to 50 of your gut bacteria now all the quest products are going to be the same in that and the quest cookies really throw people off because when you look at the quest cookies again same thing no protein isolate whey protein isolate soluble corn fiber and then they’re combining that with a bunch of other things not to mention natural flavors not to mention all these other calcium casonates and things that we don’t want in there the good news is at least with the cookies they use stevia but all these other things are going to make it not worth your while so i don’t think there’s a whole lot that we can really utilize here as far as the protein bars and cookies go okay now i’m in the cottage cheese in the dairy section they have a really good quality cottage cheese but one specific find that i really want to demonstrate here it is awesome okay it is this good culture 3g stuff now this is not ordinary cottage cheese check this out so what they’ve done is they’ve taken fruit on the bottom style cottage cheese and they’ve already got the good ingredients of good culture cottage cheese which is already terrific stuff but then look what they’re using to sweeten it with monk fruit juice concentrate lemon juice black carrot purple carrot blueberry juice live in active culture so obviously good stuff okay four grams of carbs three grams of sugar which is coming from the berries in there so it’s really more like a lower glycemic fructose it’s a really really good step unfortunately it’s not the cheapest 1.59 for a little thing of it but i will tell you from experience this stuff is amazing if you have kids okay it’s hard to find good clean things that you feel comfortable giving to your kids my son my toddler loves this stuff and it’s totally keto friendly and gives you that little sweet treat that you might want listen one of the most important things that you need to remember when it comes down to cottage cheese is the quality okay cottage cheese is pure casein protein what that means is you run a risk of it being very low quality and causing some serious issues within the body as far as an inflammatory response is concerned so you gonna get cottage cheese you’ve got to get the good clean stuff okay so good culture is very good in that respect as well as a lot of the different like a2 casing proteins that you’re gonna find in good quality like organic cottage cheese and stuff like that by the way a lot of the protein bars and things like that that i’ve talked about if you are up in canada i highly recommend that you check out natura okay so i’ll put a link down below in the description they’re like thrive market except they’re up in canada and the reason i mentioned that is i have about 30 of my audience in canada so if you’re watching from canada you highly highly highly would get some benefit out of checking out natura they are a supporter of this channel but every time i do grocery hauls i like to mention them because a lot of people in canada especially in the wintertime especially if we end up in lockdown it’s hard to go to the grocery store so i highly recommend you check them out just because they’ve got a lot of different keto goodies they’ve got a lot of different paleo things and things that i would normally talk about on my channel so check them out down below in the description just to get some really interesting finds all right if you’re a big yogurt person i think you’re going to find this one interesting there’s a few things in there that i probably would steer away from but still as far as keto is concerned pretty cool little find check them out it’s 2g yogurt all these different flavors similar to the 3g good culture cottage cheese let’s just grab a coconut one here just to see okay so it’s a yogurt which is obviously great with probiotics great in terms of ketone balancing out cultured reduced fat milk water yadda yadda yadda okay there are natural flavors there is a little tapioca starch there are some of these gums and things that hold it together the nice thing is they’re using stevia leaf okay sea salt vitamin d3 and that’s really it so they’re not using any sugar i don’t know why more brands aren’t doing this this just makes way more sense so this is a cool keto find every single one yes there’s a good degree of natural flavors in them so it’s not something you want to have all the time and natural flavors are a little bit difficult to identify because some of them are totally fine and some of them are not fine at all again we look at a price point of 1.49 so it’s not always the best here you can get a four pack for five bucks which doesn’t save you too much money and you end up with a four pack of the same flavor i’d rather just diversify my flavors try something new so with natural flavors this is a total wild card because natural flavors can be as simple as something that is truly derived naturally but it can also be something that is what’s called an incidental additive where the fda doesn’t necessarily regulate what they put in a natural flavor and it falls into the umbrella of a natural flavor sorry my mask consistently falls off because i have a weird chin one thing about target is there’s always someone working on every single aisle always making it a little bit tough this is something kind of interesting it’s not really keto but i just noticed that blonza is making pizza crust now bonza is chickpea flour let’s see what they’re doing here okay the crust is chickpeas water tapioca cocoa butter dang that’s pretty cool it’s not keto because chickpeas are not keto but if i was coming off a keto and i just wanted something low glycemic that’d be a nice little uh cheat meal or something that’s not gonna have a tremendous terrible impact right i’m a fan of seaweed snacks okay there’s a lot of benefit to having them on keto just because of the iodine and that’s a trace mineral that can usually get depleted a little bit when you’re on keto so seaweed snacks can be deceiving though they can be a little bit funny let me show you what we got going on here now i like the gimme brand okay it’s a good brand but the nice thing is the annie chungs are a little bit better in terms of how they round out the fat profile