What Is a Lymph Node?

What Is a Lymph Node?

What Is a Lymph Node?

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let’s talk about lymph nodes and what
they are a lot of people don’t really know exactly what a lymph node is in
relationship to your immune system now the lymphatic system is really an
extension from your circulatory system and so all this blood rushes through the
body and it goes into the tissues and then from the tissues it turns into
lymph and goes through the lymphatic system now the lymphatic system does not
have a pump so it’s pumped through the body through muscular movement so when
all this lymph flows up to the body it gets dumped back into the circulatory
system it’s kind of a back up drainage system to prevent excess fluid retention
as in lymphedema however that’s a minor function the big function and the most
important function is the activation of your immune system you will have an
entire war going on within your lymph nodes if there is a pathogenic microbes
and the pathogen is a microbe that can cause disease one of the purposes of a
lymph node is to contain and hold off a pathogen can protect the pathogen from
spreading throughout the body so that’s why you have lymph nodes in your armpits
to prevent pathogens from invading your whole arm or even in the back of your
throat as the tonsils you have lymph nodes in the side of your neck you have
them throughout the abdomen area into the groin there’s hundreds of lymph
nodes to the body and the largest lymph node is the spleen which is located
underneath the ribcage on the left side over here let’s just take a look at what
is inside a lymph node well you have lymph o sites okay those are immune
cells that do their work inside the lymphatic system but they can also come
outside the lymphatic system and travel around to the tissues there’s three
primary lymphocytes one would be the natural killer cells these cells are
like part of your special forces they specialized in killing viral infected
cells okay so when the virus invades the cells they will kill the entire cell
and the virus together also they will attack tumor cells and cancer and this
is why sometimes when you have cancer you get swelling of your glands
I think people don’t realize that the immune system is not just about fighting
infection it’s also about preventing cancer from invading the body and this
is why when people could cancer and they get chemotherapy destroys the immune
system and then they end up with secondary infections and even the cancer
can come back so we need our immune system desperately to defend against
many different things and then we get the T cells T cells have very
specialized functions to kill very specific microbes and they are activated
by another immune system called the innate the innate immune system
basically is a system that you’re born with these guys don’t need any training
they know what to do they’re like the first line of the
defense but if they need help they’ll hold down the fort and recruit these
guys right here and just one of the functions that they will do is they will
direct the appropriate attacked recruiting more help to defend against
pathogens because we don’t want too much immune system which will destroy the
body yeah we don’t want to have too little immune system either because then
the infection goes on forever so it’s a judgement call another function is
determining self from non-self so there’s certain tolerance of your own
body tissue that the immune system must tolerate and not attack and that also
includes the friendly microbes of your body so that job is very very important
because you don’t want to end up having your own immune system attack itself as
an autoimmune diseases and then we have the B cells which stand for bone marrow
and the T cells are thymus and that’s a little gland on top of the heart which
is a place where these cells get training and not every t-cell graduates
only 30% of those t-cells survive this intense training but the B cells make antibodies antibodies don’t necessarily kill
any microbe these antibodies are like the identification of who needs to be
assassinated with a big yellow X on their back
also these antibodies are very specific to certain pathogens in fact you have an
almost unlimited number of antibodies and I’m talking trillions but what
happens in this lymph node is you have a lot of antibody reactions going on you
also have the immune system taking tiny parts of pathogens and presenting them
to the t-cell this is just one of the ways that your immune system can help
locate the good guys from the bad guys you have a lot of lymph blood exchange
through this lymph node so you have these lymphocytes going in and out of
this tissue all the time and also one of the things that the lymph node will do
it’ll filter certain cancer cells and lastly I just want to mention this point
when someone has their spleen out they have an increased risk of infection and
if your lymph nodes actually shrink or become dysfunctional your risk for
infection and fighting off these pathogens go way up
chronic stress activates cortisol which then shrinks the lymph nodes and the
entire lymphatic system but also if you’re deficient in zinc you can have
certain dysfunctions with the spleen as well as your lymphatic system in general
now if you haven’t seen my video on how to boost the immune system I put it up
right here check it out 

This Post Was All About What Is a Lymph Node?.
What Is a Lymph Node?

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Here’s something interesting you should know about lymph nodes and your immune system. 

0:08 The lymphatic system 
0:45 Most important lymph nodes function 
1:37 What’s inside a lymph node? 
4:50 What happens in the lymph node
5:25 What can cause issues with the lymphatic system? 

In this video, we’re going to talk about lymph nodes and your immune system.

You can think of the lymphatic system as a back-up drainage system to prevent excess fluid retention. But, this is just a minor function. The big function is the activation of the immune system. 

 One of the purposes of the lymph nodes is to keep a pathogen from spreading throughout the body. You will have an entire war going on within the lymph nodes if there is a pathogenic microbe.

A person has hundreds of lymph nodes throughout the body. Inside of a lymph node, there are lymphocytes. There are three primary lymphocytes:

1. Natural killer cells (kill viral-infected cells)
2. T cells (kill specific microbes and determine self from non-self)
3. B cells (make antibodies)

Inside of the lymph node:
• There are a lot of antibody reactions going on
• The immune system presents tiny parts of pathogens to the T cells 
• There is a lot of lymph-blood exchange 
• It filters certain cancer cells

The spleen is the largest lymph node. When someone has their spleen out, they have an increased risk of infection. Chronic stress activates cortisol, which then can shrink the lymphatic system. A zinc deficiency is another thing that can cause issues with the spleen and the entire lymphatic system.

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