What Are Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs)?

What Are Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs)?

What Are Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs)?

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hey guys I want to introduce you to a new word it’s called a GE advanced glycation end-products okay what is that well it’s this compound that is created when you combine high levels of sugar in the body with a protein or a fat okay and this compound is very sticky and it clogs up the small blood vessels of the eyes of the heart of the brain and the kidney so like the protein it’s called amyloid plaques in the brain in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s or in the kidney in diabetes or where you have you know you have visual problems with the diabetic retinopathy with the eyes or a clogged artery so these AG es are one of the factors that are creating the damage in the body from high sugar so you can also get a G’s from the diet when you’re combining sugar with proteins so let’s say you made some barbecued ribs with some sugar sauce on there and you’re on it’s on the grill well that’s going to create a G es or let’s say you eat a doughnut we have deep fried donut where you have the carbohydrate starch with the fat you’re gonna create those or go to McDonald’s and have the french fry that’s loaded with the sugar same deal okay now how to prevent it well cut out the sugar don’t eat the sugars in combination with these other things vitamin C is great to prevent the damage from a G’s and benfotiamine which is a fat soluble B vitamin if you take this it actually prevents the damage to the nerves to the eyes now if you actually have nerve damage to your feet this is great to reverse the nerve damage especially in something called peripheral neuropathy with we have tingling and numbness on the and the fingertips and the toes then photo mean can reverse that b6 also can help prevent the damage alpha lipoic acid can prevent the damage and so can phytonutrients so here’s just another so here’s just another reason why you should start consuming healthy foods to protect your cells from the damage of high sugar so the good thing is you’ve been watching my videos you don’t eat sugar anymore you would never combine sugar with protein or sugar with fat so you have nothing to worry about all right I’ll see you the next video hey guys I want to personally invite you to a new Facebook group that I just started called dr. Berg’s Kido and in a minute fasting lab okay so I created this so we can share our successful actions what worked what didn’t work the results so I put a link down below so go ahead and sign up and I’ll see you inside

This Post Was All About What Are Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs)?.
What Are Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs)?

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In this video Dr. Berg will be talking about AGE (Advanced Glycation End Products) is a compound that is created when you combine high levels of sugar in the body with a protein or a fat. The compound clogs up the blood vessels of the eyes, heart, brain and the kidney.

You can also create this compound when you combine sugar and protein, the best way to avoid this is cut out sugar especially with combination of certain foods, B6 and alpha lipoic acid can help as well.

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