What is Vitiligo?

What is Vitiligo?

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[Music] hi guys in this video we’re gonna talk about vitiligo this is the loss of that pigment on the skin and those little white specks that you can have anywhere in the body in the face and the hands they can be very embarrassing because they’re on your skin and it’s hard to hide it so let’s talk about what this is and what you can do about it again this is for your research it’s not a means of an instant cure but it may help you greatly in fact it might get rid of the problem but we have to understand what the problem is so skin color comes from melanin which is controlled by melanocytes which are cells that control how much or how little this substance is in the skin and so what happens you have this autoimmune situation an autoimmune situation is where your own immune system the white blood cells attack your cells so it’s a self attack where the immune system is overwhelmed so that’s really what destroys the cells and then you have this loss of pigment okay so what triggers this condition is stressful events especially emotional stress a lot of clients who came to see me over the years and they had this condition one for one they went through some emotional stress some severe losses and they usually had poor adrenals because the adrenal gland is also involved in the immune system and that’s why a condition called Addison’s which is low adrenal has one of the symptoms being vitiligo and sometimes even the darkening of the skin as well so the adrenals are involved and that’s why one of the remedies would be also prednisone or cortisol a cortisone on the skin which I don’t recommend glutathione is one of the most powerful cell protectors it protects the cell against stress and so the strategy here is not to kill something off is to strengthen the immune system okay so how do you do that you’re going to add glutathione as a supplement you’re also going to add NAC NAC works with glutathione and these two together work really good for a loss of immunity especially if you’ve taken steroids and all of a sudden they don’t work anymore prednisone that type of thing and selenium is kind of a precursor for glutathione so I recommend that as well green juices any type of green juice powder is very very beneficial for the skin lots of Sun so you get vitamin D vitamin D is healing for the skin and last but not least low stress you have to change your environment you have to get rid of the actual Stu trigger that instigated this in the first place alright thanks for watching hey if you haven’t already subscribed press the button below and I will keep you in the know hey that rhymes

This Post Was All About What is Vitiligo?.
What is Vitiligo?

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Dr. Berg talks about vitilgo. This is an autoimmune condition in which your own immune system (WBCs) end up attacking melanocytes preventing a normal amount of melanin. This creates a whiteness patches on the skin. It’s noted that people with vitiligo have low levels of glutathione. This is a powerful compound in the body which protects our cells against stress. By strengthening the immune system, an improvement can be seen in the self-attack against melanin.

1. Glutathione
2. NAC
3. Selenium
4. Green drinks
5. Sun
6. Decrease stress



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