What is the Spinal Stenosis?

What is the Spinal Stenosis?

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hey guys dr. Burke here in this video we’re gonna talk about something called spinal stenosis okay stenosis is the Greek word that means narrowing you can have stenosis of the arteries we’re going to talk about stenosis of the spinal column you know the spine that goes from your head all the way down to your lower back this condition basically there’s just not enough space in that column so it prep that presses on the spinal cord all right so it’s narrowing of this space pressing on the cord causing pain and it could be in the neck it could be in the low back it could be in the mid back or sciatica down the legs or even pain down the arms okay so that’s pretty much what it is now what is the cause of this okay if you look it up it’ll say the cause is age-related you’re just getting older bone spurs thinning of the discs which kind of collapse the space as well arthritis okay that’s what it says but what is the real underlying cause of this because a lot of people have this and they don’t really know what to do about it other than surgery okay so what is the actual cause of spinal stenosis okay now normally there is a certain factor or a certain chemical that is supposed to inhibit bone spurs and the formation of calcium deposits in the soft tissues normally there should not be an excess of calcium deposits and the ligaments around the spinal column and when that occurs it can constrict and narrow the spinal column okay well that factor is called MGP long word for it is carboxylated matrix GLA protein if you really want to know that so when you’re deficient in MGP you’re not going to be able to get rid of the spur formation or the excess calcium deposits so MGP is a potent inhibitor of not just vascular calcification that makes your arteries hardened but joint calcification as well it basically helps you bind calcium and move it in places that it shouldn’t be and puts it in the bone where it should be okay so the question is why is this missing it’s really not missing it just isn’t it’s missing the activator there’s a certain activating a vitamin that is missing that’s supposed to turn kick this and turn the thing on and that’s called vitamin k2 okay you probably heard of vitamin k1 vitamin k2 is all about triggering this compound to then mobilize calcium from the wrong place and put it into the correct place okay vitamin k2 is usually deficient in the diet because many people do not consume grass-fed products because it’s it’s really only in the grass-fed animal products it’s in the grass-fed dairy grass-fed meats it’s in egg yolks from chickens that are grass fed like pasture raised not grain fed any animal products that are fed grains you’re not going to see a lot of vitamin k2 so you definitely want to do the grass-fed now if you’re a vegetarian you might want to consume something called NATO which is a fermented soy product which you will see by the Mackay – so one of the factor that could be diminishing the absorption would be your gall bladder or your liver is damaged because you need normal bile to absorb this fat soluble vitamin k2 alright so if there’s not enough bile or goblet problem or don’t have a gall bladder that could be the reason why so I put a link down below of the natural version of vitamin k2 which is called mk7 I don’t recommend doing the mk4 version that is synthetic alright and I also put some research down below for additional information about k2 but just make sure you start consuming more grass-fed especially if you have spinal stenosis thanks for watching hey if you haven’t already subscribed press this little button down below ok thanks

This Post Was All About What is the Spinal Stenosis?.
What is the Spinal Stenosis?

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Dr. Berg talks about spinal stenosis. This is narrowing of the space around the spinal cord. This can be in the neck, low back or even the midback. Typically if you look at what causes

Normally there is this factor that is supposed to inhibit spur formation. This is called:
MGP (Carboxylated Matrix GLA Protein). This factor is activated by vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 is normally in grass fed dairy products and meat and even egg yolks because it’s a fat soluble vitamin. It’s also in natto, a soy product (make sure you use organic) for those who are vegans.
I also recommend taking the natural version of K2 which is MK7.


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