Weekly Q&A | Prolonged Fasting | MCT Oil & Fat Loss | Celery Juice | Coffee Alternatives

Weekly Q&A | Prolonged Fasting | MCT Oil & Fat Loss | Celery Juice | Coffee Alternatives

Weekly Q&A | Prolonged Fasting | MCT Oil & Fat Loss | Celery Juice | Coffee Alternatives

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so we’ve got a lot of awesome questions to answer today so one of the things that I do on my channel is to go through the comments section of the various videos that I post and I extract some the more thought-provoking comments and good questions and I put them into a specific video so that I can answer them it’s my way of giving back to my community and trying to be as engaged as I possibly can so in today’s video we’re actually covering two weeks worth of videos because I was out of town last week and didn’t get a chance to film one so we’re gonna cover two weeks worth of videos which means there’s a good number of questions I’m gonna try to blaze through it and get to the meat of everything as much as I can if you’re new to my channel you are tuned in to the leading performance nutrition and fat loss channel that’s out there on YouTube so we got new videos every single Tuesday Friday and Sunday at 7 a.m. Pacific Time and a bunch of other videos throughout the week as well so without further adieu let’s go ahead and dive right into it the first video I want to talk about was does MCT oil help you burn fat the video just like the name implies they talked about the adrenaline response the epinephrine response that you actually get when you consume MCT oil really interesting stuff actually found that literally when you consume MCT oil it triggers you to have an it’s a spike in adrenaline that boosts your metabolism up so resting energy expenditure actually increased so the first question comes from vladimir village chuck he says is palm MCT as good as coconut MCT please write a few workings about this yeah essentially the same thing coconut AMC t is a little bit better in my opinion it’s a better carbon chain but paul MEMC t is still gonna be doing the job it’s still good for you the Endura shah says when to consume MCT when not on keto so the interesting thing is MCT oil even not in keto individuals has been shown to actually help restore some of the lost energy that the brain would ordinarily lose so like we have a lot like it’s a rather inefficient process inside the brain so we lose energy so MCT helps with that so i usually would recommend doing MC t in the morning still the next question comes from Dave Lowe says I have a table suite of MCT oil in my first mug of coffee in the morning how often should you take him CT oil I read an article last night that said it was beneficial to consume MCT before bedtime yeah that’s actually a good point you can take it before bed but again you’re gonna have an adrenaline spike so not the best time to really have a spike in adrenaline in my opinion I think having it in the morning with your coffee is still the best bet and as far as how often I think once a day sometimes twice a day but once a day is all you need remember they’re still calories in it so yeah I don’t want to go overboard next question comes from our cui Oh xi says does coconut NCT capsules with me and chain triglycerides count as good intake for NCT three capsules serving provides 800 milligrams yeah actually that does so I mean you might want to take a little bit more than three capsules you might want to double that but yeah MCD capsules is more or less the same thing okay Peter shot says so we’ve doing intermittent fasting primarily for weight loss would it be helpful to include some MCT oil in the morning coffee I realize that would give us calories so it messes with the fast but not sure how much that might affect things as far as the weight loss goes Peter yeah you just want to set up your days so that you have strict fasting days and then you have more lenient fasting days I do the same thing like all fast and like where I’m really strict and then I’ll have sort of a lenient fasting day where I’ll let myself have some coffee with MCT I just don’t count it as an official fast day I counted as a more of a specific fat fasting days one of the things I talk about next question from Joey blah bleh Dez says I have recently found out that I have a food sensitivity to coconuts does this mean that I love a sensitivity to coconut oil or MCT oil I also have a sensitivity to green olives what about extra virgin olive oil yeah so olive oil I can’t really attest to but the MCT you shouldn’t have an issue with because it’s purely refined and it’s out of the coconut so you probably don’t have an issue with this carbon chains of the fats you probably have an issue with the actual nut component of the coconut tree nut so next video was my top four Coffee alternatives great for afternoon energy slumps so this was all about giving you some ideas to really get energy without having a bunch of caffeine okay I’m someone that’s very sensitive to caffeine but I also love my caffeine so in the morning I try to have a bunch of it and then in the afternoon I usually switch over to a different mechanism of getting some energy so let’s go ahead and talk about some of the questions here I do recommend you check out that video if you’re looking for that though Ryan Murphy says does the ginseng tea break of fasts great info as always don’t stop well first of all Thank You Ryan second of all ginseng tea does not break a fast so you’re good to