Weigh Loss and living Healthy with Dr. Berg

Weigh Loss and living Healthy with Dr. Berg

Weigh Loss and living Healthy with Dr. Berg

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[Music] this is the dr. Berg show live from the nation’s capital it’s time to get healthy lose weight and feel great call now to speak with dr. Berg at eight six six five six one four two nine two and now dr. Eric birth hi guys I’m back and we are going to do some Q&A today we have Karen over here that’s going to help us answer some questions because of the massive amount of questions on social media hi Karen hi and so just make sure your questions are questions that are simple for me to ask and that are easy for me to answer and actually simple for me to grasp the concepts some of these questions are so complex so I’m just gonna dive right in here the first question is from her name is Bushra from Michigan go ahead you’re on the air you had a question about in a minute fasting and keto my diet and within a day I felt a big difference in my energy my energy has really gone up and I’m trying to do the–do and in a minute fasting I’m doing either one to two meals a day which I would like to lose some of the belly fat but I also have fibroids with they’re very painful and I know that I’m supposed to eat for fibroids but but I I don’t know what you well it sounds like you’re doing a great job so far so let’s just kind of answer that question so you’re doing something that’s finally getting getting you energy and you’re successful and that’s awesome and that’s gonna eventually help you with a lot of things because the high sugar the high insulin does increase the growth of fibroids so if you can’t do the great cruciferous vegetables because it blows to you you can do fermented vegetables but here’s the thing I would do seek out iodine in the sea cow is anti estrogenic it’s really good for fibrocystic breasts it’s good for endometriosis it’s great for tumors in general and fibroids which is the tumor so go ahead and use that get a high quality seek help and see if it can help you all right but keep everything else the same good question okay Brooke you’re from Tennessee you had a question about fasting administration go ahead I have been doing keto and the last couple of months I have had trouble not having my period I didn’t have it on time last month and then I ended up increasing like starchy vegetables and fruit and it came back later but this month I was need to have it on the first and I haven’t had it at all and I’m just wondering should I not be doing fasting or should I increase those starchy vegetables and stuff to get my period back so so the thing that I want to really kind of understand is that you are doing fine and then you started him in a fasting keto and then you you lost your period is that what happened yeah okay here’s the thing that I would do in this situation when you have any side effects any side effects at all whether it’s hair loss fatigue a keto rash infertility a loss of I mean a loss of a period all that means is you’re just you need to go up with your nutrients probably going to need more B vitamins probably gonna need more minerals and also some of the essential fatty acids so I think that what you need to focus on is enhancing your diet with more new means because so many women actually do this and they actually start the cycle becomes less intense and things like that and so it’s better so in this situation all you need to do is just kind of add more the nutrients that you might be missing I would do trace minerals I would do fat soluble vitamins I would do the B vitamins especially and try that I think that will actually help you more than anything else because you’re basically just getting your hormones back in alignment and you’re taking this dominant hormone and you’re dropping it okay try that and let us know how that works all right Carol you’re from Dallas Texas you had a question about liquids during fasting go ahead yes the information you provide is so valuable and I so much appreciate it because it has helped me tremendously I have a question I started that keto diet Santo area this year lost about eight pounds way that’s currently 147 and I started in a minute fasting in June of this year started with two meals no snacking down to one meal and a half again and have haven’t lost anything really since June I do a raw kale vegetable shake in the morning around 6 a.m. with half a teaspoon of MCT oil collagen powder and colostrum and then I have my first meal around 11:30 a.m. and it’s a huge salad with the fish no more than 6 ounces a couple of eggs cheese even I commit my own vegetables and then I have like two ounces of people that I make at home very nutritional and then I have a side of raw vegetables that I mix in my side of mixer and then at five-thirty p.m. I have just a handful of nuts and of course I soak them and dehydrate them walnuts pecans even I commit my own vegetables and then I have like two ounces of people that I make at home well it sounds like you’re doing great and then you have oh and doctor and dr. burr got as soon as she would it was a lot of feedback and I want to lose five more pounds and I do incorporate apple cider vinegar and lemon and I do have a half hypothyroid my a 1/3 was six point two now it’s five point nine it’s definitely going down my eyebrows were going back I feel good I use every one of your supplements except the coast of consistent because I eat so make up so much wild vegetable and I no longer have any sugar cravings I may have a cookie or two at the end of my meal just I don’t and I could just stop I could just stop eating the cookies because I don’t I don’t I don’t have any sugar craving whatsoever the question I have a question for you girl are those cookies filled with sugar or no no the cookies I have is your shortbread okay oh my like three inches but I mean just you just kind there’s a lot of callers I’m just going to get to this question okay you’re doing so many things right and it’s working and we just want to speed it up and you’re probably maybe add a little bit of a plateau but you still have a little bit more to go so what I’m gonna recommend is two things one is because everything is working don’t change too many things maybe not do two cookies maybe do you like us one cookie with one of the meals not with each one and then what I would do is that would start pushing that first meal closer in to later and later in the day just