What is the Dietary Requirement for Carbohydrates?

What is the Dietary Requirement for Carbohydrates?

What is the Dietary Requirement for Carbohydrates?

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hi guys I’m back I’m gonna answer a question that came up from someone that wanted to know what is the dietary requirement for carbs okay this is not going to be a long video but I will say this the requirement is that there isn’t any there’s none there is no RDAs for carbohydrates there is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate there are essential amino acids there are essential fatty acids but no essential carbohydrates and in this definition essential means that your body can’t make it it needs to get it from the diet okay well guess what the question is can your body make glucose yes it’s called gluco neo Genesis okay but when you read textbook sometimes they’ll even say oh glucose is necessary for the brain for the red blood cell and that’s all true but when you actually reduce glucose and you cut down the carbs your body just converts and starts burning ketones starts burning more fatty acids and any glucose that it needs it can turn the ketone the fat the protein into glucose so you do not need glucose now that being said your microbes do like to eat fiber and fiber is a carbohydrate but it is the only carbohydrate that has zero effect on insulin so fibers okay unless you have a lot of digestive issues where when you consume fiber it just tears you up other than that I would recommend vegetables to get your fiber to feed the microbes and also the vegetables have some nutrients as well so there are no requirements going on a low-carb diet will do a lot of great things for you despite consuming more fat one of the biggest misconceptions is that oh I don’t want to do a low carb diet because that’s a high fat diet what’s interesting is when you lower the carb and you and you actually raise the fat your cholesterol ratios and things go into a really good range your LDL so-called bad cholesterol may go up temporarily but if you evaluate LDL and for the two different types of LDL large buoyant versus small dense you’re gonna find that the good LDL is going to be high and the bat is going to be low so low carb diet puts you in a really good place with cholesterol in general it’s when you consume a high carb diet that you worsen your cholesterol ratios you increase triglycerides you decrease HDL and you increase the really bad version of LDL and also you increase your risk of diabetes and heart problems and I’m going to put some very interesting research down below you should check it out but if you haven’t watched my video on the good and bad LDL check that out I put it right on the screen right here 

This Post Was All About What is the Dietary Requirement for Carbohydrates?.
What is the Dietary Requirement for Carbohydrates?

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You might be surprised at the dietary requirements for carbohydrates. Check this out. 


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In this short video, we’re going to talk about carbs and carbohydrate requirements. 

There are no RDAs for carbs. There is no such thing as essential carbohydrates. There are essential amino acids and fatty acids but no essential carbohydrates. The definition of “essential” that I’m talking about means that your body can’t make it. It needs to get it from the diet. 

Can your body make glucose? Yes, it’s called gluconeogenesis. Some things say glucose is necessary for the brain and red blood cells. That’s true. But when you reduce glucose and cut down on carbs, your body starts burning ketones and fatty acids. The body can actually turn ketones, fat, and protein into any glucose that it needs. You do not need glucose. 

That being said, your microbes do like to eat fiber, and fiber is a carbohydrate. But, it is the only carbohydrate that has zero effect on insulin. Fiber is okay. 

A low-carb diet will do a lot of great things for you even if you consume more fat. When you lower your carbs and raise the amount of fat you consume, your cholesterol can actually go into a really good range. Your LDL may go up temporarily, but the good LDL will be high, and the bad LDL will be low.

A high carb diet may increase your risk of high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart problems. 

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There are no dietary requirements for carbohydrates. In fact, a high-carb diet may be very damaging to your health.

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