go man Sarah Curran says great video Thomas de Lauer but I have a question what these drinks well any of these drinks break a fast mud water has calories so that but what about the others and will the antioxidants Andrew boast diminish the effects of a prolonged fast so the antioxidants and rooibos might diminish the effects of a fast no Studies on that one specifically the studies are done with vitamin C and vitamin E the interesting thing about vitamin E vitamin E is a soft gel so that will definitely break it fast so that shouldn’t help anyway vitamin C hurt a fast because it provided antioxidants which basically nullified the stressful effects of the fast so it’s hard to stay with rooibos I would give it a shot and see how you feel it’s all kind of you know up to the individual right and then your other question as far as like some of the other things so mud water yeah that would break a fast but it’s perfect to drink during keto the other ones you’re good to go Hugo says hey Thomas great video I always consumed huevos T and – flavored with natural bourbon vanilla is that okay during a fast because there’s no malted extra sugar in it yeah you’re good it’s usually just vanilla extract there’s no calories there Angelica Torres says Thomas I make me a cinnamon fresh ginger and fresh turmeric tea I love it warm without sugar would any of these ingredients break my fast so it depends who you ask I honestly would say no I think just any it’s kind of a tea you’re just making an elixir you’re not mashing it up and actually consuming it itself you’re just getting some of the polyphenols and some of the vitamins and minerals and the other positive components the antioxidants so I think you’re good Alex says I have a question for Thomas I workout faster than the morning and then workout general work general labor until 5:00 then I eat when I get home is that routine okay I don’t want to lose the hard work that I put in by hung the cup of coffee at 10:00 I’d appreciate a response yeah no you’re good I think you’re totally fine with that as long as you’re sleeping well and everything’s working for you then there’s no reason to change that okay the next video was the celery juice one so this was celery juice every day legit or total joke so the reason I did this is because there’s so much stuff about the celery juice craze right now and the reality is the celery juice craze is just that it’s a craze but we can pick up some positive things from that with any fad or any craze we learn new things because we become a subject matter experts so recently we’re all becoming subject matter experts in celery with all the stuff that’s going around about Julie Morris says my question is why the juice can you just eat it or blend it yeah in fact it’s better to eat it or blend it that way you’re gonna get more of the actual fiber from it too no-name says hey Thomas would you recommend celery smoothies for benefits again if you can keep it within your macronutrients then totally celery seems to be powerful a lot of it comes from again though just the overall mineral value how do yell Vasquez Sumi says why does celery juice break it fast how caloric is it no sugars right it does break a fast because they’re still calories even though it’s what is called a net neutral or net negative food where it takes more calories to burn it than it does to actually get anything from it it still would break a fast so let’s go ahead and keep it out Joshua Guzman says what do you think about drinking the original v8 vegetable juice vegies despite the high sodium highly processed and I don’t think you’re getting all of your veggies in okay so you’re getting juice still not the same as anything else so I think it’s fine you know and you can get a low-sodium version but don’t lean on it don’t count on it vanilla gorilla says I’ve heard a lot about the pre-workout effects from celery gaining a bigger pump and feeling fuller do you think there’s anything to this yeah it all has to do at the sodium celery has a high degree of sodium you’re better off just having a little bit of salt or that Redman real salt or pink Himalayan salt or whatever you wanna put in your water just to give yourself a little bit more salt better bet the next video was Kido for women versus men what you should know this video has been a long awaited on my channel people wanted me to do a video specifically talking to the benefits of Kido and everything what you need to do if you’re a woman so let’s go ahead and break it down a little bit but let’s do answer some of the questions if you miss this video you’re gonna want to go back and check it out you can just find it on my channel AS says some people say women should do cyclic ketone because of the hormones is that true I kind of touch on that but no cyclic is actually going to be harder on them because it’s gonna undulate those hormones it’s gonna make it more of a crazy roller coaster ride so you actually want to just stay consistent triple nine HQ says hi what can you eat to get omega 3 if you don’t like fish you can use algal oil you can also use flax you can use Chia anything like that not the most efficient way to get omega-3s but better than none at all founding UN says much needed video thank you for addressing us women over 40 much appreciated quick question you would mention that you recommend women not dua F and the keto diet until keto adapted what happens if I already did both i fm-q know I’m in my second month well in that case you’re already set so