What Food Can You NOT Resist?

What Food Can You NOT Resist?

What Food Can You NOT Resist?

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This Post Was All About What Food Can You NOT Resist?.
What Food Can You NOT Resist?

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You can break the power that unhealthy food has over you.

0:00 How to break the power that unhealthy food has over you
1:20 More than just carbs causing obesity, it’s actually the packaging of the carbs
2:40 I explain how to get your power back

Is there a food you can’t resist? Usually it’s an unhealthy food, and has a lot of power over you. Perhaps it’s rice, or warm bread fresh from the oven, or chocolate cheesecake. Perhaps it’s chips, or pizza. What can’t you resist?

Your willpower is your strength; it’s your ability to say no. To resist temptation. Being in a group of people who aren’t on a healthy eating plan, and who are partying, is very difficult.

More than just carbs causing obesity, it’s really the packaging of the carbs. The packaging is unbelievably attractive. It’s designed to lure you in, and the carbs within are cheap and readily available. At the grocery store line, you see loads of chips, sodas, and chocolate on display. They’re right in your face! And irresistible, especially if you go through the checkout line with low blood sugar. This is why keto and intermittent fasting combined are so powerful. They get you to a state where you don’t crave foods anymore, and you won’t get as hungry as before.

I tell you that you can eat healthy fat. But then you go online and find information that says no, if you eat fat, you’ll get diabetes! What you’re not told, though, is that studies of high-fat diets are done on mice, not people, and they aren’t fed a true high-fat diet; it’s high fat and high carb. Go read the actual studies, and you’ll see. Consuming a high-fat diet with low carbs is totally healthy.

This is what I recommend to reclaim your power; to break the power that unhealthy food has over you:

1. Read labels. There are many chemicals in processed food that I consider to be drugs. One is monosodium glutamate, or MSG, also called modified food starch. It increases your insulin by over 300 percent. High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) decreases your hunger hormone called leptin, causing you to feel endlessly hungry.
2. If you crave salt, consume salt instead of salty junk food.
3. Take B vitamins to diminish your craving for starchy carbohydrates. Also, start consuming keto desserts; there are many recipes at the link below.
4. Of course, keto and intermittent fasting together is the ultimate solution. You’ll be able to resist unhealthy food. Your hunger will decrease, and your cravings will go away.

Reclaim your power that unhealthy food has over you!

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I explain how to break the power that unhealthy food has over you.

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