a little bit and then taking the second meal and pushing that back an hour and I think just that alone will just boost you because then that way will give us more chance for your body to Lawrence and really heal the insulin and give you the unfair advantage of enjoying the food having two meals and then really losing the weight a lot of people end up dropping that last meal out so you there’s another thing you can kind of look at doing but I think you’re doing great Carol don’t change too many things it’s working give it more time and I think you’ll you’ll lose that last pound and the reason I’m just kind of cutting off a little faster because we just have a million callers just waiting so and Karen did we have any questions from any of the Facebook people out there Facebook YouTube social media we have a million questions already there are so many great ones but here’s a simple one what are your thoughts on stevia okay so number one stevia is probably the best sweetener out there because it does not affect blood sugars at all it’s an herb and there’s some false information out there that says that oh yeah stevia is going to cause this and that it’s not true but here’s the catch 22 when you actually buy stevia look on the back of the label and make sure they don’t add multiple decks Trent there is one thing that I haven’t recommended on one of the shows and I can’t remember the brand but it had hidden multi-gesture and someone brought it to my attention so just read the label if it just has regular stevia in a liquid form or just the powder form totally fine you can have as as much as you want and it’s not going to affect your blood sugars the problem is it kind of gives a little aftertaste so you some people don’t like it monk fruit is a little bit better a little more pricey but go ahead and keep doing stevia that’s not a problem hey Arlene you’re from Delaware you two question yes how are you doctor great thanks good I have a question about what should my husband do he has myself I am I’m taking a sleep aid medication I love formula and sweet and I’m taking two now and it just seems like it doesn’t really cheat me we you know keep me sleep so I was wondering about that and I also had some blood work but I really can’t find the the paper to ask you a question about it but anyway I’ll actually okay great let’s talk about your husband first is he in your diet okay okay great let me ask you about your husband is he on the same eating plan with keto and in a minute fasting he’s going he does the n-terminus fasting but he’s not really doing the keto because he likes to start okay got it alright so let’s just kind of cover this and then before but I just had one more question before I mute you and then answer the question do you are you doing the keto very clean yes and and and I’m having setback – I don’t know if it’s because of stress or what but I do deal with the constipation sometimes I only eat like once a day but I do not eat the starches I eat vegetable okay great alright so let’s talk about your husband first really what kills testosterone is – two hormones actually three hormones one is estrogen and that’s in a lot of the food supply unless he’s doing organic so that is one alright so if he starts doing organic that’s going to help them greatly especially the GMO non-gmo which would be of organic secondly is the insulin insulin if it’s spiked that’ll shut down testosterone so if he does the Kido I I would bet anything it’s gonna really improve things for him because the Kido by keeping the diet clean of sugars and in a minute fasting together I mean he’s gonna do very well make sure his workouts are heavier weights higher intensity full body that will also increase testosterone sleep will increase testosterone but I think really what he needs to do is bite the bullet and do the Kido within a minute fasting and that that problem will be improved now for you sounds like you have some stress and you have constipation so this leap aid works like all great percentage of the time but sometimes you need to pull out the physical stress there’s a great massage tool that I have with a little instruction of how with videos online you can find them but that actually allows you to pull all the stress out of your body and I do this this technique every night before I go to bed right Karen yes a massage tool I’m like I’m using that thing everything like Karen’s like would you massage my back I’m like well I’m not done yet with my own body so I have these different techniques that you’re doing acupressure to yourself and it does it helped me go to sleep Karen apparently yeah within a few minutes I’m just like he’s asleep so I would use the massage tool and then if you have constipation one of the things that you might want to try is do more kale shakes because that seems to actually have the potassium things to kind of loosen things up and then as well as the electrolyte formula that that would help things be more regulated because potassium helps regulate the pumping action of the colon all right good question hey Mike you’re from Florida you’d a question about gallbladder attacks and gout when you started Aikido yeah I have kind of a I guess it’s kind of a good news/bad news situation I started losing weight about seven weeks ago I’m 46 years old and I was about eighty pounds overweight lost about 26 pounds so far and I last four weeks of that has been keto and I’ve been really tasteful to that so that’s the good side of things but the problem is about right after I started eating healthier but before I got on to keto I got hit with a gallbladder attack and it was the first time that had ever happened and went into a specialist and they’re suggesting that I’ve got enough stones that I really should have it removed I haven’t done that yet and then subsequently I’ve gotten hit with a series of major gout attacks I’ve had it in both feet both ankles and my left knee I’ve kind of learned just through some research that it could be related and so I guess there’s two things I’m kind of on the fence about one is lowering uric acid either somehow naturally or by getting on to your allopurinol and then also trying to you know trying to save this gall bladder or whether that’s kind of a lost cause yeah good question now anything that I tell you on the show tell anyone is just for educational or research purposes or entertainment and so it’s not necessarily meant to diagnose you or tell you to do something without your doctor’s