I mean you can just keep on rockin the way that you’re rockin just make sure that you’re keeping your hormones in check Barefoot’s food and fitness channel says thomas i asked this question on a previous video but I’ll ask again I’m asking a question for my wife but also interested myself I can imagine there are times within the female cycle when it’s beneficial to add more carbs and times that are suited better to restrict them to get optimum health benefits on keto low carb lifestyle and to live in balance with your hormones it’s a good question so if women are really in tune with their bodies and they know that they’re about to go on their cycle it might not be a bad idea to either go deeper into ketosis or to it back out entirely but I don’t recommend cycling a lot so see if you’re gonna cycle out of keto you wreak havoc on your hormones a little bit and you just whatever you do the main consistent if you’re gonna pull out of Quito before you go on your cycle then be consistent with that so that the hormones don’t have a big shift because Quito plays a big role in modulating hormones and the deeper and Quito you are the more your glycogen stores are going to actually fill up so you’re gonna have extra carbs so you’re gonna have the carbs that you need just in your system to process your menstrual cycle which yes does take a little bit more energy it’s a little bit more of an anaerobic process next question comes from Regan Wolf’s question does this also help when you have early menopause my friend is only 41 has already had her menopause is it possible to reverse menopause I can’t really answer that reversing menopause is really kind of a tough thing people that go through early menopause there are some instances of people reversing that but I’m not fluent in that so I can’t really answer that honestly but I wanted to mention the question in case anyone else hasn’t answered deanna ii says do you have a plan we can follow to taper into the keto diet foley I don’t have a specific plan but maybe I could write something out and put it up that actually wouldn’t be a bad idea essentially you just want to start easy and just ease into it you know just you know phase out the carbs when you start feeling sluggish and rundown then increase the fats dramatically and let yourself get into keto so you have to go through a little bit of a gray area where you won’t feel great but it’s better than dipping in all the way and messing up your hormones Carla says my husband is concerned about me making this a lifestyle versus utilizing it for weight loss he’d like me to stop keto once I lose the last 40 pounds he’s just worried about me honestly I think you’re better off staying in keto than you are bouncing out of it but the reality is go 3 months on 3 months off 3 months on 3 months off that way it keeps your weight in check keeps you fat adapted and you get the benefits of both so far 13 says thank you for the amazing tips small question what if we’re fat adapted but go out of keto for a day or two and want to get back in is it safer not too fast no I think you’re fine too fast either way I mean honestly it’s not gonna make a big difference you just want to limit doing that whole process in the first place next video is exhaustion as ketones do not put you in ketosis here’s how I use them so I wanted to do this because exhaustion is ketones are just vastly overrated ok I’m not a fan of them I feel like the exudes ketones that are like a salt not a ketone ester are a lot more it’s just undiscovered right and they don’t do a whole lot for you and the studies aren’t that impressive so that’s just kind of my take on them but I did a video talking about when they could be used strim in tow says it seemed like mcg oil has the same benefits plus can help me promote nutritional ketosis why not jump into MCT oil straight my my point exactly like honestly nutritional ketosis is better Bryan Bracken says great video what do you recommend for pre-workout concoction before a run day or before weight training to keep intensity and energy levels up black coffee beta alanine is citrulline malate and possibly some tea cream so that’s gonna be a great combo there Chad Phyllis says hey Thomas thought you would say something about muscle sparing during a calorie deficit with them and a past meeting you mentioned that might be a good use for them let me know if it’s still the case yeah but it’s not that powerful because the increase in beta hydroxy butyrate it’s just not that much you get more probably just by having some MCT oil so it all depends like I wouldn’t use them in a fasted state so they’re not gonna help you in a fasted state and if you’re gonna use them in a fed state you might as well just have MCT oil Maria Ramos says will these ketone supplements be beneficial and help curb appetite when fasting yes they would but I don’t like using them during a fast because it kind of breaks a fast Alex Valdez says can you use them so they won’t kick you out of keto let’s say on cheat day when you know you’re gonna take in a little extra carbs that’d be the worst time to taken because what’s gonna happen is then your body’s gonna have these ketones that it’s gonna burn and all the extra carbs you took in are gonna go to storage so it’s a really bad time to do it let’s see next video do you have a food habit or food addiction okay this is breaking down the difference between if you’re addicted to food or if you just have a habit of eating okay because a lot of it’s really