okay see they have seaweed and they have sunflower oil which is also what the gimme has but they also add sesame oil okay that’s nice because at least the sesame oil is an omega-6 oil that is going to counteract some of the negative aspects of the organic sunflower oil the reason i say that is because sesame oil is very rich in specific antioxidants that actually fight off the negative attributes of an omega 6 to begin with so very very powerful i’ve done specific videos on this they also add some olive oil so point is is you’re not just getting sunflower oil you’re getting sunflower oil but at least you’re getting other oils to balance it out but you also have some olive oil in there you also have that rosemary it’s just a better flavor but these aren’t terrible as long as you get ones that aren’t in canola oil you’ll be in decent shape now they’re the same price so which one do you go for okay pretty pricey for a random snack but still something that’s a cool little keto find that you’re not gonna find in a lot of other mainstream grocery stores the nut butter section i could spend so much time here because there’s so much going on so i’m just gonna hone in on immediately what i will tell you is good and not focused on the bad i have a tendency to get pessimistic when it comes down to nut butters and it can leave us here for quite a while you’re best to go with the no sugar added sunflower butter sunflower butter word to the wise is still high omega-6 not the best fat but you compare it to almond which has virtually no omega-3s whatsoever or compared to peanuts which are legume which are definitely not what we want to have price-wise you’re going to be in good shape now the best one if price wasn’t really an issue would be to go with like the maranatha okay no sugar or salt added but that’s 10 bucks okay we go to the no sugar added sunflower butter it’s only six bucks okay a little bit of a better bargain what’s funny is the non-sugar or the one with sugar is more expensive i guess it tastes better so people will demand it this one it’s more of a neutral taste again everything here is not exactly great but not truly bad either when you start getting onto the peanut butters and stuff i would say generally speaking i’m much more of a fan of going with like a macadamia nut butter or something like that because technically macadamia nuts are a seed and technically they have like practically zero omega-6 profile super cool keto find alert all right sir kensingtons which is already awesome check this out this is an avocado vegan mayo which means if you’re trying to keep it super clean you don’t even want eggs in the mix we’ve got avocado oil we’ve got aquafaba which is water and chickpeas more or less this one does have coconut sugar so it’s going to be a little bit of carbs in it simply because of that but still we’re talking one gram of carb versus zero look at the ingredients of that acacia gum sunflower oil not the best but at least avocado oil is the first ingredient now if you compare that to their classic mayonnaise their classic mayonnaise first ingredients sunflower oil then we get into eggs now they do have an avocado oil one which i think they’re just out of stock but this is an avocado oil vegan one pricey but pretty darn cool for people that might be doing vegan keto or just want to lessen the amount of eggs that they’re taking in just because maybe they have an issue with the sulfur from a gastric perspective or something like that i feel like the condiment section is always where you find some really interesting stuff and i know that they have yeah here it is ketchup this is cool yes there’s a couple carbs in it for tablespoon but you really don’t want to have more than a tablespoon this is unsweetened ketchup and you would think it would taste awful but it tastes amazing you don’t need to have sweetener in it that’s a really good little keto find and i’m impressed that target has it you may not think that you’re gonna find anything on the cereal aisle but you might be surprised so right now i’m in the pancake section and there’s some fun keto options here that i didn’t know were here before so 5.99 for birch keto pancakes but better yet now they have chocolate chip keto six grams of net carbs let’s see what we got in it almond flour okay yeah not the biggest fan of almond flour but it’s all good uh no added sugar and then we’ve got dark chocolate chips unsweetened chocolate a little bit of erythritol cocoa butter stevia sunflower less than eggs tiger nut flour yeah that is clean clean clean you just add water to these things i do like their pumpkin spice one if you’re not doing keto that’s a really good option but if you’re gonna go keto and you’re gonna splurge and you’re gonna excuse me if you’re gonna have pancakes you’re gonna splurge you might as well go with the chocolate chip ones there’s only one gram of net carbs more and they just taste delicious so this is a really cool keto find i haven’t seen any other keto ones kodiak cakes doesn’t make them purely elizabeth doesn’t make them it’s pretty much just a birch binders thing i think they’re the only ones that have nailed it the paleo pancakes come out way better than the keto pancakes in my opinion so if you’re gonna cheat go for the paleo ones but if you’re trying to stay keto just have two or three of the keto ones a little fine on the sweetener aisle they have uh pure via stevia liquid which is never mind okay so this almost caught me stevia than erythritol i always try to find pure stevia because normally here’s what happens look at this you get like the boxes of stevia what are the ingredients first ingredient is dextrose then stevia so you’re still spiking your insulin plus natural flavors okay i promise i wouldn’t focus on the negative so let’s just move on not a whole lot in the way of good sweeteners even organic stevia in the raw still is stevia what organic cane sugar first ingredient then stevia that is full on bs i’m sorry that is not cool at all that is false advertising they put it right there organic stevia blend come on i’m a fan of cooking with yi so it’s nice to see some good quality uh ghee here okay no milk solids just straight