approval so that’s my disclaimer but here’s my opinion gall stones develop because usually a lack of bile be il e combined with higher insulin combined with higher cortisol so taking a bile salt or a gall bladder formula would be very very beneficial to help that I don’t know how many stones you have I don’t know if it’s too far gone I don’t know if it’s I don’t know your state but just in general the fact that you’re doing keto is great do intermittent fasting which you might already be doing because that’s gonna actually help increase more bile and help the dissolving of the stones so that’s one thing combined with a lot of the greens and the vegetables which will offset allow this cholesterol that’s coming out through the liver as you’re losing weight now as far as the gout goes this is another complication of keto with if you’re prone to it because what’s happening and it’s not necessarily just a lot of protein which a lot of people think it’s God only comes from high protein but when you’re doing the transition from kedo from circa burning to fat burning the uric acid levels do go up and that could lead to gout or uric acid kidney stones so what do you do what I would do is get some high-quality organic lemon juice and with every glass of liquid put about two ounces of lemon juice drink with the straw started doing that a lot the other thing that you want to do is you do want to keep your vegetables very very very high which will then give you the potassium potassium is an alkalizer potassium helps to counter the effect of gout especially if it’s in a potassium citrate form my electrolyte powder has a thousand milligrams of potassium citrate in the form that would be really good for you so and pluses all the other minerals so that might be a good option but as long as you’re doing a lot of potassium citrate with the vegetables and additional lemon juice I think you’re gonna be totally fine so I would do that and to kind of counteract some of the things and just make sure your protein is between three and six ounces okay Mike good question Karen do you have any other questions from Facebook coming in – there’s so many great questions I’m I’m having trouble figuring out which one and trying to cram 20 of them into one question for you can you give me the one question that summarizes like all of them I’m trying I’m actually trying to do that right now but there is this concept coming through several questions what do you think about a cheat day mm-hmm and the concept of moderation a lot of people fighting for their right you know to have that whatever good question so it’s kind of like in a marriage would your spouse allow a cheat day I don’t think so right Karen so that would be really really bad so the thing with I don’t know who came up with this idea of like a cheat day with eating because I’m in like it’s not on my program it’s not in any of my books instead of a cheat day why don’t you make some alternative healthy pleasure foods there’s so many recipes that we have did you go online doctor bird comm watch these recipes and you can make cookies you could have all the junk foods that you like and with good ingredients and that could be your cheat day why do I say that because when you go off the program you’re basically adding sugar and carbs that’s going to spike the insulin enough to bump you out of that burning for 72 48 to 72 hours so if you’re willing to not burn fat for two to three days after your cheat day and no ketosis then go for it but just go into it with full awareness that that’s going to affect your fat burning and your ability getting ketosis now as far as this whole thing of moderation I mean I did that recently did a video on sugar fructose I think and then someone commented like I don’t I don’t agree because I think everything in moderation bla bla bla bla bla you know as long as you do the moderation well when you actually I says well what’s your definition of moderation it’s just it allows to open the door for a little way too much moderation think about what a normal blood sugar is it’s like 100 what is that that’s like one teaspoon for all of your your body’s blood well according to a moderation you could do up to like six teaspoons a day like that’s way too much so it’s bad advice especially when you’re trying to burn fat and fix and heal the body when you get to the state where your body’s in such a state of health where you have an energy you have a health reserve you can afford to go off the program because now you can fall back in the reserve but most people don’t get into that state so that’s my viewpoint of moderation Karen and I’m sticking to it good someone said it’s not a cheat day just a cheat meal okay well try it out and see how see if see if you can get away with it and see how your weight loss is affected but I’ll tell you like a lot of people will come out to me says I’m not losing weight I find out they’re doing cheat date too frequently so it really depends on your goals and how you if you want to create your health I I pretty much got into a state where I eat to live which is the new concept and I get a lot of pleasure from food but some people need that cheat day apparently so I’m gonna take a question from crystal you’re from North Carolina you had a question go ahead yes my question is in regard to inconsistent bowel movements in one dakedo I have been doing keto since August and I have awesome results Thank You dr. Berg but I’m a little concerned as to if I need to maybe start your gallbladder supplement to help out with that inconsistency good question do you have any problem with right shoulder pain headaches or anything goes up into the right side of your head or shoulder um no I have not experienced just recently I started just a little with headaches and I have just assumed it’s because I have been drinking more water just plain water versus what I normally do is like lemon water or you know water with a little salt in it okay do you still have any cravings for sugars or carbs no not at all okay good so I think yeah I’m thinking more gallbladder support would be good because gallbladder as the bile and helps to lubricate the colon that’s one thought the other thing is the potassium from the electrolytes that is really good to help keep you regular and I mean it has magnesium in it potassium and all the electrolytes so it’s kind of a toss-up so one of the two would be good for you but yeah when you start going in keto you need to start to increase