What Happened at the Dr. Berg’s Keto Health Summit

What Happened at the Dr. Berg’s Keto Health Summit

What Happened at the Dr. Berg’s Keto Health Summit

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hey guys I recently had some questions about the summit what was the feedback from the summit so I want to create a little video to tell you what happened okay so the first question people want to know what was it like well it’s basically overwhelming I finally had a chance to see who’s on the other side of my little camera because all day long were videoing Jared and I in a room there’s no one else I’m looking at that camera but I can’t see you so I finally had a chance to see who’s at the other end and I’ve never met that many cool people in a room in my entire life with 500 people fly from all over the world to come to this one event and I think the the biggest thing that I noticed was the quality of people were so incredible people were just so appreciative the success stories incredible the amount of transformation the guy that was 600 pounds and now he’s like to think is 230 or 240 he came out this lady came up to us with this incredible poem I’m I started crying or I Karen cried I didn’t cry but I mean just just touching stories people that had PCOS polycystic ovarian syndrome no longer has it anymore people were infertile had kids I mean it was just literally mind-blowing at the stories and success and the sharing the speakers were incredible very diverse there’s all different types of people in the crowd so each specific speaker kind of spoke to certain people so that was really good is a wide range of knowledge on cancer on brain physiology and memory so I personally covered three sections I did one on the basics on keto NIF I covered one on nutrition I also covered one on troubleshooting every single possible reason why someone would plateau so we had Zach bitter there he talked about endurance exercise and he’s a keto guy we had dr. Westman and his experience in the clinic how he only uses keto as the primary therapy doesn’t use drugs incredible then we had Jackie Eber Stein was there she was dr. Atkins nurse for many many years people loved her she shared a lot of practical information just filled with a wealth of information so we had Dave Feldman was there we talked about cholesterol but because it was a very highly complex subject we broke it down we did a whole skit so we actually had people dressed up in costumes and it was just hilarious I’ll put that up but we had kedo Connect as part of that Logan’s need was there he does lean fusion so he acted out one of the characters so we just had a blast it was just it wasn’t like a summit it was like a class reunion there was not no weird people there it was just a lot of cool people sharing their experiences it was really nice and wonderful to get together with people that have the same common reality so Karen my wife emceed she was great one point I I wish I would have mentioned you know there’s one thing about my wife that one quality that I just love she loves helping people she will help anyone I mean even like the Friday before the event she came in the house she was dripping wet it was raining I said what happened to you she goes oh I had to help some people through their car I’m like what do you mean she was at the grocery store and here she is with her umbrella one by one taking each person to their car I’m like I would never do that like people were like shocked like who would do that so that’s just a quality that I really really like about her it’s really cool so the event was just an experience that I will never forget it was awesome all right next question will there be another summit well we were not planning on doing another summit just because the amount of stress putting this on and the preparation within three months it was quite stressful so the last two weeks I probably had a couple hours of sleep each night so it was a lot of preparation but you know what I think we are going to do another summit so we’ll probably start preparing in January this time and give us some more time but most people want to come back so we will have a summit in 2019 last question will this event be available for others to watch yes it is going to be available for purchase we are editing it right now and it’s gonna take a couple weeks one thing I’m going to be doing is I’m gonna be going through each talk and adding in a video glossary okay because some of the talks use some big words and I want to make sure that everyone watching this gets the full understanding of every single word in every single topic so once that’s done it will be available very soon so if you want to see some really cool pictures of the event I put a link down below it’s on my website and you’ll see a ton of pictures that are uploaded on the event and all the people that were there it was exciting it was the largest keytool event ever and I just thoroughly enjoyed the people and I really hope to see you at the next quito health summit 2019 hey guys I want to introduce you to my new doctor Berg app it’s right here it’s I’m really excited about it you need to download it it’s free has a lot of great data has all my videos it’s updated on a regular basis I also have the audio version of the videos audio episodes I also have a mini course that you can take I also have a button for new content so you can really know of all the recent content that I’m downloading and I also have something called PDF resources which gives you additional cool little one-page PDF documents on all sorts of health things so download it check it out and tell me what you think about it and don’t forget to give me a review its dr. Berg app

This Post Was All About What Happened at the Dr. Berg’s Keto Health Summit.
What Happened at the Dr. Berg's Keto Health Summit

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Dr. Berg explains what happened at the keto health summit in MD (Gaylord Hotel). It was an amazing success and we will be doing another one in 2019. Hope you can make it:)

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