Weight Loss & Liver: How Dehydration Slows Fat Loss- Thomas DeLauer

Weight Loss & Liver: How Dehydration Slows Fat Loss- Thomas DeLauer

Weight Loss & Liver: How Dehydration Slows Fat Loss- Thomas DeLauer

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yes being dehydrated literally slows down your fat loss and I want to break it down because everyone just said drink more water it’s good for you during more water it’s going to help you stay healthy drink more water it might help you burn fat but I’m here to literally explain some of the science as to why hydration honestly slows down your fat loss and why it’s so important to remain hydrated I don’t just mean drinking water I mean taking extra measures to truly be hydrated with the right mineral balance – so please stay through the entire video because I’m going to give you a quick tip that’s going to save you it’s going to absolutely make it so you retain more water in the right places are less bloated and are hydrated enough to burn some good fat so let’s talk about what happens ok when you burn fat your liver has a level of metabolism that occurs right you actually start breaking down fatty acids and your liver processes them into usable forms of energy or excretes them well here’s the thing if you’re dehydrated then the kidneys don’t function well right the kidneys are unable to really process because they’re not getting the fluid that they need what does this mean well it means they slow down and it means that the liver comes to save the day and helps out the kidneys which means that now the liver is doing part of the kidneys work so the kidneys are fatigued and can’t do it the liver takes the brunt of the load so basically the livers babysitting two kids instead of one well that means that it ends up diversifying the energy of the liver taking away from the potential ability to burn fat in the liver so that the liver can help the kidneys does that make sense basically you’re depriving the liver of its ability to help you burn fat by being dehydrated but then there’s a reason from an endocrinology standpoint as to why we want to stay hydrated and that has to do with our friend HGH human growth hormone most of you guys are probably just thinking about bodybuilders taking a misogynist forms of human growth hormone but the reality is we need it and we need the natural kind that our body is producing when were dehydrated our brain our pituitary our hypothalamus it’s not secreting or signaling enough of the human growth hormone well here’s what happens human growth hormone binds to receptor cells on the fat cell and when that happens it causes triglycerides become mobilized and utilize meaning it shrinks the fat cell so yeah human growth hormone literally helps you burn some more fat and dehydration literally takes away from your body’s ability to produce it there is another reason from a hormone standpoint why dehydration dramatically affects you now let’s break down the cognitive side of things and you might be thinking how does this connect with fat loss but I’ll bridge the gap in just a second did you know that all you have to do is be dehydrated by two percent that’s the number two to two percent to actually cause a 30% decrease in cognitive function 2% dehydration equals 30% cognitive decline do the math imagine if your 4% dehydrated well it’s pretty crazy and when we look at some of the studies it gets even more nuts here’s a study that was pulled with some significant data from an older analysis a recent study took a deep dive look at dehydration and obesity and what this study did is it pulled data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination urine samples years before so they looked at these urine samples and what they were measuring was how dehydrated they were well what they found was that about a third of them were dehydrated well here’s the interesting part what they ended up ultimately finding was that you had a 1.5 nine times increased risk of being obese if you were dehydrated you see by looking at 9,500 participants it was easy to see who was obese who was also dehydrated and cross-reference and that’s just talking about obese people not even talking about overweight but clinically obese 1.59 times the chance of being obese simply by being dehydrated so what can you do well drink more water I’ll see you later no okay really what you want to do is you want to start implementing some very strategic things first thing in the morning drink one or two glasses of water hands-down no exceptions before you touch TV before you touch coffee the worst way to start your day is by consistently dehydrating yourself of coffee or tea start with water the next step add salt to your water people are so afraid of salt because they think it’s going to bloat them and in kind of some kind of thought process yeah that makes sense but in reality actually helps you hydrate more if you don’t have enough salt then what ends up happening is your body will actually eventually retain it because your body’s trying to hold on to what little bits of sodium and water it has so hold on to it so add more salt your body will excrete the excess water and store what it needs but by adding Sol you also create what’s called an isotonic state allowing water to absorb from the small intestine into the cell you say sodium is very positively charged so positively charged ion and it reacts with highly polarized water that highly polarized water and the positively charged sodium creates I almost have a vacuum from the intestine into the cell causing you to be really truly thoroughly hydrated at a cellular level not just where you feel puffy so there’s the simple trick don’t be afraid of salt and it’s just carrying around a gallon jug of water or something like that add a quarter to a half teaspoon of water to that sucker make sure your minerals are in check to truly be hydrated you have any additional video ideas make sure you list them out in the comment section below and if you haven’t already subscribed to the channel for three videos per week minimum plus some live coaching broadcasts I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Weight Loss & Liver: How Dehydration Slows Fat Loss- Thomas DeLauer.
Weight Loss & Liver: How Dehydration Slows Fat Loss- Thomas DeLauer

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Weight Loss & Liver: How Dehydration Slows Fat Loss- Thomas DeLauer…
Dehydration and Fat:

Organ function- If your kidneys become dehydrated, their main job of filtering the blood becomes inhibited, and so passes a lot of the job onto the liver. One of the liver’s functions is to metabolize stored fat in the body, and therefore only has half the fat burning capacity if your kidneys are malfunctioning from dehydration. Liver is babysitting two kids instead of just one.

Endocrine system- Growth hormone (hgH) is a potent fat burning hormone. It binds itself to the receptor sites of fat cells and breaks down triglycerides, shrinking the fat cell.
However, hgH production is hugely reduced when the body is dehydrated, limiting fat metabolism.

Cognitive function- The brain is made of roughly 80% water, and is therefore very sensitive to changes in water level. Just 2% dehydration can reduce cognitive function by up to 30%.
This can lead to a feeling of tiredness and fatigue, which negatively promotes a lack of motivation to exercise and eat correctly – indirectly hinders fat burning (1)

Study- One study looked at dehydration and obesity and used urine samples provided for the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2009-2012 from 9,500 participants ages 18 to 64. The study found that nearly one-third of participants were inadequately hydrated and that the odds of being obese were 1.59 times higher for people who were not well-hydrated – also found that a lack of proper hydration was associated with higher body mass index. (2,3)

Study Links:

Improve Your Hydration- Drink a full glass of water on waking. Six to eight hours of sleeping leaves us dehydrated first thing in the morning. The worst thing you can do at this time of the day is immediately drink tea or coffee – they act as diuretics and will dehydrate you even further. It is important to include electrolytes (salt) in your water to mitigate the risk of hypernatremia (condition where the sodium concentration of your blood becomes too low due to drinking too much plain water when dehydrated) By doing this you’ll also rehydrate more effectively as the salt helps the water pass from your gut into the blood and keeps it there (if you only drink plain water when you’re severely dehydrated you’ll only absorb 50% of the amount you drink.) (1,4) Highly polarized water is attracted to positively charged sodium in the blood.
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