just habit and there’s a gralen connection with that with particular hormones so let’s go ahead and dive into this I recommend everyone watch this video it was really undervalued in my opinion this video should have blown up more than it did simply because the content is amazing and everyone needs to hear it because everyone that I know everyone that I talk to it’s ever struggle with weight loss has struggled with some degree of food addiction including myself ok togedu kick says does it mean that we can get addicted to workouts because I’m not very happy until they do the workout and the rest days I go crazy absolutely definitely can be the case myself included my sisters someone that I definitely talked to you about that a lot like she’s depressed on her non workout dates like it literally happens ok it’s we get addicted to that and once but it we often we have to pick our addictions right you just don’t wanna go overboard so if you’re an addictive personality then you’re gonna get addicted to stuff it’s kind you’re wired and it’s hard to break that so he’s got to pick your battles like you know tone down your workout so you still work out but get addicted to a softer workout and a harder workout okay so the next one comes from the King says Thomas am i understanding this right if I consume vegetables every day and they make me feel really good could I become addicted to eating vegetables it doesn’t seem to make much sense because they have a ton of items and minerals and maybe what point is is you can create a habit and you can get addicted to that it’s just a lot easier to get physically addicted to sugar so it’s more of a habit with vegetables that you’re just enjoying the reflex Adam Mike Hill says how do you approach someone you think might have a food addiction is there a way yeah that’s a tough one because I think showing in the video might be a good place to start but how do you introduce the video without seeming contrived right that’s a tough line because food addiction is something that people suffer with constantly and they don’t realize it and even if they do internalize it and realize it it’s very hard to overcome because it’s socially acceptable to eat food and you can’t just ignore food so it’s really difficult so I wish I had a solid answer for that and honestly that poses a good question in my mind I’m just sitting here wracking my mind trying to think about it so let me noodle on that because that’s a really tough one how you approach someone on that can make or break the end result Scott Fischer says okay so this is the so I guess this question is if somebody claims to be an emotional eater is that more of a habit based on the emotion or is an addiction to satisfy the emotion good question addiction so whenever you’re trying to fix an outcome like that it’s usually an addiction so like it’s kind of the same thing with alcohol right someone gets they they’re trying to satisfy an emotion they’re sad they’re depressed they’re anxious so they go and they drink alcohol that’s kind of the thing that happens and we create a habit that reinforces an addiction potts v1 says I’ve always known that mine is habit more than addiction with food visi drinks now that’s different great vidiq Sling the difference with long-term rewards can’t you fabricate a reward since your aim is to go to the gym three times a week each week you do this you can treat yourself to a new top or a night at the cinema you can but then you become dependent on that reward you have to intrinsically let yourself become excited about what you’re doing I always say like never treat food as a reward right so like don’t go a week of dieting in the mic I am going to reward myself tonight unless you are very trained and conditioned to do that because otherwise you start looking for that reward it Pavlovian right it’s like Pavlov’s law you’re looking for that response you’re looking for that stimulus so just be really careful with that I would say definitely a non-food item reward would be better so yeah like a new tank top or something like that or what I would say is reward yourself with a fun workout so how hard workouts are the week then reward yourself with a hike or a run out in the woods where it’s like you’re rewarding yourself but you’re still getting the activity next video lack of salt can make you crave sugar and crave sweets this was a cool one so this was all about how I basically uncovered some interesting science about the connection between sweet cravings and salt being salt deprived I think this is wild so you have to go back in and watch it cause it has to do at the NS T receptors some really wild stuff I got some some backlash on it because I talked about a product in there but I think the reality is most of the people in the comments section came to bat for Redmond real salt because these guys have nailed it so anyhow I digress the first question comes from chief trichome so how much salt should be taking in daily on the keto diet it all depends on the person I usually recommend having like a half a teaspoon in your water at all times so just like constantly have it come in you’re honestly not gonna really overdo it if you have some salt and you have excess you’re gonna urinate it out Carla Weston says thanks for the video how much salt should we consume per day if you’re non keto if you’re non keto yeah you can be a little bit less you know I’d say maybe 1/4 teaspoon third of a teaspoon Bruce Daly says a lot of us take diuretics for hypertension