certain nutrients potassium is the big one minerals and then the B vitamins and of course the gallbladder is not a bad idea too especially if you’re doing more fats thanks crystal all right do we have any do have some good questions coming in yeah it’s really cool because as you’re talking people are constantly responding to what you’re saying and so we’re getting a handful of people who are saying wait I have right shoulder pain I have pain on my right side what’s that all about okay so here’s here’s the symptoms of gallbladder and I’m gonna actually I’m already down within a gallbladder booklet that I’m gonna put out but the gallbladder is a sac that sits underneath the right ribcage and it’s connected to this thing called the liver there’s a little tube that comes down and then what happens the liver makes this thing called bile bile helps you break down the grease or the fats so it the gallbladder stores bile and it concentrates bile so when you eat it tracks and helps you digest the fats why do you need to digest fats because you need them in a cell you didn’t put hormone and you need the fat soluble vitamins vitamin A for the eyes d kk2 for the bones and calcium metabolism so you can see it has really broad effects so what was my question again Karen right like when you start talking and be like you’re sowing it full circle lately okay memory loss no I was but the right side of your neck and shoulder and even into your right arm or anything on the right side it’s usually stemming from the gallbladder and the way that you can know that is go ahead and massage underneath your right ribcage about one inch down over to the right off the midline and just press that for like 30 seconds and see if those those symptoms have banished if they have there’s a connection because there’s a nerve called the phrenic nerve that’s connected from the gallbladder all the way up to the right shoulder because when you step on a dog’s tail he barks through his mouth right okay so the hip bones connected to the phrenic nerve oh yeah so everything’s connected so you have to really understand the relationship all this right shoulder stuff which I had for 12 years I had no clue it was coming from our gallbladder so but when you go on the keto and in a minute fasting correctly with all the vegetables the gallbladder is now happy and a lot of those symptoms go away so just realize that if you get massages on that right upper shoulder blade thing and then your neck and it’s not going away check the gallbladder I want to make a point yeah go ahead so some people are you know we’re talking about cheat day and Thanksgivings coming up and how okay we’re gonna have a cheat day on Thanksgiving and you know dr. Berg lives to eat I don’t I mean he eats to live right right I don’t live to eat but I am nowhere near as disciplined as he is I have to work on it all the time but we have some recipes that are really going to push us through Thanksgiving it’s all on the site there’s the most amazing pecan pie there are biscuits there’s candy there’s cranberry cranberry sauce which I might not have on maybe I’ll do that one maybe I’ll do that one today there’s all there’s all kinds of things so it’s a gradient rate you might not have it totally as dr. Burke says clean Thanksgiving dinner but there are so many things that you can have and not at all feel like you’re cheating and still be in Quito well I just want to say that well the problem with Karen issues a good cook really good and she’ll make this pecan pie it’s highly addictive and he eats it all and you you just can’t stop eating it because it’s just no I do think about it but that’s the promise do you make it too good so if you made it halfway good maybe we know the point the point is that for Thanksgiving there’s a couple things one instead of the mashed potatoes you can do the cauliflower there’s a lot of different things that you can do but this is what I would this is my tip of the day Karen for a Thanksgiving now ready for this I’m ready make a note okay here’s the tip of the day why don’t you just turn Thanksgiving into an in a minute fasting day where you eat one meal okay so in other words don’t eat anything in the morning I have that one Thanksgiving meal and go ahead and do what you need to do and go right back on your program because at least that you’re not stimulating in insulin as much and you can like have this big meal okay just the tip Karen just a tip I’m picking up what you’re throwing down good so so it’s rough are you saying are you saying now you can cheat what do you I didn’t say cheap you can’t just have one big lied that big huge I’m going to have people here say Dan if you’re gonna cheat eat less frequent because I know not everyone is gonna be as perfect a hundred percent of time as you like me right okay but hey in our house pecan pie and cabbies if that doesn’t feel like cheating I don’t know what does right so it’s Roth I from Toronto you had a question I probably butchered your name but anyway you had a question about weight loss go ahead yes hi dr. Burke thank you so much for all your tips I’ve been I’ve watched all your videos now I have a question for you I’ve been doing your program for about I would say about a month now with long intermittent fasting now the only time I can get to workout is 5:15 in the morning and that’s because I have a little one and my husband has to go to work by 6:30 so I’m usually home by 6:30 but then when I do my hips interval training which is a program I have joined it’s called Orangetheory I’m not sure if you’re familiar with it so yeah I do very high intensity workout I don’t eat anything up until 11:30 and 12:00 and that’s my last meal would be probably six o’clock in the evening so I am doing anywhere between 14 to 18 hour fasting now is that okay not eating after a hits work Jonah and I usually do it three to four times a week okay and I do have been having a really hard time losing weight to be honest even though I’ve been on the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting well I do the days I work out I do go to bed early between 8 & 9 o’clock at night so roughly between I would say like 6 to 8 hours of good sleep I would say okay but I’m also I have like bad PMS like not cramping and all that but I have like really I have I get into really really bad mood where it’s like a storm in my house with my husband I just we argue on over stupid things so from what I did the quiz when I did the quiz on your