What Causes a Leaky Bladder?

What Causes a Leaky Bladder?

What Causes a Leaky Bladder?

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so today we’re going to talk about leaky bladder okay but not just leaky bladder frequency of urination urgency to urinate retention of urine and a leaky whether it’s triggered by a cough laughter sneeze etc it’s really all related to a neurogenic bladder because the bladder is controlled by the nervous system it’s called the autonomic nervous system especially the sphincter or the valve that controls the release of urine so the autonomic nervous system controls pretty much all the valves in the body even including the valves in the eye that allow light to go in and out it’s like an aperture or a little kind of a circular muscle that can open and close the same thing in your bladder and the tone of the entire bladder itself is controlled by the autonomic nervous system so so if your bladder tends to spasm versus it loses its tone and becomes flaccid that could be related to the autonomic nervous system so if you are a diabetic your risk of having a leaky bladder goes up by 200% interesting why is that well I think the reason is because when you’re diabetic you lose one of the most important nutrients that supports the autonomic nervous system which is thiamine which is b1 so I’m gonna put a link down below of another study that shows the link between thymine improving bladder symptoms okay and also one of the ways that someone becomes thiamine deficient is just by having too much sugar in the blood because when you’re deficient in b1 [Music] the nerves in the body and neuritis neuropathies and definitely the autonomic nervous system which by the way originates in certain parts of the brain but there also as other B vitamins involved could be b12 b6 so one of the things I would recommend if you have a leaky bladder is to take some b1 and also take the whole complex as in nutritional yeast and see if it can help you and you just might be very surprised of how much relief you can get for these symptoms right here thanks for watching so if you’re enjoying this content go ahead and share it with someone that could really benefit from it

This Post Was All About What Causes a Leaky Bladder?.
What Causes a Leaky Bladder?

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Here’s a video where Dr. Berg talks about leaky bladder and other problems with urination. These conditions are all related to neurogenic bladder. The bladder is controlled by the nervous system called the autonomic nervous system, which also controls most of the valve in the body and the tone of the entire bladder itself.

Neurogenic Bladder
• Frequency of Urination
• Urgency
• Retention
• Leaky from Cough and Laughter

If you are a diabetic, your risk of having a leaky bladder goes up by 200% because you lose one of the most important nutrients that supports the autonomic nervous system called B1 or thiamine. Deficiency in B1 could affect the nerves of the body and also the autonomic nervous system.

Recommendation: Take B1 or the whole B complex in the form of nutritional yeast.

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