the theory being that we need to remove excess salt how did diuretics relate to this and keto in general I’m gonna direct you to watch my keto blood pressure video so if you just go to your Google search or YouTube search and type in Tomas de Lauer blood pressure that’ll help you out it actually talks about how sugar is more of a corporate than salt so it diuretics you should be fine still having salt coming in as long as your sugar is low draw the word says I looked at some table salt and sea salt ingredients and both have added sugar wouldn’t this kick you out of keto or fasting yeah a lot of them do have that so yeah it would kick you out if you had too much that’s why I recommend different kinds Kyle Cross says Thomas what are your views on salt loading before a workout huge fan that’s like my most powerful pre-workout is having salt it makes a huge huge difference especially with endurance work Nicholas Buscaino says cool how much salt per gallon do you recommend ok per gallon depending on your body weight I would say like the teaspoon to the gallon is usually good Veronica Rodriguez says what is the ratio and adding salt to water how much salt – how much water kind of answered it before but like a teaspoon per gallon maybe a little bit more so why would lines get crossed and my brain knows I want salt why would i look for sugar you didn’t explain well I did explain its basically they tested that when people had sugar it solved the problem so they were craving salt but then they go ahead and they have sugar okay and they have sugar and it satisfies the salt craving so what happens is they reinforce that feedback loop and then the body starts craving sugar every time you crave salt exercise performance on a keto diet is the next video and this was all about how we actually perform like what happens when we’re on a keto diet with our exercise pros and cons of keto and exercising interesting video if you work out at all and you’re doing keto first question comes from Ariana luery which goes if I’m going intermittent fasting in keto should I hold my meals for before and post-training yes you don’t want to eat before training eat your post-workout meal like an hour after your training andrew valencia says for someone who is 65 to 20 what would you recommend the limit of daily carbohydrate I would probably say for you 50 ish you know maybe 30 depending on how keto adapted you are okay then there’s one from terry lee a consensus hey Thomas I almost always agree with you my workouts on keto have been great except martial arts training I suffer their long distance run short Sprint’s weightlifting is all good there’s definitely a decrease in martial arts training that’s interesting have you tried doing like targeted Kido where you have maybe 15 grams of fructose from like an orange 15 grams of sucrose or starch from like a rice cake and a little bit of salt and protein post-workout like just like 2030 grams of carbs and then just like half of it coming from fructose and then not having any car throughout the rest of the day that might make an improvement that’s kind of a way to do targeted Kido so next video was my vegan keto results overall felt pretty good okay so this was cool so the funny thing with this video is a lot of this was by the way I did a two-week vegan keto challenge so I went vegan keto for two weeks and one of the measure the results and see how I felt I felt pretty good I actually felt like I changed my body quite a bit in a good way the funny thing is so many people harped on me and said I ate looked like a aged ten years after I did a two-week vegan keto challenge I feel like first of all I feel very very very very subjective so I think those of you that were not one to hear what you wanted to hear we were able to make those assumptions and make those claims but the reality is that I had been up for almost two straight days with a sick kid oh so I think that’s probably why I looked a little rundown anyhow on to the questions the first one was from Henry says do you think going vegan keto is more cost effective than regular keto no it’s a little definitely more expensive if you want to do it right but honestly it tasted pretty good the next one comes from DNA our lab says where can we find some of the recipes if you go check out my wife’s instagram at amber de Lauer she’s got some really good ones there from the vegan keto challenge next question was Sarah Emerson which vegan cheese do you recommend did you buy any legumes I didn’t end up doing any legumes so I just I was going to but I didn’t really feel like I needed them I had a little bit of chickpea so I got first couple days but I think they might have been messing me up more than anything I can’t remember the name of the cheese that I used but it’s one that was made from coconut oil so it’s mainly coconut oil-based and it was pretty darn cool so I didn’t have any nuts in it either it was totally nut free dairy free I really liked it melted really well if I remember the name I’ll put it in that video the next video was my cognitive boost routine what I do on days that I film so sort of a biohacking video like what do I do to get more mental boosts like what’s my routine like so highly recommend if you’re looking to improve your cognitive function you go watch that video shadow Jago says Thomas I’ve ever done any research on lines mane mushroom for memory gains I haven’t personally done research but I experienced amazing results with it that’s why I always talk about