website it looks like I have an adrenal gland body type but I hold my weight all in my legs not so much my stomach but it’s my legs great question I do hold on and I do hold on to a lot of water weight I feel bloated a lot of time yeah especially around my cycle okay so before I yeah like I get really bloated god I know exactly what’s going on so let me just answer that out number one I think that all you really need to do is add some sea kelp iodine because that with cruciferous will help your hormonal female problems which is the menstrual cycle I think that would actually really help your PMS seek help so take like two tablets in the morning with maybe some cruciferous food sometime during the day I think that’s going to help you sometimes you know might need something called dim which you can look that up I have it on the website and videos too more strong it’s actually stronger but that’s one thing but the fact that you have fluid retention and all that connected to your cycle means that your estrogen dominant so I think that is the hormone that’s inhibiting that your metabolism you’re doing everything great and I think I would continue to do the height intensity level training and and do it just like you’re saying you know like I used to say in certain videos like you could actually only do your workouts right in the eating period but I changed my mind in that because unless you have a severe blood sugar it allow actually help you it’ll speed things up if you exercise during the fasting period if you can handle that it’s actually a really good thing in fact it’ll speed things up but for you you need to handle this other health issue that’s slowing things down that’s all and I think things will speed up all right good Karen you have any questions sure so many here’s one though I feel really moody and agitated lately and I get upset at the smallest things how could I handle that well this is this is brings up a really good topic with hypoglycemia or low blood sugars which is so common so common I mean I would say the great majority of the population out there has a blood sugar issue and they don’t even know it they’re unaware of it so and that when you have low blood sugars it affects your brain and your emotions and your mood more than anything else that I’ve seen so you have moodiness irritable miss you get on the keto in a minute fasting the problem is when you get on it you know everyone’s telling you maybe to eat more frequently because you have a blood sugar and you’re trying to keep the triggers up so there’s a transition phase when you get on keto and Emin fasting that could be one to two weeks that you might have to do it very very gradually so you can prevent this moodiness and things but as soon as you convert over and you don’t cheat between the meals your cognitive function your overall emotional state will be so much better I promise so and that’s real the flexion of your blood sugars and hypoglycemia so that is really underneath the great majority of problems out there that are misdiagnosed and people put on medications alright hey Anne you’re from Boston you have a question about a supplement I do in good morning thank one so much for all your help and education and information I’ve watched all your videos particularly about the pregnenolone field the adrenal function and also how you can get stuck in a stress mode and you have some sort of massage technique for releasing that but my concern is when I called in they said that you used to have a supplement for arm a blood test to show there was a problem with the pregnenolone I also have a high pair of thyroid hormones low vitamin D and I was diagnosed as being a pre-diabetic so I was trying to find out what to order to try to address all of these things and also I watched your videos about the fibroid tumors and they said the pregnenolone when you took a supplement that it might make your menstrual cycle start again if your post mental menopausal and even though it had good benefits that that’s one of the side effects that I do not want right well my missile cycle to start again so I was hoping you could shine a light on what to do as far as all of these hormonal problems and actually the pregnenolone and the stress factor with the adrenal problem so you did you also say you at a low thyroid parathyroid was a which it was high excessive calcium it’s complicated I hope I’m saying it the way the doctors were saying is holy my parathyroid hormone was high and they said it they think it’s hard because my vitamin D is low so a lot of things are out of balance yeah okay so this is a really great question when you have all these factors that don’t quite make sense it’s confusing you have high low high high hormone over here and a low hormone over here and someone comes to me what I don’t want to do is get into the whole thing where we’re we’re correcting symptoms and the reason is because we’re not taking a stack stepping back and looking at the whole picture because you can imagine the complexities and oh yeah let’s give you a little bit more d3 but that really didn’t get rid of the whole problem or the real underlying issue so when you evaluate you want to look at all the symptoms and try to make sense out of it the parathyroid gland if that is altered it’s it’s probably a really good a good idea to see if there’s a little tumor on the parathyroid gland just to make sure because if there is you might want to get that handle because you have four parathyroids so you have it you have the luxury of you know surviving on one or two of them and doing fine because you don’t want any tumors growing but the point is that what I would do in this situation is go back to the basics I would like to want to make sure that you have the basics are you doing kiddo are you doing in a minute fasting are you having enough vegetables are you doing enough nutrients in the body and then reevaluate everything you know a couple months because you’re gonna find that a lot of things will go away just by getting in the basics without treating any symptoms at all because there’s many different causes of a low vitamin D there’s many different causes of hyper thyroid issue and but the fact that you have insulin resistance or a pre-diabetic tells me that the the ketogenic and the Newman fasting will probably help you more than anything and when you get that corrected I’d be really curious to see how many other things go back into balance the fact that you have an adrenal