What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

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so today we’re talking about chronic fatigue syndrome now if you look at this up you’re gonna find that it has an unknown cause and the name for that is idiopathic which means unknown cause it’s worse with exercise and every single case that I’ve seen they have poor sleep and sleeping does not improve the situation they’re constantly exhausted and there’s no test that will pick this up now I personally had this condition in my 20s and I did not know what to do about it I did not look sick from the outside but when I would wake up in the morning I was so tired despite drinking massive amounts of coffee I could not wake up I was in a constant fog trying to search out something that could help me I’d be driving down the street with my wife and I would say honey there’s a health store let’s go in there maybe I can buy another vitamin to try to get my energy back and I had a warehouse filled with supplements and I’m not kidding and I’d be taking over a hundred and fifty pills a day and nothing worked but before we get into what I did to solve this problem click that red subscribe button and that little bell icon so you can be notified of all the new videos that I’m about to release and in addition to that you’ll also get notifications of the upcoming live Q&A that I do several times a week alright so what are the big symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome you guessed it chronic fatigue but there’s some other ones that will give us the clue to uncovering what’s really behind this problem so we also have memory loss sore throat we’ll come back to this enlarged glands and your armpits and your neck right through in here that’s a little red flag as well joint pain headaches your unresponsive to sleep you sleep but there’s no change with your energy an extreme exhaustion okay so the enlarged glands and the sore throat give it away one of the biggest causes of chronic fatigue syndrome is a hidden virus okay what you need to know about viruses is this a virus is not really alive it’s a piece of genetic material wrapped in a little sack that gets activated by your own cells okay and what happens when your immune system overcomes the viruses and deactivates them they can lie dormant for yours and they can also come out of remission and be active that’s called the latent virus the most common virus behind chronic fatigue syndrome is the Epstein Barr virus okay if you’ve ever had mono before you have Epstein bar virus 90% of the population on planet earth have Epstein bar virus it’s very very common I had it myself really really bad to the point where I could barely even swallow it was so painful and this was in high school so what happens is you have this infection eventually kind of goes in remission you’re doing fine for many years then you accumulate a lot of stress and maybe you have nutritional deficiencies and then the virus comes out of remission now you may not experience a full-blown infection but just a few of them and one is chronic fatigue or achiness so what makes this virus come out remission primarily is stress it could be a loss of a loved one or stress at work or whatever and the virus starts coming out of remission if you combine stress with nutritional deficiencies the virus can come out and actually create extreme exhaustion also Epstein virus is one of the causes of Hashimoto’s which is an autoimmune hypothyroidism otos you definitely need to watch the video I have on that down below and also take the selenium very very important in this situation right here you need high doses of vitamin D now in the study I have below on this it it equates high doses of vitamin D being 20,000 IU’s from my viewpoint that is not that high I would recommend forty-thousand I use if this is what you have vitamin D is one of the most potent nutrients to help put a virus back in remission zinc is number two you want to take 30 milligrams of zinc and also fallback acid that’s a really good one as well you can get this from the help of store if you’re new to my channel you definitely need to learn about something called healthy keto and intermittent fasting because that will help you with this right here and will also help to put this back in remission and let’s not forget about this stress you must do everything you can to improve this stress state because unless the stress is improved it’s very difficult to send this back into remission and the second thing that will cause chronic fatigue syndrome and this is what I had I had this and I had this as well really bad insulin resistance what is insulin resistance well insulin is a hormone that does a lot of things but one of the things that will do it will act as a key to open up the cell to allow fuel and nutrients to go into the cell so if you have a lot of insulin being pumped out in your body over a long period of time that could be toxic so the body is going to resist that and you’re gonna create this condition called insulin resistance at least 65 to 70 plus percent of the population has this and they don’t usually even know it one of the big things that will create is belly fat okay so if you look down you can see your belly chances are you have insulin resistance if you can’t go for more than three or four hours without needing a snack or food you have insulin resistance if you crave sweets you have insulin resistance if you eat a meal and you’re not satisfied and you need a little bit of sweet after that you have insulin resistance if you’re getting up through the night and having to urinate chances are you have insulin resistance insulin also lowers blood sugars so insulin is related to blood sugars and consuming too many carbohydrates so if you’ve been on a high carb diet like most of the population that’s really what’s behind this so the relationship between insulin resistance and fatigue is that your cells are starving of fuel especially the brain and even the muscles they’re gonna be tired and you’re not gonna have the mental energy you’re gonna have a lack of focus one really really good simple demonstration you could do with yourself is just consume a protein meal okay just proteins you can have some vegetables no sugar no extra carbohydrates and see how you feel okay if this fatigue goes away then it’s most likely that you have this condition it’s a very very simple to correct if you actually do healthy keto and in a minute fasting okay I have about 500 videos on this but don’t worry about watching all of those right now just watch the ones that I put down below in the description okay there you have it the two main causes of chronic fatigue syndrome which if you really understand this and you apply what I’m showing you it’s pretty straightforward to resolve this condition thanks for watching and if you haven’t already subscribed click the red button below and that little bell icon so you can be notified of all the new videos that I’m gonna be releasing and I have some very cool and interesting videos 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This Post Was All About What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?.
What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

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If you have chronic fatigue syndrome, then read on.
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0:11 A few things about chronic fatigue syndrome
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1:23 Symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome
2:02 Causes of chronic fatigue syndrome #1
5:18 Causes of chronic fatigue syndrome #2

In this video, we’re going to talk about chronic fatigue syndrome.

If you look it up, you’ll see chronic fatigue syndrome has an unknown cause.

A few things about chronic fatigue syndrome:

• It’s worse with exercise
• You have poor sleep (doesn’t improve with sleep)
• You have constant tiredness
• There is no test for it

Chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms:

• Fatigue
• Memory loss
• Sore throat
• Enlarged glands (in the armpit or neck)
• Joint pain
• Unresponsive sleep
• Extreme exhaustion

Causes of chronic fatigue syndrome:

1. A hidden virus (EBV)
• Nutritional deficiencies and stress can cause viruses to come out of remission.
• EBV can also cause Hashimoto’s. If you have Hashimoto’s, consider taking selenium.

If you have EBV consider:
• High doses of vitamin D (40,000 IUs)
• Zinc (30mg)
• Fulvic acid
• Healthy keto
• Improve stress

2. Insulin resistance
• Your cells can’t get fuel/nutrients
• Your brain is starving
• Sugar and carbs are behind insulin resistance
• To help fix this—do healthy keto and intermittent fasting

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I hope you learned more about chronic fatigue syndrome and know exactly what to do.

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