up butter fat really good stuff uh nice to see it because usually you used to have to just go to like a specialty store to find it so it’s kind of nice to see it here man i look at myself and i see these circles in my eyes i’m tired today i was up all night with emma who’s five months old and tommy who is three months old or sorry three years old see i can’t even remember that uh fortunately all this nutrition stuff is ingrained in my brain so don’t have to remember a lot of that it’s just who i am but anyhow sorry that you have to look at me right now enough oils at target i’m not gonna spend a lot of time let’s go find some more little hidden gems surprisingly found something in the cookie cracker aisle kind of a cool keto find it’s not my favorite cookie but still check it out like high key made the cut i didn’t know they were in retail so that’s kind of cool i prefer fat snacks fat snacks has like these little mini cookies that are in my opinion much better almond flour erythritol monk fruit stevia coconut oil butter cream dried eggs i mean overall it’s decent ingredients two ounces for four bucks not the greatest price that you’re gonna find in retail but totally keto friendly that’s actually gonna work let’s see what the net carbs are okay so it says total carbs um yeah so erythritol six yeah so we’re looking at nine grams minus six in the erythritol it’s three two five or one gram net carbs yep keto certified so again it’s not at eye level which means they’re just getting into the store usually when they’re up top or down low it means they’re trying to earn their way through that to get to that quote eye level right here so that people see it but still a good find i’m happy to see that target is opening up some more keto options there i’ve always been more of a fan of fat snacks just because they’re i don’t know the ogs and they’ve done it right okay now check this out found another goodie we’ve got parm crisps uh i would take parm crisps or parmesan whisps over these other flavors because parmesan is aged and it’s going to be better in terms of the type of protein that’s going to be in it just simply because it’s aged but then we also have these good and gather target brand three dollars and 19 cents now these are on sale normally 369 but two for six right now but these are 319 and we’ve got parmesan cheese we’ve got cheese cultures the typical stuff except yeast extract not a big fan of that yeast extract is basically msg which means it’s lighting your brain yeast extract triggers sort of a glutamate response in your brain which makes it so that your brain thinks something tastes better so you want to eat more of it not the end of the world we see it in a lot of products but i don’t know let’s see what’s in the palm crisps yeah that’s kind of a no-brainer aged parmesan cheese definitely a no-brainer that parm crisps are going to be the cleanest target keto little treat option here one ingredient you can’t really beat that shame on that good and gather you didn’t have to do that you could compete with parm crisps and just be clean you would think the nut aisle would be keto haven turns out a lot of the nuts that they have here are well kind of nuts not exactly what we want to have uh i found something really interesting a couple weeks ago and was greatly greatly turned off check this out i found these salt and pepper roasted macadamia nuts and i thought holy cow this is so cool i love salt and pepper flavor we’ll check it out macadamia nuts sea salt black pepper then vegetable oil peanut cottonseed and soybean oil really you take macadamia nuts have they are so low in omega-3s and so low in omega-6s but very very high in omega-7 so point is if you’re going to overeat a nut it’s going to be macadamia nuts because they have a good fat profile then all of a sudden you roast them in this vegetable oil and it turns into total garbage compare that to this operative word here on this one dry roasted macadamia nuts that means that they’re just roasted dry so look at the ingredient profile of this one macadamia nuts and sea salt they’re dry roasted that’s it okay no weird oils in it no weird soybean oil which is a polyunsaturated fat which is just absolutely going to be denatured and terrible but you still get the clean macadamia nuts so that one’s disappointing this one still good to go i thought that i was about done but i did see this new stuff this super coffee from a company called ketu let me show you this stuff okay so zero added sugar 200 milligrams of caffeine so quite a bit of caffeine they’ve got mocha hazelnut and vanilla i’m sure it’s hazelnut flavor not actual real hazelnut but here we have colombian coffee whey protein oh man i wish it was whey protein isolate concentrate has a little bit of other funky ingredients coconut mct oil monk fruit natural hazelnut flavor natural maple maple flavor natural flavor potassium phosphate gel and gum okay green coffee caffeine that’s cool they add some extra coffee caffeine via green coffee still a mocha so this is interesting milk protein isolate and this one has whey protein concentrate and this one has milk protein iso that’s a tough one okay so if i had to choose between whey protein concentrate and milk protein isolate i would probably go for the whey protein concentrate so the hazelnut flavor is going to be the flavor to go for see does have mct oil which is added to it which is cool only one gram of net carb this is pretty neat definitely a big caffeine kick though um other than that not a whole lot of good stuff as far as energy drinks and coffee you guys well that’s about it that’s all i could really find as far as a good little surprise keto treats that are here at target but we’ll do plenty more of these videos in fact i’ll do another video where i come back to target and do a more full haul and show you the kind of things that i would get for clean keto mediterranean keto all that stuff i’m gonna go buy a couple of things that i got in my cart and i will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About What to Buy (& Avoid) for CLEAN Keto at Target.
What to Buy (& Avoid) for CLEAN Keto at Target

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