issue tells me that that probably would not be a bad idea to support that because the during the stress states that will raise cortisol and even dump more sugar than the system from that so out of anything I think I would support the adrenal first and then do the keto intermittent fasting and then reevaluate and see how many things get better okay good question hey Glen you’re from Florida you had a question about diverticulitis well actually I have uncommon for two people okay and it’s all about intermittent fasting and keto first of all you’ve got to understand that you are my hero you have saved my daughter’s like she is yeah it’s it’s no small thing she is half Samoan and you know someone women average about three hundred plus then on top of all she is a semi driver and she’s been averaging about 286 pounds now I’m a nurse and a nutritionist and I’ve talked to her all her life till I’m blue in the face and she just blows me off well she hit about 50 and she decided well okay I’m gonna start doing something about this now the thing that really amazed me and her doctor she’s always had perfect blood pressure perfect heartbeat perfect cholesterol perfect blood sugar and she just you know and I just thought she’s a time bomb the law was she got to taking care taking like some super things like spirulina nutritional yeast start doing some really good things and then she hit on your YouTube videos and she just really got into you and I was so need you know what she weighs now what she weighs 234 pounds and still going that’s something I am so relieved and you are so responsible I can’t tell you how much I love I love you I just do okay now she has a question she wants to know why you never mentioned pistachios and are they good for her okay good good let me answer that pistachios I’ll have to do a video on pistachios I I think they’re one of the better nuts and specifically because the amount of essential fatty acids in pistachios mostly the most people consume they’re roasted which is fine there’s still some nutrition in there but it’s a really good healthy fat to have at the end of the meal not between the meal because we don’t want to spike insulin because the problem with nuts is this it’s a great snack and it’s hard to just have a little bit and so if the round the house and late at night or between meals people just kind of constantly put them in their mouth so I think at the end of the meal it’s the perfect thing to to help you feel satisfied to go to the next meal so the best nut I think personally with all the phytonutrients would be the pecan first pistachios are very high in that and walnuts and then pistachio is probably the third one but generally speaking and peanuts are low low end but generally speaking these nuts are very very healthy and especially if you are they’re germinated correctly and you don’t have all the different enzyme inhibitors but I’ll have to do a video on pistachios because there’s some other aspects to it that would take a little bit longer but thank you so much for your call and I know you have another hot yeah for me I have been diagnosed with I’m in so much pain severe diverticulitis and my problem is that my doctor kind of went off on me she didn’t know that I was doing intermittent fasting and I was trying to get off sugars and and and I’m working on this ketosis diet and and she put me for this diverticulum Oh God she put me on this bland diet that’s got all over pasta has carbs and all this crap and and I don’t I don’t you know I’m a nursing but I I’ve really never dealt with diverticulitis delicious and wherever this crap is excuse my language I don’t know what to do I’m eating pastas Rice’s rice all this white crappy mashie whatever I don’t know how to convert it to ketones a ketosis a diet I I I am adding so much trouble I don’t know what to do okay so let me just oh yeah let me answer that it’s kind of like um you got it almost be careful we get advice from and who you follow even though someone’s a so-called expert in the field it’s kind of like the information that they’re been taught honestly I think is incorrect I would go back to a really healthy keto and definitely in a minute fasting because think about it your intestinal tract when you’re not eating goes through a healing phase and it’s not constantly work so much so you we don’t want to like overload it with work to do when it’s trying to heal so in a minute fasting is the ultimate thing so I just would not try to go get help from the traditional people in healthcare for that condition if it’s not working get alternative advice for maybe a whole alternative practitioner or myself and do in a minute fasting which is the most important thing right now and then make sure the foods maybe you’re not going to be able to digest kale and some of the raw vegetables but fermented vegetables like sauerkraut it should be you should have at least a serving of sauerkraut with a couple times a day that’s going to give you the vitamin C it’s going to give you the fermentation get probiotics and I actually have some videos on that one topic and I would study that but the what you’re doing now with all the grains is gonna mess you up long term it’s the worst thing to do so get on the the program that I told you stick with that do more fermented vegetables and a supplement that would be good to be glutamate and I think you’re gonna heal over time so thanks for that question hey Karen do we have any quick questions over there the good questions the good questions my team right here good questions for my team there’s some questions about estrogen what is dim and then there’s something here I’m unfamiliar with maybe you know about called maka MACC a and estrogen what are your thoughts on that yeah maka is like a superfood it’s a green powder that people get and it’s a high end vital nutrients I think it’s great I think it’s great as they phytonutrient rich thing very similar to tumeric so that’s my comment I think that would be good to add to the meals dim on the other hand is a concentrated cruciferous it’s like eating a lot of cruciferous in a very small tablet and dim is like 25 times concentrated cruciferous so it has great properties to balance estrogen now some people say that’s anti estrogen ik but really what it does it doesn’t lower your estrogen it just loyals lowers the bad estrogen and it raises the good estrogen so it’s really good for things like cystic acne it’s good for hot flashes it’s good for excessive bad