What Causes a Goiter?

What Causes a Goiter?

What Causes a Goiter?

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so i wanted to touch on the topic of the thyroidxa0 gland but specifically a goiter what is a goiter a goiter is an enlarged thyroid gland you have thisxa0 little gland in the brain called the pituitary it makes a hormone called thyroid stimulatingxa0 hormone which then connects to the thyroid gland two main purposes of the thyroid stimulatingxa0 hormone number one it tells the thyroid to release t4 and t3 to some degree but it also has anotherxa0 purpose to increase the size of the thyroid gland so if there’s too much of this hormone thatxa0 could be one reason why it’s enlarged and one of the big reasons for a goiter would be anxa0 iodine deficiency in fact ninety percent of the time it’s going to be an iodine deficiencyxa0 not a hundred percent ninety percent and realize most of time it’s going to be benign it’s notxa0 going to be a malignant tumor now this condition mostly is associated with a hypothyroid glandxa0 but sometimes it can be associated with a hyper thyroid gland so you have to be able to thinkxa0 with all the information because if you have an enlarged thyroid and you have symptoms of axa0 hyper your eyes are bulging out you have a high pulse rate fast metabolism you’re sweating youxa0 can’t sleep versus hypo which is you’re sluggish you’re losing your hair you’re depressed um you’rexa0 gaining weight then that would be more over here okay so if you have hypo of course you’d want toxa0 take iodine if you have hyper you don’t want to take iodine there’s several reasons why a personxa0 might be deficient in iodine one could be they just don’t get it in their diet because they’rexa0 not consuming shellfish or seaweed or sea kelp or eggs for example but it could also bexa0 they’re exposed to bromide bromide is used as a conditioner in dough or flour when they’re makingxa0 bread that could be one reason there’s other ways that you could be exposed to bromide but bromidexa0 will deplete iodine also fluoride unless you have a good filter at your house you’re probablyxa0 getting fluoride that can deplete your iodine too number three i already talked about this numberxa0 four pregnancy it’s very important if a woman is pregnant or lactating that they’re takingxa0 some trace minerals specifically iodine because if that child is born with iodine deficiency theyxa0 can have hearing problems even become death and they can also have mental deficiencies as well soxa0 iodine is very very important in the formation of the brain smoking can cause a deficiency of iodinexa0 alcohol can create a deficiency and low selenium now when someone has a goiter and they get testedxa0 they may find that their t3 is a little bit higher than it should be now that’s weird you wouldxa0 think that would be low but what’s happening is the body is trying to convert as much as it can toxa0 compensate so you might have higher t3 and lower t4 all right that’s my summary of the goiterxa0 before you go if you have a question about a product or you’re new to keto and you want toxa0 know how to begin keto or you’re on keto and you need a debug because it’s not going as smoothxa0 i have a keto consultant standing by to help you this is just for the people in the us hopefully inxa0 the future we’ll be able to answer everyone’s call but i put the number down belowxa0 so you can call and get some help

This Post Was All About What Causes a Goiter?.
What Causes a Goiter?

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What is the real cause of a goiter? Here’s what you need to know.

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In this video, we’re going to talk about what causes a goiter.

A goiter is an enlarged thyroid gland. You have a gland in your brain called a pituitary that creates a hormone called thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). This connects to the thyroid gland.

There are two purposes of TSH. First, it tells the thyroid to produce T4 and T3. Second, it causes the thyroid gland to increase in size.

If there’s too much TSH, this could be why your thyroid is enlarged.

90% of the time, a goiter is a result of an iodine deficiency. Also, keep in mind that goiters can be associated with both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

Many things can cause an iodine deficiency:
1. Exposure to bromide
2. Fluoride
3. Not enough iodine in the diet
4. Pregnancy
5. Smoking
6. Alcohol
7. Low selenium

When someone who has a goiter is tested, they may find that they have higher T3 levels. This is because the body is trying to compensate. They may also have lower T4 levels.

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