it I do talk about that the hippocampus function the hippocampus improvement when you use lion’s mane is phenomenal it’s why I always talk about for stigmatic oh one serif says during sports like hit is still viable to drink BCAAs no don’t just get rid of them Donny Bible says is it better to have the cold shower in the morning or evening or doesn’t matter and how cold should it be as cold as possible and in the morning vibe Buster says but douche room coffees break your fast so as mushroom coffee break your fast no as long as it doesn’t have the coconut one is so the one that I reference in that video does have coconut but you can get any one of their products and doesn’t necessarily have the coconut coconut milk powder Kyle Cross says Thomas can I do all these things every day of the workweek or is it best to save them save them from when you need it the most it will make a difference next video was eat this fat not that fat comparing different that’s cool video for keto people just being hey not all of them but if you have an option between this fat and this fat go for this fat and don’t use this fat nothing getting thrown under the bus just wanted to give better options first question comes from Diane says Thomas you never said anything about coconut butter what are your thoughts as well about tahini and sesame butter I love tahini but it’s high omega-6 so be kind of careful coconut butter is awesome too high MCT high lauric acid Brian Albert says Thomas what about pecans seems to be a good alternative to some of the nuts discussed it is low carbon is very high omega-6 okay it’s one of the lowest Carr highest fat nuts that’s so high in omega-6 it doesn’t always make my list I do like it though – honey war yet says thank you for this what’s your opinion on Brazil nuts I’ve compared them nutritionally the macadamia they’re pretty similar yes they’re very similar to macadamia nuts but they also have more minerals so they have a little bit more carb content in them I think macadamia is digest a little bit easier but Brazil nuts are great for their mineral profile Freddy Benelli says hi Thomas thanks for the video what do you think of using heavy cream I like to put it my protein shakes for flavor and up the fat content use coconut cream heavy cream you’re still looking at the kind of a gnarly you know cream effect I’m not a huge fan of dairy so I just go coconut cream in every possible Bob Eldridge says what’s your opinion on tahini yeah tahini again sesame seed butter essentially good stuff high omega-6 use it in moderation what is your opinion on salmon oil versus cod liver oil ask lemon sets which one gets rancid more quickly salmon oils gonna get rancid more quickly in my opinion okay and the next video and the last one we’re going to talk about here was the beginner’s guide to prolonged fasting 24 to 72 our fasting instructions if you’re looking to do a longer term fast you need to go watch this video perfecting me says can you please go get bit more into what supplements you take or this video covers what not to take but I’m curious of a daily vitamin magnesium potassium are okay basic water soluble vitamins are generally okay magnesium potassium things like that but you’re better off to just not take off a lot of anything that’s why I said it’s easier for me to list what not to take than what to take and just cut it all out gerard f says thomas how do you use IMF for prolonged fasting if you’re going for a blood test that includes blood glucose levels yeah that’s a good question I usually fast for 24 hours that’s usually a good way Jordan Wilson says so no fish EG salmon for breaking it fast no not a fan of it keep it lean keep it clean corn a do even Gordon has a long one says during the last few hours of my fast I experienced muscle tightness my forearms as soon as I eat this tightness goes away does it have to do with lack of magnesium or any other cause could be anything probably a central nervous system response catecholamine response adrenaline causing you to tighten them thin lip says do I include fats with the 48 ounce of meat when I break the fast no keep the fats out of the equation nice and lean and clean drawn rule says great video Thomas can we use lemon during the fast I’d be okay with lemon lemon or apple cider vinegar it depends on ggressive you want to go andy cry and says hey Thomas I often have a hard time sleeping during prolonged fast yes that’s a common thing can’t really avoid it you’re going to experience that I experience it too it gets better the more you do it mary lynn richie says thank you so much for excellent content and science of why one question could we have the cordyceps in the lion’s mane yeah you could but again how aggressive you want to go i recommend with a prolonged fast just keep it simple okay a little bit of green tea little things like that a little bit of lion’s mane is okay here and there but all depends how aggressive you want to go Celine puggy says would you do so would you do a 24-hour fast every day or every other day like once a week like one you know you don’t need to be doing them that much that’s definitely not something you want to do that’ll slow things down metabolism wise so don’t do them that often all right I know that was a doozy so thank you to everyone who stuck with this entire thing if you’re stuck through the entire way that I know you’re dedicated to the content on this channel I super appreciate it as always keep it locked in here I’ll see you in the next one