estrogen that leads to issues for men that have too much estrogen it’s good for men and also women as well and then I think there was one more thing we said makamaka dim and what else no just maca and dim but I want to say to the caller and to a few people who’ve been sending some questions in that I am going to be looking at some more recipes for truck drivers because I just learned about these Road Pro appliances and it’s a really big issue for these guys and gals who are on the road all the time sitting all the time and they have to rely on you know these these trucker stops and I’m betting there’s not kale and you know keto friendly food there so we’re going to talk more about that and I could imagine that the truck steps are very similar to like a convenience store where you’re getting just the lowest level nutrition on the planet quick food yeah well I think it’s like a diner yeah and you’re not going to go to a diner and expect keto although you know there are there are some diners around here popping up and serving that kind of thing but it’s not the common it’s not in the main right yeah there was something else I was gonna throw in there but now you you come up with that and I’m gonna I’m gonna take a question from Amanda she’s from Georgia go ahead you had a question Amanda yes sir I just had a quick question about your stance on t2 fuel or keto OS or any of those things those drinks that get you back into instant ketosis yeah okay good question there’s this big thing now it’s a kind of a sound that’s all the rage on taking ketone drinks or ketone supplements where you’re actually just taking external ketones here’s my viewpoint ketones are a byproduct of ketosis or a fat-burning ketones are an alternative fuel source so when people take ketones they’re missing whole point it’s like they’re taking something that’s that’s art it kind of like an artificially induced ketones now if you have not changed your diet it’s really not going to do any good in fact if you look at the claims for these ketones they really can’t say anything because they can’t there’s no studies that show that it actually helps you lose weight or it does much for you at all maybe they might be good for a long distance runner that needs a fuel source but honestly it really for me my you pointed two defeats the whole purpose of changing your eating to get your own body into a state of ketosis because this is gonna lead to I don’t have to change as much I don’t suppose focus on the carbs or sugar I could just add this and get into ketosis which they’re measuring in the urine well that’s just because the ketones are going right through and coming out to the urine that doesn’t mean you’re in ketosis it means that you’re dumping keep ketones in the presence of a little bit of insulin or sugar your state of ketosis will be shut down ketosis is about dropping your carbs way down so honestly I think I don’t recommend it because it’s I have not seen the results some people say well I work out and I get a lot of energy but there’s a lot of people who are paying over 130 dollars per month for this stuff and they don’t really see much change so I think it’s the fad I think it’ll come and go but the point is I would rather you focus on the root problem get the diet back in and save your money I have another question okay Karen this has come up a couple of times what about intermittent fasting in a keto diet after gastric bypass surgery okay gastric bypass you’re basically taking a part of the anatomy and you’re reducing the size of the stomach lining or the intestinal absorption truck if you have this done it’s imperative that you definitely do a minute fasting in ketosis because that’s gonna eventually fix the reason why you needed it in the first place people that have a way problem always have an insulin resistance issue so might as well correct the problem because if you’re if you do gastric bypass and then you don’t change or correct the real problem you might gain the way back so many women or men that do this they end up having complications and problems because they’re they’re kind of like not getting to the root issue the problem once you have it is that you have a less surface of your stomach so you can’t absorb the nutrients and proteins like you did before and I did a video on this so what you’re gonna have to do is probably enhance your diet with trace minerals for example liquid trace minerals 3-1 because you’re gonna have a hard time absorbing him you’re probably gonna have to do between hundred corridor outside a vinegar more to get your stomach more acidic so you can start digesting more protein and you might not be able to do the quantities of the vegetables and the food oh well still do in a minute fasting as much as you can and the other thing is that when you reduce the stomach and intestine you also alter the function of the liver and the gallbladder to some degree so you may have to help your gallbladder because if you or if you don’t have a gallbladder that’s even worse because you’re not going to be able to produce the bile to help you pull the fat soluble vitamins so when you do gastric bypass that’s really about maybe making sure that you get all the nutrients and so you might need to add more bile to this mix so you can pull more things without Seibel vitamins and trace minerals are a big missing link okay so I have another question from Michigan it’s you’re on the air go ahead pretty normal but after that surgery he’s having a linear problem like that left you will open around like 10 or sometimes like nine point eight so doctor gave him some supplements like then also some kind of like injection in the bone marrow so that I think the bone can produce more ox even I guess and so this is like what he can do to get out of it like I mean what is the solution for this I secondly he also detected with the gall to gallbladder yeah but those are not giving him any pain okay good let me just kind of I would with your father he really needs to get the basics there’s a really cool keto course it’s not mobile friendly right now go on my site actually if you’re on Facebook right now you can type under messenger kita course and get this really cool course it’s like four videos it’s a mini course free course and this is what your your father needs to do to to get the basics of how to get keto implemented and in a minute fasting at the same time watch those videos and apply that information for those of you are on youtube there’s