What Fish Should I Eat to Avoid Mercury?

What Fish Should I Eat to Avoid Mercury?

What Fish Should I Eat to Avoid Mercury?

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hi guys welcome back we’re going to talk about mercury in fish okay there is a word that’s called biomagnification where this large fish will consume a smaller fish which then consumed a smaller fish and each time they consume these fish they get an accelerated concentration of mercury okay so basically I’m not talking about the nutrient levels the omega-3 levels I’m not even going to talk about farm-raised versus wild-caught I think you should always consume while caught but the point I want to talk about is specific to this one heavy metal called mercury okay so these fish have the highest amounts of mercury bluefish grouper mackerel orange roughy shark swordfish and tuna big eye and ahi okay the next highest would be halibut perch sea bass tuna albacore and the elephant then we have moderate amount of mercury bass cod mahi-mahi perched snapper monkfish tuna canned light and skipjack and lobster then we have the types of seafood and fish that have the lowest amount of mercury anchovies catfish clam crab crawfish flounder how to carrying Oster sardines scallop squid trout and tilapia but of course you want to make sure that you consume while caught but what I’m put down below is the little thing you can keep in your wallet with this data on here so if you’ve got a restaurant you can just quickly scan it or in your grocery store you can scan it and just focus on the the fish that has the least amount of mercury okay so I put a link down below the other thing you want to do is you want to consume let’s say for example if you’re consuming halibut for example you don’t want to consume very much of it so per month maybe once a month maybe twice a month or if you’re consuming snapper okay so do like once a week okay so don’t do it very very frequent let’s talk about how to detoxify mercury on the body so of course getting out the malcom fillings would be a good idea but you get a lot of mercury from the fish even way more than you would get from your own amalgams but the point is you can detoxify mercury by consuming cilantro which is a natural key later which basically means something that goes in and binds and pulls out of the body cilantro zinc lipoic acid and selenium are real good things to consume to help detoxify mercury alright thanks for watching hey if you haven’t already subscribed press this little button down below okay thanks

This Post Was All About What Fish Should I Eat to Avoid Mercury?.
What Fish Should I Eat to Avoid Mercury?

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Download the Mercury-Fish Chart:

RE: SALMON. I should have talked more about this fish in this video, but I created a separate video on salmon (due to its popularity AND confusion between farm caught and wild caught). And despite it being lower in mercury in farm raised, it is 3x times greater in wild caught and so this is confusing and I need to do a separate video on it. This video did not cover the difference between farm raised and wild caught and the conflicting data – usually its in reverse, so I didn’t want to confuse people with salmon – stay tuned for the video on this shortly.

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Dr. Berg talks about the fish that has the most mercury.
There is a term biomagnification in which mercury gets concentrated as big fish eat smaller fish, who eat smaller fish.
Consume wild-caught instead of farm fish. I created a chart to download – it can be used as a little card you can keep in your wallet.

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