This Post Was All About Weekly Q&A | Prolonged Fasting | MCT Oil & Fat Loss | Celery Juice | Coffee Alternatives.
Weekly Q&A | Prolonged Fasting | MCT Oil & Fat Loss | Celery Juice | Coffee Alternatives

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Weekly Q&A | Prolonged Fasting | MCT Oil & Fat Loss | Celery Juice | Coffee Alternatives – Thomas DeLauer

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I have recently found out that I have a food sensitivity to coconuts. Does this mean that I have a sensitivity to coconut oil or MCT oil as well? I also have a sensitivity to green olives. What about extra virgin olive oil? Please help

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Celery Juice Everyday?! Legit or Total Joke?

Julie Morris

My question is why the juice, can you just eat it or blend it?

Michael Greenwood

So for electrolytes, eat celery and drink young coconut juice. Anything else?

no name

hey Thomas would you recommend celery smoothie for more benefits? thank you

Javiel Vazquez

Thomas why does celery juice break a fast? How caloric is it? No sugars right?

Joshua Guzman

What do you think about drinking the original V8 vegetable juice to get in veggies despite the high sodium???

Vanilla Gorilla

I’ve heard a lot about the “pre workout” effects fro celery. Gaining a bigger pump and feeling fuller. Do you think there us anything to this?

Keto for Women vs Men | What You Should Know


Some keto people say women should do cyclic keto because of the hormones… is that true?! Greeting from Switzerland

Triple 9 HQ

What can you eat to get omega 3 if you don’t like fish?
Thanks 👍🏼

Thao Nguyen

Much needed video!! Thank you for addressing us women over 40 :-) much appreciated!! Quick question, you had mentioned that you recommend women not to do IF and the keto diet until keto-adapted. What happens if I already did both IF and Keto? I am in my second month. Thank you!

Bear – Foot’s Food and Fitness Channel

Thomas, I asked this question on a previous video but I will ask again.

I am asking a question for my wife but also interested myself:

I can imagine there are times within the female cycle, when it is beneficial to add more carbs and times that are suited better to restrict them to get optimum health benefits of a Keto/ low carb lifestyle and to live in balance with your hormones?


Kev !

Regan wolf

question does this also help when you have a to early memo pauze? my friends is only 41 and has already her memo pauze is it possible to reverse the memo pauze?

Deanna E

Do you have a plan we can follow to taper into the keto diet fully??

Carla Brodhagen

My husband is concerned about me making this a lifestyle verses utilizing it for weight loss. He’d like me to stop Keto once I lose the last 40 pounds. He is just worried about me. Advice Thomas?


Thank you for the amazing tips! Small question, what if we’re fat adapted but got out of keto for a day or two and wanted to get back, is it still safer not to fast?

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