a link down below you can click to go to messenger and actually take the course as well again I’m trying to get people on the basics here you have someone that had a stint so we know there was a an artery problem probably the coronary artery most likely which is coming from high levels of insulin that’s grazing the cholesterol creating all sorts of clots and in fibrous tissue and damage to the arteries and all this so if we recommend anything like a supplement or anything it’s not going to even touch it or prevent it in the future unless he gets these basics corrected you have to fix insulin especially for the cardiovascular system the cardiovascular system responds so well to improving insulin resistance I mean especially with any type of like blood pressure and cholesterol issues and just the healing in general on top of that I would recommend that he get vitamin k2 and this is just something for the rigidness and the arteries to improve that something to help balance the calcium buildup in the arteries anyone with any type of weakness within cardiovascular should really take vitamin k2 you can go to my website and type or you tube and just type on k2 I have a lot of videos on k2 but if you’re not aware of it it’s something you should be aware like get the basics in that’s what I would do now that he had the stint that’s that’s good but now we have to get to the root cause so in a minute fasting to be awesome actually so thanks for that question for those of you that are on Facebook I have a lot of cool new information that I’m releasing on YouTube so go there and subscribe and those people are on YouTube go to Facebook I’m actually releasing some of some new information in there so it’s not all the same information on all the different platforms and if you’re on periscope go these other platforms and subscribe or follow me because right now a big question about what do I eat on my site right now I have I’m releasing like a bit a new recipe every single day in the right proportion of carbs proteins and fats so this will give you a lot of great ideas on what to eat with your meals because sometimes it’s hard to figure out like should I have more fat should have more carbs or whatever or in the form of vegetables or whatever so I give you a lot of examples and we have a really good chef that’s helping helping me with the recipes so sign up for that and go to the different platforms and then start being educated on these basics it’s time for Karen to ask me another question well here’s a good one about iron absorption how can you increase iron absorption and let me throw to questions and so that seems to be the gimmick today Toofer yeah I have just oh shoot answer that but then come back to me okay iron absorption really has to do with the pH of the body when the pH is correct in a stomach you can absorb iron the fastest way to correct an iron problem would be to just drink apple cider vinegar with each meal that drops the pH and all of a sudden you can start absorbing all these minerals and this relates to a recent video I did with how to never get a cavity again I mean think about a child for a child to have a calve which comes from Latin word which means decay like it’s bizarre to me that you would have someone that young having a part of the body in a state of degeneration or at decay enamel is stronger than steel what really it has to do with the pH the PFT pH becomes too acidic in the mouth it should be neutral which is 7 if it goes drops down to 6 or 5 or even 4 it’s going to start to demineralize calcium and phosphorous from the teeth and break down enamel and that usually comes from more bacteria in the mouth from a lack of Listerine no just kidding it comes from excessive sugar because the kids are even drinking liquid sugar right now and so we got to get the sugar out of the diet okay out of the diet don’t get me started replace replace the sugar with alternative healthiest sugars like sugar alcohols like xylitol but by the way I had another question someone in the confusion they thought that sugar alcohol was an alcohol know when you have sugar alcohols like a wreath rotol salat all it is nothing to do with alcohol you’re not gonna be getting alcohol from that at all it’s a healthy alternative especially if it’s non-gmo and and most of sugar the people are consuming now come from beet sugar which most beet is GMO so they’re not even getting sugar cane anymore all right so Karen I think you had another question yeah well we have a lot of questions about skins so there’s keto rash rosacea sagging skin a lot of questions about sagging skin so what can we do to improve skin because women love beautiful skin ok so there’s two points to this question and this is going to be the last question of the evening but so there’s when you go into ketosis and especially in a minute fasting you’re gonna eventually long-term go onto a toffee giotto Fuji is like Auto Fei Jie if you just want to type it and look it up is the most amazing process condition when your body is recycling old and damaged cellular parts and replacing with new it’s like an anti-aging recycler it’s taking the junk out of the trunk it’s taking the garbage out of the house and cleaning it and it cleans up old fungus bacteria viruses so it’s a really good amazing thing and anyone fasting it’s a powerful stimulator of that so your skin is gonna look better the longer you do this you’re gonna look younger in the short term though when you convert from sugar to fat burning you’re gonna go through what’s called keto deputation sometimes in that case you might have a rash met at a skin issue that’s usually a B vitamin deficiency that’s why I recommend nutritional yeast I have a nutritional yeast tablet that’s non fortified that means that doesn’t have any synthetic vitamins that’s really easy to take because it’s in a tablet form that would be a good solution or you can do the powder just make sure it’s not fortified if you look at B vitamin deficiencies one of the side effects is always a skin problem b2 b3 b6 biotin b1 the side effects from those deficiencies are always a skin problem so by taking more you can have beautiful skin so hey thank you so much for your questions guys we’re going to end up now and the music is coming and thank you somebody with Karen for answering the million questions you’re welcome thanks guys for all your questions right see you next week [Music] [Applause] you

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